Andropause – Protecting Yourself from the Effects of Male Menopause

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on February 4th, 2024
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While not as dramatic and sudden as Female Menopause, guys also enter a transitory period during mid-life; it's just a more gradual experience. Some medical professionals call this Male Menopause, Andropause, or just symptoms of low testosterone.

andropause - male menopauseMost men don't realize how susceptible they are to hormonal changes associated with aging. Of course, we all understand women's changes during Menopause, but did you know that guys go through some big changes too?

Epigenetic Age vs. Biological Age

All human beings have a biological clock. However, cutting-edge research has revealed that all humans have an Epigenetic Age in addition to chronological age.

Traditionally, age refers to the length of time that you've been alive. However, epigenetic age answers a different question—Think of the human lifespan as a line with a beginning point and an endpoint.

The beginning point is birth, and the endpoint is the age at which you would pass away from natural causes. Your Epigenetic Age refers to your location on that line, based on genetic markers associated with aging.

Why Do Men Experience Male Menopause?

Male Menopause is the period in your life when a lot of these Epigenetic switches begin to flip, sapping your body of resources that it needs to persist and thrive.

This period of life is also called Andropause because it also represents the time when Testosterone Levels have fallen to an extent to where men start experiencing symptoms related to impaired Testosterone Production.

Your capacity to naturally produce Testosterone plateaus during early adulthood, providing you with ample Testosterone to keep you strong, vibrant, and full of energy.

It's during the late twenties and early thirties that this dynamic begins to shift imperceptibly. The brain slowly starts winnowing down the signal for Testosterone Production, causing the testes and adrenal glands to produce less of the important hormone.

It can take many years or even several decades for this change to impact your life strongly. Around half of the guys, 40+ will experience clinically significant Testosterone Deficiency in their lives.

Luckily, your Epigenetic Age can be adjusted via lifestyle and intervention, and your health decisions can delay the most frustrating symptoms of Low-T.

What Can I Do To Delay Male Menopause?

Unlike Menopause, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself from Andropause. The change is gradual and ongoing, and your exercise habits, diet, and even sleeping habits all modulate that rate of decline. You can even recover function naturally in many cases!

You need to keep in mind that your ability to produce Testosterone will continue to drop, even if you aren't reaching that maximum production.

If we all lived long enough, we would all reach a point where we could be diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency. But, unfortunately, this means that no matter what steps you take, you could experience Low-T one day despite all of your best natural efforts.

If you feel that Testosterone Deficiency adversely affects your life despite your best efforts, it's time to turn to a professional.

And we are just a phone call away!.

We are licensed and board-certified Anti-Aging and Men's Health Facilities that offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Male Menopause. Treatment is more affordable than ever, and studies continue to demonstrate the safety of Bio-Identical Testosterone. If you're on the fence about Hormone Therapy,  contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.


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