Sermorelin FAQ: How to Buy Sermorelin Injections Online

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The most common questions people ask about Sermorelin Acetate are:

  1. How much does Sermorelin cost?
  2. Where can I buy Sermorelin?
  3. What are the benefits of Sermorelin?
  4. What is the dosage of Sermorelin? 
  5. Does Sermorelin work?
  6. What is Sermorelin used for?


How Much Does Sermorelin Therapy Cost?

The common question is, "what is the average cost of Sermorelin therapy? Obviously, people want to know this fundamental question, because if it's too expensive, why bother?

Fortunately, Sermorelin is not costly, and much cheaper than Human Growth Hormone Therapy. We will discuss this question in detail and also provide comparison prices with bio-identical HGH therapy.

    • HGH injections can cost between $550 to $1100 per month on average.
    • Sermorelin can cost around $250 to $400 a month depending on the dosage.

We will generally talk about the monthly costs of Sermorelin injections, not actual individual injections, but typically a single Sermorelin injection costs around $8 to $20 depending on the dose. Dosage is based on getting your IGF-1 levels into the 250 ng/ml range.

If you want to buy Sermorelin, you will be happy to learn that it is very affordable and you can buy it online once you have gotten a legitimate prescription. Many people call Sermorelin Acetate the poor man's HGH injections.

Sermorelin does mostly the same thing as Human Growth Hormone, but Sermorelin is at least half the price of HGH. Sermorelin, like HGH, treats adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency (pathogenic GHD) or hypopituitarism. Not only is Sermorelin cheaper than HGH, but most doctors believe Sermorelin injections are safer and more effective than HGH injections.

If you would like to buy Sermorelin injections, we can explain the steps of doing it the right way, legally and legitimately. Before you get started, you should first learn about the costs of purchasing Sermorelin to see if it fits your budget.

Sermorelin Therapy Cost versus HGH Therapy Cost

We are commonly asked: what is the price of Sermorelin Therapy? How much is HGH Therapy by comparison? People are surprised by the price difference.

Sermorelin injections for adult men and women are very affordable, in the $1,000 range for a three-month program, whereas HGH injection programs cost about $3,000 for a three-month program.

These are on the high end of what programs require - they are usually much lower. Our clinic offers better prices than most medical centers.

Thus, Sermorelin shots cost one third the price of HGH shots. Sermorelin programs can cost in the $250 to $400 range, whereas HGH treatments can cost in the $550 to $1,100 range, depending on the provider.

It's pretty clear that Sermorelin is much more affordable than HGH. Not to mention that people who combine Sermorelin with affordable Testosterone programs get excellent results!

A 10-week testosterone program with HCG, Estrogen blockers, plus all the needles/syringes can cost $550 or about $200 a month.

Purchasing Sermorelin Therapy is a More Affordable Approach for Increasing Your IGF-1 Levels than HGH Therapy

The reason people like Sermorelin Acetate more than HGH is because they both do the same thing, which is, ultimately, to stimulate IGF-1 secretion from the liver, with the result being the stimulation of cell regeneration in the human body.

Sermorelin is very much like the secretagogue, Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, that the hypothalamus releases, which stimulates the pituitary gland to release Human Growth Hormone.

Whereas Growth Hormone injections mimic precisely what the pituitary gland does, which is release Growth Hormone directly into the bloodstream.

Either way, IGF-1 is ultimately stimulated, but Sermorelin works better with the body than HGH according to many endocrinologists.

Fill out the contact form on our website, and we will talk with you further regarding the difference between Sermorelin and HGH injections.

Sermorelin Reviews: Why are the Benefits of Sermorelin Injections Exactly the Same as HGH Injections?

Growth Hormone therapy has been called by some to be an anti-aging treatment, but that is an oversimplification.

The benefits and side effects of HGH and Sermorelin are identical, but Sermorelin works better with the hypothalamus-pituitary-liver regulation axis, whereas HGH does not.

In lay person's terms, when you inject HGH unless the doses are small, they are not natural like the ones your body releases via pituitary bursts about 30 times in a single day.

Sermorelin stimulates your pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone the way it would naturally do so, and this is why it is safer.

Does Sermorelin Acetate Work?

Yes, Sermorelin does work exceptionally well.

How fast does it take to work...? That depends on the person. Some people respond to Sermorelin Acetate almost immediately, others take a couple of weeks for the effects to become noticeable.

More strength, better-defined muscle physique, a greater vigor for life, are some of the most apparent benefits of Sermorelin injections when the dosage is correctly regulated by our physicians.

The benefits that come most quickly are things associated with how you feel inside and your mental outlook on life.

