Increasing and Preserving Height from Puberty to Beyond

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on November 22nd, 2023
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Your final adult height is primarily the result of the influence of Human Growth Hormone on your body. During childhood and adolescence, surging Growth Hormone Levels contribute to the rapid increase in height during puberty.

After puberty ends and the epiphyseal plates close, your body more or less maxes out concerning height. On the other hand, due to a variety of influences, you can slowly lose height as you get older.

The following suggestions cannot only help adolescents maximize height gains during puberty, but they can also help aging men and women preserve their height.

In some cases, those that follow this advice may experience mild increases in height attributable to these same choices, but this is relatively rare.

Hanging Exercises Encourage Maximum Height

This may be surprising, but your height can fluctuate significantly merely as a side-effect of your daily routine. While we sleep, our muscles relax, and the spine decompresses, which means that we tend to be the tallest when we first wake up in the morning.

As we go about our day, the influence of gravity on the spinal column can lead to a loss in the height of as much as an inch. A great way to combat this force is by engaging in hanging exercises later in the day.

These exercises not only encourage the vertebrae to decompress, but they also make the muscles of the lower back stronger, which suppresses the influence of gravity upon height.

Good Nutrition Influences and Preserves Height

One of the most influential factors which suppress growth in children under 18 is malnutrition.

This is the prime reason why men and women in developed countries have a taller average adult height than their counterparts in less developed countries.

It's essential to eat a wide variety of foods with quality nutrients to ensure maximum growth. Green vegetables, fortified milk, lean meats, and fruits all have essential nutrients that will help you grow taller.

Among adults, proper nutrition is incredibly important to maintain and preserve health as well as height.

If you aren't getting enough vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, your body won't be able to adequately preserve and maintain your height, which could lead to premature shrinking.

Stretching Keeps the Spine Decompressed

Along with hanging exercises, stretching can also help you maintain your height from day-to-day.

We recommend engaging in at least fifteen minutes of quality stretching exercises every day. This helps preserve height by relieving muscle tension in the lower back, which applies downward pressure to the spinal column.

There are many poses that have a positive effect on spinal calibration and lower back strength, such as calf stretching, the pelvic tilt, hip flexor stretch, downward dog, and the cobra pose.

Healthy Sleeping Habits Stimulate HGH

Human Growth Hormone is essential throughout our entire lives. We produce the majority of our daily HGH supply while we are asleep.

That's just one of many reasons why children need to get sufficient sleep every night. If children have major issues sleeping, it can actually affect their final adult height.

In adults, Human Growth Hormone is released primarily as a means of rehabilitation and preservation.

Though HGH no longer contributes to increases in height, because the epiphyseal plates of the long bones fuse, preventing further growth, it can help keep our bones and muscles strong so that we can continue to stand tall.

As we've implied already, a healthy and robust spine is the key to height preservation.

One of the best ways to sleep while maintaining the spine is to lie on your back with your knees raised slightly.

To keep your spine straight, you should sleep on your back without a pillow. Of course, for side sleepers, a cushion will still be necessary. Proper sleeping posture not only protects height, but it also minimizes the risk of injuries associated with lower back and spinal issues.

Regular Exercise Improves Muscle Tone and Posture

The human body feeds off of physical activity. Though we produce most Human Growth Hormone at night, we release it mainly in response to physical activity.

Both children and adults can benefit from regular exercise as a means to stimulate adequate HGH Production.

The best activities to stimulate Growth Hormone Release belong to a category known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT Exercises are any form of cardiovascular exercise in which a participant alternates between a brisk, yet modest pace and pushing their body to the limit.

This can be done on a bike, in a pool, or even on foot. Periodically go as hard as your body can stand, for around 60-90 seconds, then return to your recovery pace.

Smoking, Alcohol, and Other Vices Can Impair Hormone Balance and Harm Height and Growth

One of the most important reasons why children and adolescents shouldn't engage in smoking, alcohol, or other common vices is because these adverse health choices can hurt both psychological development and physiological growth.

Many of these vices belong to a class of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, meaning that they harm hormone balance.

Smoking is bad for growth and health because it directly leads to vasoconstriction, which prevents vital nutrients, as well as oxygen, from adequately dispersing through the body.

If nutrients aren't getting where they need to go, this can impair growth in children and lead to premature shrinking in adults.


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