Health Changes Associated with Low Testosterone and Andropause

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on February 12th, 2024
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Getting older has consequences, and the effects of aging are the result of many different factors which put your health at risk.

fatigued girl at a laptopHormone Balance is a crucial aspect of preserving good health throughout a person's lifespan, but many Hormones, including Testosterone, become increasingly scarce with age.

Testosterone Deficiency negatively affects the lives of millions of men across America, and it becomes increasingly likely with each consecutive year that you live beyond thirty.

The older that you get, the more important that it is to be aware of the signs of Hypogonadism and Andropause.

While every guy experiences Testosterone Deficiency in their own way, they all experience a collection of the same symptoms in varying degrees of severity. The following are some of the most recognizable symptoms of Age-Related Low-T:

Fatigue Is A Powerful Sign of Testosterone Deficiency

While most men rightfully associate Andropause with Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Insufficiency, one of the most frustrating issues associated with Testosterone Deficiency is Fatigue.

Testosterone is crucial for metabolism, and as levels of the Hormone fall beneath a certain degree, it can have an absolutely devastating effect on your quality of life.

Fatigue makes it harder to get up and get going. It also reduces your available energy reserves and keeps you from sustaining a high activity level.

Most men that take Testosterone for Andropause report improved quality of life due to increased energy and vitality! If you wake up in the morning, still exhausted even after a full night's rest, this is a reliable indicator of Low-T.

Testosterone Deficiency Makes It Harder to Build and Sustain Muscle

A second notable sign of Low-T is a loss of muscle mass over time. Testosterone is a powerful anabolic steroid. It's also the reason why men have more muscle mass than women.

As Testosterone Levels deplete, it gets increasingly harder to build additional muscle. This means that you have to work harder to achieve the same results in the gym.

Over time, your maximum strength will deteriorate. If you allow this to go on for too long, you'll likely find it much more difficult to perform tasks that were once a breeze.

The combination of fatigue and lack of strength significantly increases the risk of frailty over time.

This is one of the many reasons why Testosterone proves beneficial for aging patients.

Increased power and energy lead to improved long-term health outcomes. If you're concerned about losing your strength as a result of time and aging, Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy may be precisely what you're looking for!

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido Are Key Signs of Low-T

While both men and women produce Testosterone, guys produce around eight times as much of the potent androgen than their feminine counterparts. Testosterone is critical for normal and healthy sexual ability in men.

For example, Testosterone facilitates sex drive. As Testosterone Levels fall, your general interest in sex will likely suffer. This is frequently a considerable strain on relationships because it leads to an imbalance in desire.

Furthermore, as Testosterone Production falls, it disrupts the chemical processes that produce an erection. This means that you may be interested in sex but unable to build an erection hard enough for sex.

Men with Low-T also report that they cannot sustain an erection for as long as they used to and that they also feel diminished pleasure from sexual activity.

If your sex life is essential to you, get checked for Testosterone Deficiency at the first signs of sexual disruption.

It's also necessary to see a doctor about sexual health issues because Erectile Dysfunction can also be a sign of underlying cardiovascular problems, which may be a threat to your health.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has undoubtedly saved (and created) new relationships across America.

Testosterone Deficiency Contributes to Increased Body Fat

If you've read this far, you can tell that Testosterone wreaks havoc on your metabolism. As muscle mass decreases, so does your ability to burn fat.

This creates a nasty cycle because body fat produces Estrogen, which can further suppress Testosterone Production.

The more body fat that a man has, the higher that his Estrogen Levels will be, which can have unhealthy effects on body composition and heart health.

Most guys have a baseline body composition that they maintain. If you've recognized changes in that baseline, you may be the target audience for Testosterone Therapy.

Low-T Treatments can help you build muscle and burn fat, protecting your health and keeping you from losing control of your figure.

Low-T Disrupts Mood and Psychological Wellness

Most men underestimate the effect that Testosterone Deficiency can have on mood. During youth, raging Testosterone Levels contribute to high levels of confidence and an increased willingness to take risks.

Testosterone also protects against depression. As Testosterone Levels dwindle, the psychological benefits give way to increased feelings of anxiety, irritability, depression, and lack of confidence.

If your primary issues are related to mental health, you should definitely visit a counselor or psychologist.

On the other hand, if these symptoms are paired with other problems associated with Andropause, visiting a Men's Clinic or Hormone Specialist may be the best option.

Licensed and Board Certified Hormone Replacement Therapy Services for Andropause

If you relate to what we've discussed in this article, it's highly likely that you're struggling with symptoms caused by Testosterone Deficiency. The more of these symptoms that you're currently experiencing, the higher the likelihood that Low Testosterone Levels are disrupting your life.

Our Licensed and Board Certified HRT Clinic has helped hundreds of men throughout America overcome the perils of Low-T with Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments such as Low-T Creams and Testosterone Injections (Enanthate and Cypionate).

With our help, we can not only provide accurate Hormone Testing but also offer the highly effective treatments which can bolster your Testosterone Levels and significantly improve your wellness and vitality!

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