When it comes to losing weight with Sermorelin, it may take more time, because melting fat is a lot of hard work. Sermorelin is excellent because it helps one to burn adipose tissue quicker.

The Benefits of Sermorelin Injections: Sermorelin Reviews

  • Increase development and cut of lean muscles -- Because muscles become larger using Sermorelin shots, and the fat melts away, it gives the appearance of being leaner and meaner.
  • Improved recovery time from working out and physical activity -- One of the most significant setbacks of aging is that it takes longer to recover from muscle building and working out. Sermorelin shrinks the recovery time from injury and physically strenuous activities.
  • Increase vigor, improve stamina and up-regulate vitality -- A rising sense of zest and zeal inexplicably rises in people who use Sermorelin. Suddenly you feel a sense that you want to seize life, you find you have a higher capacity for getting things done, and you develop a "go-for-it" attitude. It's obvious, in this sense, that both mental and physical vigor are working together symbiotically.
  • Melt belly fat and adipose tissue on the hips, thighs, and buttocks -- The very place men and women accumulate fat, is precisely where Sermorelin seems to melt away these problem areas!
  • Bone strength and bone mineral density composite improve -- Our bones become lighter and frailer as we age because we lose our capacity to hold the mineral density in our very bones. Women, more than men, suffer from osteoporosis, and Sermorelin has been shown in some women to have a protective capacity in these regards.
  • Regulation of other hormone symphonies improves
  • Boost metabolism, improve circulation -- one of the most noticeable things about Sermorelin is how it helps people to lose weight safely. There is a great deal of data about Sermorelin and weight loss.

Sermorelin Therapy Stimulates Your Pituitary Gland to Produce HGH

How does Sermorelin work in your brain? With Sermorelin you are stimulating your pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone, and you are not directly putting HGH into your body from an external source.

Thus, there is a big difference, and the fact of the matter is, that after decades of reviews from people about the benefits of Growth Hormone injection treatment, people are now starting to switch to Sermorelin.

Buying Sublingual Sermorelin (No, Don't Do It!)

You have read Sermorelin Sublingual reviews that tell you the stuff is excellent, but it is a scam. No doctor would ever prescribe you Sublingual Sermorelin.

You have probably heard of HGH pills being ineffective versus injections being effective. Well, Sermorelin Sublingual is mostly the same -- it is inefficient compared to the effective Sermorelin shots.

The only real way to get the benefits of Sermorelin is through injections. Do not attempt to buy any other approach.

Our Sermorelin clinic only provides the prescription injectable kind of Sermorelin, which is compounded inside the United States by U.S.-licensed pharmacies.

Be aware that there are many scams on the Internet. Sermorelin Sublingual is a scam! You should research this topic further to know all the slick marketing campaigns used to sell this stuff.

To be avoided are Sermorelin pills, sprays, and other forms that don't involve injections. Just like HGH supplementation can only be done with the injectable format, Sermorelin delivery is the same, and never think for a minute that you can get it into your body other than by shots.

Though, perhaps in the future, a Sermorelin or HGH IV might become available.

What are Adult Men and Women Saying About Sermorelin Therapy and Testosterone Injections Treatment Programs?

A number of people who are suffering from Growth Hormone and androgen Testosterone deficiency have reported that they got the best results from a Growth Hormone treatment program that was exclusively utilizing Sermorelin injections and Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy programs.

They said the plans were more affordable, had fewer side effects, and received more of the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy. It seems that many doctors are switching their bio-identical HGH patients to Sermorelin for the same reasons.

How do I get Sermorelin Injections? How do I get Hormone Replacement Therapy with Injectable Sermorelin?

Our Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic offers three months and six-month Sermorelin injection programs for about $750 to $1,000 (for three months) to $1,500 to $2,000 (for six months).

Our prices are falling because the costs of these therapies are usually continually declining.

If you imagine that the cost of Sermorelin can cost about $250 to $300 a month, this is about $8 to $10 per day, a minimal price to pay for your health and quality of life.

Sermorelin and Testosterone Cypionate Together

If you are also experiencing a deficiency in Testosterone, thus suffering from low-T, Andropause, androgen deficiency syndrome, hypotestosteronemia, or the medical diagnosis of hypogonadism, we can prescribe Sermorelin concurrently with a Testosterone program.

We can not repeat this enough: our patients reported terrific benefits from combining Testosterone cypionate and Sermorelin.

Sermorelin is used to treat hypopituitarism and adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). If you are feeling the symptoms of adult aging, use the contact form on our website for more information, so that we can discuss your Hormone Replacement Therapy options with Sermorelin Acetate injections, Testosterone, or HGH.

