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Types and Causes of Hypogonadism

Written by Professor Kean, Updated on January 19th, 2022

isolated 1188036_960_720 300x200  You've likely heard a lot about Testosterone Deficiency in the media. The medical term for Low-T is Hypogonadism. Men are diagnosed with Hypogonadism when they don't produce enough Testosterone and/or the Testosterone precursors Luteinizing Hormone(LH)/Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH). Testosterone Replacement Therapy is an effective means to treat Hypogonadism symptoms, allowing patients to achieve the health and well-being associated with healthy Testosterone Levels. Testosterone HRT relieves fatigue and body composition issues related to Low-T while also restoring libido and erectile function. A simple diagnosis of Hypogonadism does not tell the whole story, however. For example, Hypogonadism can be divided into several … Continue reading

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