Maine Sermorelin Prescriptions for HGH Deficiency

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on April 11th, 2023

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HGH Deficiency is a massive issue in the United States today. As men and women are living longer, Age-Related Hormonal Conditions such as Somatopause and Low-T have a greater impact on life quality and longevity.

Tens of thousands of patients across Maine struggle with issues directly related to Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and most don't even realize that there's a problem. That's because we have been led to believe that the symptoms of Low HGH Levels are simply a factor of aging, rather than the result of a correctable physiological change.

Our Maine Hormone Clinic is dedicated to helping patients overcome Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency, and our highly trained staff of Board-Certified HRT Specialists are here to help you enhance your well-being through the use of Bio-Identical Hormones.

A Free Telephone Consultation is just a phone call away.

Maine Sermorelin Therapy — Boost Natural HGH Production with Sermorelin

When it comes to treating Age-Associated HGH Deficiency, there are two great options on the table for patients, both of which have a proven track record for Hormone Restoration — Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone and Recombinant Sermorelin Acetate.

HGH Therapy was the first treatment made available for relief from Low Growth Hormone Levels and remains a reliable and practical choice today.

On the other hand, new advances in medical research and technology have led to another option, which appeals to a broad subset of patients — Sermorelin Acetate.

While HGH Injections directly supplant missing Growth Hormone Levels, Sermorelin bolsters the body's own ability to manufacture Human Growth Hormone.

It stimulates the Pituitary Gland to release HGH to meet the human body's rejuvenative demands.

Advantages of Sermorelin over Human Growth Hormone

If Subcutaneous HGH Injections are so useful, you may wonder why a patient would opt for Sermorelin Acetate. Sermorelin does have some unique advantages over HGH that have made it increasingly sought after.

Perhaps the most significant factor with Sermorelin is the price. Sermorelin is significantly cheaper by dose than Human Growth Hormone Shots, primarily because it is a simpler molecule and, therefore, less expensive to produce in a lab.

The second factor which draws patients to Sermorelin is that Sermorelin can be prescribed to a more extensive subset of at-risk patients than Bio-Identical HGH. Human Growth Hormone is tightly regulated and controlled, and it cannot be prescribed Off-Label.

With Sermorelin, your prescribing HRT Doctor has more leeway to use the treatment at his or her discretion, which benefits patients that are at the threshold of deficiency, or those that are interested in preserving healthy HGH Levels before Somatopause becomes highly symptomatic.

Comprehensive Maine HRT Testing with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp

To qualify for Restorative Sermorelin Acetate, you have to undergo a diagnostic evaluation.

HGH Deficiency is diagnosed via the measurement of serum IGF-1 Levels. Our Hormone Clinic works with top Lab Testing facilities LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to bring our quality HRT Services directly to you.

These companies have facilities throughout the state of Maine, and may even be able to meet directly with you for preliminary evaluation!

When you arrive for your appointment, our affiliate will take a blood sample and give you a brief physical to assess your current health state.

Your blood sample will be vigorously analyzed with a series of tests known as a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.

These tests will reveal IGF-1 Levels, Thyroid Hormone Balance, Testosterone Levels, and a variety of other factors directly related to your health and wellness. With the results of this battery of tests in hand, our HRT Specialists can create a Hormone Therapy Regimen directly tailored to your unique needs and physiology!

Maine Low-T Treatments for Testosterone Deficiency

Along with our quality HGH and Sermorelin Services, we also offer other Hormone Optimization Products that have helped patients across the nation, including Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men.

If you're a man, at least 30 years old, that struggles with issues related to sexual performance, desire, and ability; Testosterone Treatments can help restore your sex drive while also increasing energy levels and contributing to a healthier psychology and body composition.

There's no reason to resign yourself to the frustrating sexual and health issues related to Low-T when Prescription Bio-Identical Testosterone is safe and effective at relieving those symptoms and improving your quality of life!

Quick Facts and Info About Maine

The State of Maine is located north of the original 13 colonies, between the state of New Hampshire and the Canadian Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. Maine has a far lower population density than the other states in the Northeast.

Like New Hampshire and Vermont, Maine is known for having an independent political identity as compared to most states in the American Union.

Maine is a popular tourist attraction and is highly appealing to those that love the outdoors.

Hiking, camping, fishing, and sailing are all popular activities in the state.

The Maine Economy is buoyed heavily by both tourism and trade. Though located in the United States, Portland, Maine is one of the most important logistical points for products entering and leaving Canada, as over 13 million tons of products pass through the port each year.

Portland is the most populous city in Maine, but Augusta is its capital. Other major cities in Maine include Saco, Sanford, Biddeford, Auburn, Bangor, and Lewiston.




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