We also offer HCG weight loss programs. Sermorelin, in conjunction with HCG, has been shown to be a fantastic weight loss regimen. If your diet isn't working, welcome to the 95%! Try a Sermorelin protocol to help you lose weight.

Where do I Buy Sermorelin Acetate Injections and Therapy?

We commonly get asked the same question repeatedly: Where can I buy Sermorelin Acetate? Never buy Sermorelin from an online website that does not provide you with the legal means to get a prescription.

There are many peptide websites on the Internet selling Sermorelin illegally. If you buy from these websites, you might find yourself in jail. You also do not know the purity of the Sermorelin product being sold to you.

If you want to know how to get Sermorelin shots legally, we can show you the medically legitimate way.

We can teach you how to mix Sermorelin, what the proper dosages are, and how often to do the injections.

We have Sermorelin videos to keep you up-to-date on the benefits, side effects, how to properly administer the injections, and more.

Get Sermorelin Treatment: How do I Start Sermorelin Therapy?

Get started today with Sermorelin injections! After filling out the contact form, give us a phone call, and we can tell you about our affordable programs.

The only place to legally buy Sermorelin Acetate is from a U.S.-based licensed pharmacy with a prescription from a legitimate Sermorelin Clinic.

Our Sermorelin Clinic will prescribe you a blood test to get your IGF-1 levels tested at a local LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics facility. The results of that test will be returned to our clinic in a few days.

Based on your IGF-1 levels, our Endocrinologists will prescribe you a protocol dosage of injections. Usually, five days on and two days off is the typical schedule for shots. Sometimes the programs require that you do injections seven days a week.

It will depend upon your condition and know this: all of our programs involve your input. You can do the Sermorelin injections in the privacy of your home, and you do not need to come to the doctor's office every day or week.

Sermorelin Forum -- Discussing Sermorelin with Us

We can set up a Sermorelin forum, where you can talk with a group of experts in a conference call and talk about Sermorelin with physicians, scientists, and other patients who went through the program so you can learn about the benefits and side effects.

When you contact us, ask us about other topics related to buying Sermorelin online, including buying Sermorelin with ghrp-6, Sermorelin steroids, Sermorelin forum, and Frequently Asked Questions, where can I get Sermorelin products in my city or state, Sermorelin product sizes from 2mg, Sermorelin 3mg, Sermorelin 6mg, how to order Sermorelin, how to get Sermorelin legally through our clinic, buying Sermorelin Acetate online when you need to refill your prescription, and where can I purchase Sermorelin injections if I happen to be out of town.

Are Sermorelin Pills Legitimate?

No, Sermorelin can only be injected if it is to be effective. Sermorelin cannot be taken under the tongue.

Nor can Sermorelin be ingested in pill form or spray. These websites offering HGH patches, HGH pills, HGH sprays, and other products that don't involve injections are total scams.

We only provide the legitimate version of Sermorelin, the injectable kind. Our Sermorelin comes from a U.S.-licensed pharmacy, and our clinic is exclusively staffed with board-certified and licensed physicians who are current and up-to-date in all of their Endocrinology training.

Sermorelin Bodybuilding

Does Sermorelin help with bodybuilding? Yes, absolutely.

But is it legal? Absolutely not. No legal Sermorelin clinic will prescribe it for you if you tell them you want to use it for bodybuilding. If you contact us and tell us you want to use Sermorelin for bodybuilding, we will not provide you with treatment.

We are not interested in working with bodybuilders, professional athletes, or Olympians. We are only interested in working with regular, ordinary men and women who might be experiencing the premature symptoms of aging.

Bodybuilders love Sermorelin because it helps them lose weight quickly, and get a trim beltline to create that dramatic v-shape that weight trainers and muscle builders always try to get.

Sermorelin Side Effects

If your IGF-1 levels get too high, you can start to experience side effects.

Abuse of Sermorelin can lead to edema (water retention), swollen ankles, organ growth, unusual bone growth (acromegaly), carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling in the hands, diabetes and other symptoms associated with HGH side effects.

Some people have immediate reactions to Sermorelin -- they might bruise at the injection site, get redness, or a rash. Some people find that they can't breathe or have the feeling like they want to vomit.

If any of these things happen, please let us know immediately.

Get Sermorelin Injections and Start Therapy

Contact us to find out the cost of Sermorelin and what it takes to purchase a program from us. We are happy to speak with you so just fill out our contact form! We can go over the costs of Sermorelin, what is involved with buying a three-month protocol, and how to use Sermorelin effectively to achieve all your goals. We offer Sermorelin in 2mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg vials.


Sermorelin: A better approach to the management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency?

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