Is Immortality In Our Lifetime Possible? Perhaps!

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on February 4th, 2024
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It is becoming more and more of a reality that immortality will become achievable in the near future, even for the younger generations.

We can treat and control so many diseases, illnesses, and conditions that the future of the medical industry is heading toward the genetics of human longevity.

When we discuss Immortality, we do not mean a new life up in Heaven or a reincarnation type of scenario after we die. This is regarding the extension of your own life on this planet, here and now.

Many scientists and researchers are predicting that as our technologies advance, especially in nanotechnology and gene therapy, we will learn how to control our genetics to the point where we can turn on or off certain genetic triggers that cause us to age or our bodies to deteriorate.

Like every other living being on this planet, our genes were designed to limit our lifespan. This is similar to how cell phone and other electronic companies design their devices to eventually wear out so that we are forced to buy a new one. This is called planned obsolescence.

With animals, once the babies grow into adults, the parents are no longer as useful as they once were and eventually perish.

This happens with us, too, but not quite as quickly as it used to. In first-world countries, the birthrates are actually leveling off, leaving more older humans on the planet than younger ones. This is one reason we should seriously consider life extension and human longevity as real and vital science.

We believe that in the very near future, humans will be able to live to one hundred years and even more easily. Meeting a centenarian will no longer be a surprise or exciting moment. Our technological advances are getting better so rapidly that this could be happening within the next two centuries -- or sooner! You may even be able to experience this technology yourself!

What is in Store for Human Longevity

Let's think about a world where you no longer have to worry about or consider how much time you have left to get everything you want done or to experience. Getting older will be a whole other experience.

Think about the people who are actually one hundred years old. They are frail, covered in wrinkles and possibly bruises from thin skin, don't do much, and can't really see or hear. What kind of life is that? They have lived so long and learned so much; now, they cannot even apply this knowledge to anything useful or experience an enjoyable life.

As our technologies get better and better, the age of one hundred is going to look younger and younger. In no time, we will be able to live past one hundred quite easily while maintaining youthful energy and liveliness. Isn't this what a lot of people would want?

We believe it is, but many people get turned off by the idea because the frail, wrinkled, miserable centenarian seems all we will ever experience. We cannot avoid it.

Because most people believe this is all that we end up being, they decide to engage in a wild and risky life, usually involving poor health choices, that results in an even faster decline in health and early mortality. "It's better to burn out than fade away" has become a tired saying.

This is the wrong way to think about the world, however. By living smart and taking the

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steps to safeguard one's health, it will be possible to harvest the fruits of a life well-lived during this time of revolutionary medical and biotechnological enhancement beyond our wildest dreams.

The premise is simple really, and there's not much to argue about regarding the logic. If human lifespans continue to advance at an ever-increasing speed, the better we treat our bodies now, the more likely we will be able to take advantage of life-extending opportunities later in life.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch to our late 20th-century mindset, but with sufficient care, what is there to stop us from making it to 100 years old (barring accidents and terminal illnesses)?

Now, if you can make it to 100, whether 30 years from now or 80 years from now, imagine what the medical advancements will be like two or even five generations into the future! We must live long enough to make it into the longevity window, which means living long enough for greater advancements to extend our lives.

Think about all the diseases: Polio, Small Pox, and Rubella, which were dangerous or outright lethal eighty years ago.

Think about HIV/AIDS, which was a death sentence just thirty years ago, which men and women are able to live with and experience near-normal health today! Anti-viral medications today make living with aids possible. Some people who formerly were, are no longer carrying the virus.

Think about the neurological diseases that hamper longevity today, such as Dementia and Alzheimer's, and how quickly we are learning about the complexities of these neurological disorders. If we cure Alzheimer's in the next 15 years, imagine what modern medical crises we'll solve in the next 25 to 50 years! All this can potentially be yours with a conscientious and healthy lifestyle.

Genetic Therapy and Hyper-longevity

The next revolution in Longevity Medicine is the growing field of Genetic Therapy. It seems just yesterday that researchers were able to map out the human genetic code fully, but today, researchers are quickly learning how to read that code in order to develop new medical technologies.

Today, gene therapy is a rapidly growing field that could allow us to overcome countless medical issues related to genetics. A.I. and machine learning are accelerating the pace of biotechnological research. If employed properly, we just might be able to overcome death in the next generation.

Now, Imagine if you had a genetic predisposition for prostate cancer. What if, with a special injection, a genetic specialist could send medicine designed to turn off that genetic predisposition, significantly lowering your risk of Prostate Cancer and thereby increasing your life expectancy to its natural limits of, let's say, 120 years?

One day, you'll be able to undergo comprehensive genetic testing to assess your health risks and receive treatment designed directly to mitigate that risk at the DNA level!

Nanotechnology and Hyper-longevity

The next phase of Longevity Medicine beyond Genetic Therapy will likely be the rapid development of Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology essentially means that scientists will eventually develop tiny, microscopic machines that will be able to safeguard health and cure diseases from a mechanical level at the atomic or molecular level.

It's like inventing your own enzyme to fight Atherosclerosis or to untangle the prions or clean out plaques, which eventually lead to Alzheimer's Disease in many patients.

With the combination of Gene Therapy, AI, cell medicine, and Nanotechnology, it will be possible to prevent dangerous conditions before they develop and treat the illnesses that do sneak through with futuristic technology!

Biological Enhancement for Hyper-longevity

Of course, there is still the issue of physiological wear and tear. What do you do when your organs just wear out from a lifetime of use?

We have already learned how to create Bio-Identical Hormones in a laboratory environment, and we understand skin grafts and have a limited ability to generate certain body parts like ears, but in the future, medical engineers will be able to craft and rebuild body parts and organs as needed.

Imagine if your heart gave out after 120 years, and they just made you a new one out of your own DNA formulation!

Beyond all of this, there is an entire world of medicine that is just fantasy, and there are medical procedures and concepts that doctors and philosophers have yet to even dream of! If you want to live long enough to experience these amazing, life-extending benefits, you can take the steps to optimize your life today!

Longevity Today - Hormone Optimization and Restoration

Of course, all of these technologies are in their infancy, but there are steps you can take today to protect your health and improve your longevity! One of the primary factors that influence aging that we can control today is Hormone Balance. Our bodies perform at peak functional capacity when we have optimal hormone balance.

HGH is one of the most important hormones; we produce less of it as we age. HGH is one of the primary engines of cellular metabolism, and Human Growth Hormone Deficiency depletes the body's health in various ways. It causes us to gain weight and lose muscle and bone mass.

It causes our brains to slow down and our wits to become frazzled. It slows down healing and makes us get sick easier. Ensuring that we have youthful HGH Levels associated with optimal health can mitigate many of the risks associated with aging.

There are a number of other hormones that require balance as well. Both men and women have a persistent need for Testosterone, in line with their gender, and Testosterone Levels also fade with age. There are numerous other hormones that fall out of balance as we grow older.

We produce too much of some hormones, such as Cortisol, as we age, for example. By taking control of our health by engaging in a healthy lifestyle and receiving appropriate Hormone-Balancing Treatment, it is possible to maximize health outcomes and make it all the more likely that we live to benefit from that next great breakthrough!

Meanwhile, as these technologies are evolving and improving with each passing year, learn more about HRT (hormone replacement therapy), especially Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, and Sermorelin, at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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