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Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 30th, 2024
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At our Licensed Hormone Therapy Clinic, one of our goals is to provide our clients with a wide range of options to improve their health, well-being, and hormone balance. While Prescription HGH Injections are an excellent choice for patients impacted by the effects of Hypopituitarism and Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, our expert medical professionals offer other options that can provide relief from the effects of Somatopause. Among the options that we offer our patients is Sermorelin Acetate.

Sermorelin Acetate—An Alternative to Growth Hormone Injections to Boost HGH

While most people understand that Human Growth Hormone is critical to human development and puberty, many people don't recognize the continued importance of HGH during adulthood. Human Growth Hormone is essential to energy availability and cellular metabolism. HGH works with Insulin to help provide the energy that you need to make it through the day. Growth Hormone plays important roles in healing, immunity, cognition, and body composition. Human Growth Hormone unlocks the energy from body fat for utilization by the body, helping you lose weight and avoid fatigue.

When Growth Hormone Levels fall into decline, this has an undeniable impact on the resiliency of the body and mind. At around thirty, HGH Levels slowly drop from the plateau associated with optimal health during young adulthood. As Growth Hormone Levels fall, the likelihood of recognizable symptoms increases. Your lifestyle, diet, and genetics also play a role in this. Some individuals will experience issues related to Growth Hormone Deficiency earlier than others, especially those who eat poorly, live a sedentary lifestyle, or drink too much. It's much easier for hormones to become unbalanced if someone is living a sedentary and "poor" lifestyle compared to an active individual who focuses on nourishing foods.

Many people can improve their HGH Levels naturally by eating better, adopting healthier habits, and getting more active. Unfortunately, Human Growth Hormone Deficiency often reaches a severity at which the most conscientious efforts may no longer be effective against Hormone Imbalance.

Sermorelin Acetate: Amplify Your Body's Natural HGH Production

While the end results of HGH Therapy and Sermorelin Injections are almost the same, the mechanisms by which these two treatments function are quite different. With Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Injections, the goal of the treatment is to replace your body's diminished production of HGH with an outside source of the Hormone. This works very well, but it also suppresses your Pituitary's natural ability to produce Growth Hormone on its own.

Sermorelin Acetate, on the other hand, influences your pituitary gland to make more of its own natural Growth Hormone. You may be surprised to learn that (for most people) the human body never loses its ability to make its own HGH under the right circumstances. Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency results from the unfortunate disruption of upstream signaling that alerts the Pituitary to secrete HGH.

Sermorelin is a member of a class of hormones known as Growth Hormone Secretagogues. These hormones tell the Pituitary that it's time to make HGH. Sermorelin is made in a lab, but its active components are identical to Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or GH-RH, which is one of the naturally occurring secretagogues mentioned above.

Could HGH Deficiency Be Affecting Your Sex Drive and Mood?

Human Growth Hormone is strongly connected to both mood and sexual desire. Patients suffering from HGH Deficiency are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, and they are also more likely to struggle with issues related to low libido and disrupted sexual desire. Sermorelin Injections can restore balance to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, which can help bolster sex hormone production in a way that stimulates feelings of romance and passion. A large portion of patients that take HGH and Sermorelin also report having an improved sense of well-being, even in the absence of previously reported mood issues.

Sermorelin Improves Energy and Body Composition

As we talked about earlier, HGH Deficiency can have unfortunate effects on lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, and energy availability. Sermorelin Injections help patients restore lean muscle mass and enhance results from strength training. Growth Hormone also unlocks the energy trapped in fat cells to help you feel more aware and alert, which offers both physical and cognitive benefits. Excess body fat, especially around the hips and midsection, is a harbinger for many conditions which have a negative impact on long-term health, well-being, and quality of life. Losing weight and getting stronger help improve overall vitality.

Sermorelin Provides Other Great Benefits

Sermorelin also delivers several other benefits associated with HGH Restoration including improved focus, faster healing, bolstered immune system, and more. Sermorelin Acetate is available with a doctor's prescription for the treatment of Age-Associated Hypopituitarism. Our Licensed and Board Certified Hormone Therapy Specialists can assess your current health and hormone status and determine your eligibility for Sermorelin Therapy! We also offer Traditional HGH Injections, Testosterone Therapy, nutritional supplementation programs, and more!

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