My Friend Told Me to Ignore my Prescription and Double my HGH Intake – Is This a Good Idea?

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on March 20th, 2024
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In the world of athletics, the pursuit of excellence is the ultimate goal for any serious athlete, and this often involves the use of performance-enhancing substances, such as HGH, to achieve the highest possible level of performance. However, while the use of HGH therapy has been proven to be an effective means of getting superb athletic performance in those with too-low HGH levels, it is important to obtain such treatment from a clinic employing board-certified physicians, like ours, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Those who attempt to treat themselves or seek advice from friends on the use of HGH, often find themselves taking excessive and potentially dangerous doses, which can lead to negative side effects that ultimately reduce athletic performance, and even in some cases cause your body to take on a deformed appearance that can negatively impact one's sex appeal. That’s definitely not what you want!

For instance, John and Sarah are two athletes who, after relying on bad advice from friends and self-treatment, suffered from chronic fatigue and reduced athletic performance, and ultimately ended up with a weird physical appearance that seriously hindered their attractiveness. Friends said they went from good-looking to seriously ugly. And they stopped winning competitions. These negative effects could have been avoided had they obtained HGH therapy from a reputable clinic with board certified physicians, like ours. John and Sara were lucky compared to Dan, a weightlifter who damaged his liver and muscles with a too-high HGH dose to the point where he can no longer compete at all, because the damage was permanent.

On the other hand, athletes who obtained HGH therapy from the board-certified physicians at our clinic, such as Michael and Laura, experienced optimal health and achieved the best athletic performances of their entire lives. Michael, a long-distance runner, was able to shave an amazing percentage off his previous best time after receiving HGH therapy, while Laura, a gymnast, was able to perform advanced routines with greater precision and ease – something the judges rewarded with the best scores she’d ever gotten in her life.

Moreover, getting tested for proper hormone levels, even if you feel fine now and have no symptoms, is a wise decision as early intervention can prevent serious health declines and ruined athletic careers by catching adult-onset HGH deficiency before its symptoms become obvious. This is supported by the case of James, a competitive cyclist, who failed to get tested in time and suffered several years of terrible health and bad athletic consequences due to adult-onset HGH deficiency, before finally getting treated and experiencing a return to peak athletic performance.

Therefore, for athletes seeking to achieve the highest possible level of performance, obtaining HGH therapy from a clinic like ours with board certified physicians is the best way to achieve optimal health and athletic performance, while avoiding the negative side effects that come with self-treatment or bad advice from friends. Early detection and treatment of HGH deficiency is also crucial for avoiding serious health declines and ruined athletic careers.

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