New Treatment Shows Promise to Reverse Male-Pattern Baldness

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on November 23rd, 2023
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A healthy head of hair is one of the top desires for men with receding hairlines. Thanks to rapid advances in medical science, effective and safe hair regrowth treatments will become widespread and affordable in the near future. Stem cell research is one of the most exciting fields of study in the 21st century, bringing hope for patients struggling with all sorts of health issues. While male balding may not be life-threatening, the ability to regrow lost hair is a potential game-changer for millions of men.

The medical term for male-pattern baldness is Androgenetic Alopecia. The condition is experienced by around half of men and is also common in older women. A recent study in South Korea used stem cells isolated from fatty tissue to stimulate hair growth. These stem cells produced growth hormones capable of stimulating hair follicles.

Thirty-eight patients took part in the baldness study, 29 of which were men. The treatment was applied to the scalp twice daily for four months. After sixteen weeks, the patients experienced significant hair regrowth.

Baldness Treatment Won't Save Lives, but May Change Lives

Medical treatments that improve health, lengthen lives, and improve outcomes are of the highest priority to society. That doesn't mean that we should overlook treatments that benefit mental well-being and self-esteem, however. While going bald isn't dangerous to health, it's undeniably a major issue for men concerned with looking their best. One's self-worth is intricately connected to perception of self. Preventing or reversing male-pattern baldness could improve the lives of countless men not only in the United States but throughout the world.

While there are acceptable treatments on the market that provide results, they are associated with frustrating and counterproductive side-effects such as erectile dysfunction and loss of sex drive. The ideal hair loss treatment with minimal risk of side-effects has yet to hit the market.

Experimental Hair Growth Treatment Uses Natural Growth Hormones

Like many medical advances, this hair growth treatment was discovered by accident. Researchers found that adipose connective tissue released Growth Hormones that stimulate cellular growth. After learning this, they discovered that these Growth Hormones effectively acted on hair follicles, increasing their size and ability to grow hair. The scientific name for this hair-regrowth solution is adipose-derived stem cell constituent extract (ADSC-CE).

Using this knowledge, scientists developed a medical solution derived from stem cells which took advantage of this new information. Initial tests provided evidence of the treatment's effectiveness for both men and women, but this study is the first study using both placebo and randomization to determine the effectiveness of treatment in a controlled setting.

Sixteen weeks later, the group treated with ADSC-CE experienced profound hair benefits as compared with the control group. They experienced improved follicle size and hair count. While future study is required, it appears that ADSC-CE treatment is much safer than current baldness treatments while offering similar or better results. If clinical trials continue to provide such outcomes, it's only a matter of time before the treatment is available to all adults interested in hair regrowth!

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