How to Boost HGH Levels Naturally This Year or Supplement with HGH Injections

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 9th, 2024
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If you're interested in improving your health and well-being, maximizing Natural Human Growth Hormone Production is a key to restoring optimal Hormone Balance. HGH is a powerful metabolite that helps your body rehabilitate and maintain. It frees energy from body fat, helping you lose weight. It improves workout results by facilitating healing and muscle repair. It's even invaluable to hair and skin health.

Exercise Regularly to Boost HGH

One of the most effective ways to increase HGH Levels is by adopting a strength training regimen, either with weights or resistance bands.

The human body produces Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1 in response to anaerobic exercise because these hormones are critical to the healing process that occurs, which builds muscle.

Some of the most exciting studies involving Therapeutic HGH Involve using Growth Hormone to speed up healing and recovery from sports-related injuries.

Intermittent Fasting Increases Natural HGH Production

Another strategy that has been shown to be profoundly effective at improving Growth Hormone Balance is Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting is a diet strategy where a person consumes all daily calories in a limited portion of the day.

Two of the most common styles of Intermittent Fasting involve fasting for either 14 or 16 hours per day.

Intermittent Fasting helps boost HGH and promote weight loss because Human Growth Hormone encourages body fat breakdown in response to extended periods without food. Even without changing how much you eat, Intermittent Fasting leads to improvements in Hormone Balance.

Healthy Eating With Less Sugar Improves Growth Hormone Balance

Human Growth Hormone and Insulin have complementary goals when it comes to providing energy for the human body.

When you eat, your digestive system converts your food into glucose, which your body then uses to fuel your energy needs. Insulin converts unused glucose and stores it in fat cells.

HGH, on the other hand, frees up stored energy from fat reserves when diet alone doesn't suffice. Excess consumption of simple carbs and sugars can interfere with this natural system, causing the body to rely too much on dietary calories, leading to increased fat storage and decreased Growth Hormone Production.

Limiting your intake of these carbs and increasing your portions of proteins and healthy fats will help keep Growth Hormone Levels up while warding off Insulin Resistance.

Sleep Better to Amplify Growth Hormone Release

While your daytime activities can promote increased HGH Release, most Growth Hormone is produced while we're asleep. If you aren't getting enough sound, deep sleep at night, then your HGH Levels will suffer as a direct result.

Insufficient sleep also increases the dominance of Cortisol, which disrupts healthy Hormone Balance. Growth Hormone is vital to the natural healing processes that occur during sleep, healing wounds, increasing strength, improving cognition, and more.

Considering HGH Therapy? Growth Hormone Injections Can Help Restore Hormone Balance

Even with the best intentions, many people reach a point where they can no longer sustain healthy HGH Levels. Beginning at approximately age thirty, our body very slowly loses its ability to produce sufficient Growth Hormone to meet the body's needs.

This makes it slightly harder every year to keep your HGH Production in the healthy range.

Luckily, Hormone Replacement Therapy is very effective at getting Growth Hormone Levels back on track, and medical approaches and tools are advancing by the year. Two of the best options for Prescription HGH Therapy are Bio-Identical HGH and Sermorelin Acetate. These subcutaneous injections are delivered daily.

HGH Injections supplant the body's diminished Growth Hormone Production, while Sermorelin Acetate encourages the pituitary to increase HGH Secretion.

Most patients retain the ability to produce plenty of Growth Hormone. It's just that the body isn't signaling for enough of the hormone. You can find out if you're eligible for Growth Hormone Shots by contacting a Board-Certified Hormone Specialist!

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