Does Sermorelin Medication Reverse Aging?

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on March 10th, 2024
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Can Aging be Reversed With Sermorelin Acetate?

The simple answer is No.

At present, there is no way to reliably reverse aging, but slowing it down is in fact possible using a combination of approaches which are discussed in great detail here on this Sermorelin medication research website.

The good news is this, new fields of biotechnology are emerging thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, thus growing industries of science in the human longevity movement are currently working on solutions and exploring new ways to make breakthroughs in pushing the limits of extending human life.

But for now, all you can do is slow aging down to an upper range of lifespan while waiting on these life-extending developments.

Think of it this way, if you are malnourished you are aging much more rapidly than you would be if you weren't malnourished, but if you get optimal nutrition, you are still aging, but aging as slowly as possible within your own DNA genetic architecture.

No matter what you do, you are aging, it's just a matter of how fast or slow, ultimately death is inescapable right now at some point, but that might change in the next generation as advances in stem cell therapy, nanomedicine, and genetic medicine continue.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning just might be the holy grail for figuring out how we can live youthfully for extended decades, potentially centuries.

Why do many people feel younger when they take Sermorelin Acetate? 

This may have to do directly with normal hormone decline in aging adults. It is an indisputable fact that as we age, our hormones tend to decline on average, and this decline leads to deficiency and therefore, a whole slew of medical problems.

By optimizing your hormones, and adding exercise, diet, supplements, and brain training (puzzles and such), we generally look and feel a lot better.

What is the Sermorelin Dosage, I Should Take Each Day?

This will depend on your IGF-1 levels, which are determined with a hormone blood test. We partner with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, so you can go to any facility in the United States to have your blood drawn and tested.

A Full hormone blood panel usually costs around a couple of hundred dollars, with no hidden fees. Once your IGF-1 levels are evaluated, the dosage will be based on what our board-certified physicians determine will optimize your HGH levels.

How Can I Buy Sermorelin Acetate Injections?

Fill out the web form on our site, and then call us right afterward, for security purposes, so we know it was you who called.

We are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, just leave a detailed message, and we will have a Nurse, Doctor or patient adviser call you back, and email you some information.

What is the Cost of Sermorelin Acetate Injections?

The costs of injectable Sermorelin medicine cycles can run about $100 a week, or around $400 a month, but programs are often discounted when 3-month plans are ordered.

The blood work to get started costs $200. Injections are done daily, either seven days a week, or five days of injections with two days break. Going on a Sermorelin medicine cycle which is less than 3 months is often regarded as ineffective.

Four to Seven months is the minimum recommended length for a program designed to treat growth hormone insufficiency.

How often is Sermorelin injected?

Typically, one injection of Sermorelin is done per day. Sermorelin is not expensive when one considers the benefits it provides for mitigating certain kinds of hormone deficiency and the decline of IGF-1 as we age.

Sermorelin and Testosterone Therapy

We have had an astonishing amount of patients giving us pollyanna reviews and feedback that using testosterone and sermorelin injections together, seemed to have powerful synchronicity, as they worked together amazingly.

Though results vary between patients, a significant number of patients using testosterone injections once per week, and injecting sermorelin five days a week -- using optimal dosage strategies -- reported they felt a lot better than just using Sermorelin by itself, or just testosterone by itself.

One patient dotingly described them as a "match made in heaven." More and more patients are reporting they got the best results when Testosterone and Sermorelin were used together, in conjunction with smart dietary changes and vigorous exercise programs, that were all incorporated synergistically.

Sermorelin for Cellulite

The majority of our patients are men, but the less-than-half of our patients who are using Sermorelin and are women, have been giving us good feedback on Sermorelin helping them to reduce cellulite and fat deposits when they combined Sermorelin with cardiovascular exercise and the South Beach diet.

This is an exciting development for us because we know the supermajority of diets seemingly fail. It's nice to hear when there are exceptions.

We are excited about this kind of feedback, as cellulite can be very stubborn, especially for women who have had a child or several.

Sermorelin Medical Research, Benefits and Side Effects

The case study and research on Sermorelin as a medicine (as opposed to a performance-enhancing drug) has shown it is an affordable way to treat adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Compared to HGH injections, Sermorelin is often half or less than half the price.

Please take the time to read the dozens of articles we present on the medical research about Sermorelin on this website, as it relates to the benefits, risks, dangers, and side effects.

We also provide videos and podcast audios you can listen to as you go through the articles, about 80% of the articles on our website have videos and podcasts which go along with them.


Sermorelin: A better approach to the management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency?

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