My Millennial Transformation

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 29th, 2023
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First, let me say that HGH (human growth hormone) supplementation isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t need it, and for people who don’t need it, it can be very bad for you.

Your health could be harmed or ruined if you follow some unqualified person’s sales pitch and take it willy-nilly. But if you do need it, then it will transform your life for the better.

And now, I will tell you how it transformed my life. (The only way to know if you need HGH or not is to get tested by a qualified clinic working with world-class labs – like the clinic I used, the one that operates this website.)

You’re going to be amazed by my story. My name is Mike. I’m 33 years old. Some people call me an “incel,” which means an “involuntarily celibate” person. That means I had no wife and no girlfriend. It means I was single though I definitely didn’t want to be.

Even though I wanted to love and have sex just as much as any man – maybe even more – I had a terrible time with women. A lot of guys in my age group are in a similar situation.

People in other generations like to make fun of us young male Millennials. They say we’re wimps. They say we’re not masculine enough. They say we’re overweight. They say we eat too much junk food. They say we don’t exercise enough. They say we have effeminate voices. They say we play too many video games. They say we lack confidence.

I used to say that was just a bunch of crap – insults from old guys who resent us being younger than they are.

But then I started hearing many of the same things from younger women, dissing guys like me, even though they were in my age group or a little younger.

These were the girls I tried to date with very little success, and I’m hearing them say these insulting things about men like me.

Believe me that hurt. But it got me thinking. All these people can’t be totally wrong. There must be some grain of truth in what they were saying. (Even if some of it is exaggerated, I never give up my Skyrim and Call of Duty!)

So, I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror.

Wimp? No – but I had a softness and flabbiness that definitely didn’t look forceful and strong.

Not masculine? Well, damn it, I am as masculine as any man! – at least, that was my first thought. But that flabbiness was combined with a kind of roundness, a layer of fat that hid my rugged masculine skeletal structure under fatty – I hate even to say the word – curves.

Overweight? Yeah, girls, you got me there. I’ve tried many exercise programs and diets, but they never seemed to do much, like I had some underlying problem they weren’t addressing.

Eat too much junk food? Yeah, see the previous paragraph. Guilty as charged.

An effeminate voice? Absolutely not! Again, that was my first thought. My voice is not high-pitched or anything.

But then I remembered what an older male friend told me once: “You Millennials always pitch your voice up at the end of sentences like you’re asking a question even when you’re making a statement. It makes you sound very unsure of yourselves.”

I had to admit I did do this. I also had to admit that this lack of a love life had killed my self-confidence, which was probably affecting not only the way I talked but the way I walked my posture, and even the habitually submissive expression on my pudgy face.

This self-assessment was brutal. I felt like crap after it. But after a few hours, I started to think: At least I am finally being honest with myself. Those girls and those older guys are at least partly right about me anyway. And you know what – I think I really hit on something when I asked if there might be some underlying condition behind it all.

Maybe this underlying condition is strongly affecting a lot of Millennial males. Maybe it’s partly why the “incel” phenomenon is so common today. What might that condition be? I couldn’t answer that question for my whole generation, but I sure as hell could answer it for me.

I took matters into my own hands. I did research. I found out that the problems I was experiencing could possibly be the result of an HGH deficiency.

I found this clinic, which is run by board-certified physicians, who would test me for a small fee and tell me for sure if my HGH was low – and it was!

They designed a program just for me, and I’ve had my hormones back in balance for over a year now. And man, what a difference!

My confidence level has zoomed higher than ever in my life.

I’m slimmer, much slimmer, and my muscle tone is getting better all the time. I go to the gym, and the workouts are a breeze, not a chore like they used to be. My energy level has at least doubled.

I still like my video games, but it’s hard to keep myself indoors or at home now – I want to be out doing things and having fun. My desire to eat junk food has almost dried up. Healthy natural food seems so much more appetizing and fulfilling now.

My ability to book dates with gorgeous, desirable young ladies is nearly 100%. I have to keep a daily planner with me all the time just to keep them all straight. I’m telling you, I am in heaven now.

And no fewer than seven beautiful girls have told me 1) how different I am from what I used to be or 2) how deliciously different I am from most men they’ve met. They would never have said that to the old, hesitant, flabby, pudgy me!

I walk like a confident, masculine man now. I talk like a masculine, confident man now. I move – and make my moves – like a confident, masculine man now.

I look like a confident, masculine man now. And most important of all – I feel confident and masculine beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. And the ladies – don’t they know it!

I can’t write anymore today – I’m getting a call from Denise right now. Please get yourself tested for hormone imbalances, my friends – you may be taking the first step toward really living for the first time in your life.

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