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Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on June 19th, 2023
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The physicians at our clinic are board-certified specialists in hormone replacement therapy – and that’s as good as it gets. Getting your HGH treatment and prescription from lesser sources can harm your health and even your life.

Why is that?

Some online peddlers source their HGH from illegal foreign sources (we never do that; all our prescriptions are for US-sourced, 100% legal, 100% safety-standards-compliant HGH and other products).

These illegal sources have no known quality control or regulations to comply with – and in many cases are cut with unknown or dangerous substances, and in other cases do not contain HGH at all – which is at best a complete rip-off and at worst a severe threat to your health if toxic materials have been substituted for HGH.

And suppose a less-than-competent non-specialist without board certification in the field is designing your hormone replacement therapy program.

In that case, you may receive a too-low dose, giving you minimal, if any, noticeable results. Even worse, it’s possible that you might receive an overdose.

A correct level of HGH in your bloodstream is an absolute necessity for enjoying optimal health, strength, sexual vitality, and mental functioning.

But that does not mean that “the more HGH you have, the better.” You would never say, “The more water, the better,” or “The more food, the better,” would you? Water is an absolute necessity, too – but too much of it can seriously harm you.

Food is another thing we definitely need – we must have it. But, as we all know, many serious illnesses and health problems can result from too much food.

It’s the same with HGH. Too much of it can ruin your health.

An excess amount of HGH can start to cause abnormal – and extremely strange-looking – growth in your feet, hands, and face, a condition called acromegaly.

Not only will you hurt your health, but you can ruin your looks, too. And once these changes take place, they cannot be reversed. That’s something you’d regret for the rest of your life.

Too much HGH has been known to lead to diabetes and heart disease, which can sometimes end your life or seriously limit your life in others. This is not what you want to do!

A too-high dosage of HGH can increase cranial pressure, too – the pressure applied to the brain inside the skull – and higher than normal cranial pressure is linked to a higher rate of certain cancers – something you definitely want to avoid.

You want to have the optimal level of HGH for your size, sex, age, body type, medical history, and current hormone levels.

And that is precisely what our clinic's board-certified physicians – doctors who lead the field in this specialty – will do for you.

Once you’ve had your hormone levels tested and it’s determined that you do suffer from a hormone imbalance, our doctors will custom design a program just for you that will have you exactly in that sweet spot that will optimize your health, the youthfulness of appearance, mental focus, libido, sexual and athletic performance, and all those things that make life worth living.

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