A Tale of Two Friends — Hormone Deficiency Testimonials

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 1st, 2024
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I have two friends who suffer from adult-onset hormone deficiency. Their stories are very, very different. But they start out the same.

Let’s call my friends Fred and Art (not their real names).

Both were in their mid-40s when all this started to happen. The 40s should be a great time in a man’s life. You’re mature enough to know yourself and leverage that knowledge into confidence, wisdom, and success with a career and success in love.

And women can sense that maturity about you, coupled with plenty of pure animal energy that almost all healthy men in their 40s still have – and they’re very attracted to the combination. This can be true of super-vital, healthy men in their 50s and 60s too.

But it wasn’t true of Fred, 42, or of Art, 43. The onset of their 40s was the beginning of a terrible decline for both of them.

Even though they practiced an excellent diet and a reasonable fitness regimen, their energy levels were low. Their paunches were expanding rapidly. Their skin tone was like that of someone much older.

Their muscles were flabby and getting flabbier. They were barely keeping it together at work, and extracurricular activities were usually out of the question when they got home – too tired! And the women in their lives were noticing, with disappointment and disapproval. In the bedroom, they – well, let’s just say no one there was happy.

Fred tried to solve what he called his “premature aging” problem for ten years, going to his general practitioner and various specialists and trying new diets and supplements, and exercise programs.

Sometimes these things helped him, but only a little, and only for a little while.

He didn’t seem to be getting to the root of the problem. Covering up the symptoms wasn’t cutting it. Bottom line: He was still miserable, and his life spiraled downwards.

Art tried many of the same things Fred tried, and his results were the same. He looked and felt awful.

Then one day, he read an online article from our clinic that informed him that most GPs aren’t up to date on the latest progress in hormone therapy and very often won’t even test their patients for hormone deficiency.

He discovered that the symptoms he was experiencing matched those of thousands of patients with hormone imbalances. He also learned that hormone deficiency is easily treatable now, and objective studies have repeatedly verified results.

He decided it was easy to get tested at our clinic by board-certified physicians and find out if his hormones were in balance.

So, Art called the number above, got tested – and discovered he was suffering from a hormone deficiency. A correctable hormone deficiency.

Our clinic immediately set him up with a personalized program of hormone treatments geared to his body’s needs.

Within a matter of a few weeks, he began to feel the difference. Weight fell off. Energy returned.

It became easy to build muscle, and with moderate exercise, his body tone increased as it had been 20 years ago. Sexual vitality went through the roof – and the opposite sex could sense that just by looking at him.

With a razor-sharp mind restored to youthful functioning, it seemed there was no project at work and home that he couldn’t take on and succeed. His career took off like a rocket, with promotion after promotion.

What a change I saw in my friend Art! He’s pushing 60 now and looks better than he has in decades. His wife smiles a lot these days, too.

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