San Francisco Sermorelin Prescriptions for HGH Deficiency

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on December 4th, 2021
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While Human Growth Hormone Injections have provided excellent results for patients across America over the last generation, modern science always affords new options and opportunities when it comes to treatment.

HGH Deficiency has a powerfully suppressive effect upon the lives of aging men and women, and our Licensed and Fully-Certified San Francisco Hormone Clinic has provided hundreds of California patients with the relief they deserve from Hormone Imbalance.

Our HRT Specialists have spent their careers honing their expertise to provide you with the best possible results and the broadest range of options.

Sermorelin Acetate is one of the many tools that we have at our disposal to help you overcome Hormone Deficiency and improve your quality of life! Our San Francisco HRT Clinic accepts patients 30 and over!

Our Hormone Specialists provide not only Sermorelin Acetate but a full range of Wellness Products to help you maintain and maximize Hormone Balance. We also offer Prescription Testosterone Therapy for Men, Vitamin D/B12 Injections, and more!

How Does Sermorelin Acetate Treat HGH Deficiency?

Our Experienced Endocrinologists pride themselves on giving our patients a full range of options when it comes to Hormone Optimization.

Each opportunity comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, however minor that they might be in any case.

Sermorelin Acetate provides results that compare well with Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone while also providing some other benefits that appeal to patients, especially about cost and availability.

For patients struggling with Age-Related HGH Deficiency, Sermorelin boosts the production of natural Human Growth Hormone by stimulating activity in the Pituitary Gland.

Specifically, Sermorelin activates the Somatotrophs responsible for the production of HGH. That's because Sermorelin is the therapeutic equivalent of an HGH Precursor known as GH-RH, which travels from the Hypothalamus to the Anterior Pituitary.

Sermorelin Shots in San Francisco—Why Choose Sermorelin?

If HGH has been proven effective for so long, why would patients opt for Sermorelin over Prescription Human Growth Hormone?

One of the reasons why Sermorelin is finding increasing acceptance as a valid HRT Treatment for Somatopause is because it offers equivalent results to Recombinant Growth Hormone with less expense to the patient. Month to month, you can expect to pay less than half as much for Sermorelin Injections as you would for the same therapeutic dose of HGH.

A second primary reason why patients and their doctors turn to Sermorelin is that it is legally available to a broader subset of the patient population.

Because of the controversial history of HGH Injections, they are now a tightly controlled substance, meaning that some patients that could theoretically benefit from Growth Hormone Restoration may be unable to get a prescription.

Sermorelin Acetate fills the gap for these edge-case patients. If you live in the San Francisco area and would like to learn more about how Bio-Identical HGH and Sermorelin compare, our HRT Specialists are available for consultation!

San Francisco Hormone Testing with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp

While we pride ourselves on the safety and effectiveness of our next-gen Hormone Treatments, we understand that proper diagnosis is the cornerstone of quality treatment.

To both provide optimal results and protect their health, our patients are required to undergo diagnostic evaluation for Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency.

Our San Francisco Wellness Clinic affiliates with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to determine your needs via a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Our partners have dozens of lab locations throughout the San Francisco Metro Area, likely in your own community!

On the morning of your appointment, you'll meet with a technician at a nearby clinic. Your visit should only last about an hour, during which you will provide a blood sample.

Hormones are circulated throughout the body via the bloodstream, and we can determine your Hormone Balance by analyzing the levels of various hormones and their metabolites. HGH Deficiency is determined by evaluating circulating levels of IGF-1, an essential metabolite of Human Growth Hormone.

Choosing Your HRT Treatment Option

Once the lab results reach our trained and fully-certified Hormone Doctors, they will investigate the data and develop a preliminary Hormone Therapy Plan to meet your needs as a patient and a person.

Of course, your input is the most crucial part of the final product. Our Endocrinologists pride themselves on providing patients with multiple options so that patients have maximum control over their treatment regimen. We understand that there are often numerous avenues to treat the same clinical issue, and will work with you to meet your needs and preferences!

Once you've selected the Treatment Regimen that appeals to you, we will arrange for you to receive your Prescription Sermorelin Acetate, along with any other supplementary products that will help you help you on your way to recovery.

Once your Quality Prescription Hormones reach your door, you can get started right away! Most patients see significant results and benefits gradually occur throughout a six-month regimen of treatment.


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