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Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on September 9th, 2023
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When we're young, ample amounts of growth hormone-releasing factor (GH-RH) are produced so that the pituitary can provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health and vitality.

Growth hormone is produced in massive amounts from infancy and throughout puberty as we grow, and grow and grow to our final adult height and stature.

However, as we age, growth hormone-releasing factor declines, causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary HGH, often leading to growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health and diminishes vigor and vitality.

GH-RH tends to decline because we are not technically “growing” anymore as adults. BUT, we still need adequate levels of growth hormone to sustain basic cellular function.

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For example, growth hormone stimulates the production of new cells and organ tissues. Otherwise, our organs would fail to have cellular turnover and would shut down.

Our bodies need a consistent supply of new cells to remain alive, youthful, and active. The production of new cells includes bone marrow cells, which keep osteoporosis at bay as we age — a very important factor for women to be aware of.

Restoring therapeutic levels of growth hormone may improve or sustain functional youthful anatomy, physiology, and thereby, the health and vitality often lost with age-related growth hormone deficiency.

You do not need the massive amounts of growth hormone produced as a child or during the teenage years, but a proper balance must be established to main vital physiological functions.

Traditionally, adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) has been treated by substituting natural HGH with recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). This means the direct injection of human growth hormone into the body via subcutaneous injections.

Although rhGH injections are still the standard for treating AGHD, a breakthrough product, sermorelin acetate, offers a more natural, affordable alternative that is as effective as rhGH therapy. Let's learn more as to why sermorelin may be the better fit for you!

What is Sermorelin Acetate Made Of?

Developed in 1998 by Serono Laboratories, Inc., the makers of Saizen HGH, the FDA approved sermorelin acetate as a viable and safe solution for the treatment of AGHD.

Sermorelin is comprised of the same 29 amino acids found in the hormone (GRF 1-44) that your brain naturally produces to stimulate the release of HGH.

This means that the sermorelin you receive as a prescription is an exact copy of the hormone your own brain produces (ideally every day), just synthetically recreated in a laboratory.

As a growth hormone-releasing agent or secretagogue, sermorelin triggers the pituitary gland to create your own natural HGH. In this natural process, your body regulates the level and frequency of HGH release, so there are no side effects associated with the consistent application of injected rhGH.

All hormones in our bodies are naturally regulated in order to maintain homeostasis. However, this doesn't always work out which is why we go into hormonal imbalance causing all sorts of physiological issues, especially for older folks.

In the case of sermorelin acetate, the secretagogue is stimulating your pituitary gland to produce growth hormone (yes!) and once the growth hormone concentration reaches a certain threshold in the bloodstream, it tells the body, “Ok, we have enough growth hormone for the time being,” and another type of hormone is then produced by the growth hormone-saturated cells called somatostatin.

These somatostatins then travel to the pituitary gland and tell it to stop the production of growth hormone.

With the other alternative, direct injection of HGH, your body has to use up all of that injected HGH. It cannot just stop production.

That is why it is riskier to use HGH injections, due to possible abuse, and physician-monitored programs are highly recommended.

With sermorelin, it a more natural process and your body will be able to naturally regulate the proper amount of growth hormone it needs. It just needs a little push from sermorelin acetate to get there.

Sermorelin requires no off-cycles. In fact, the longer you use it, the better your pituitary gland functions — more like it did when you were younger. There is no risk of losing the capability of producing growth hormone on your own, unlike direct HGH injections.

As stated previously, you're just giving your pituitary gland a little push in the right direction.

It is still a good idea to follow such a protocol under doctor supervision of course, even though it's a more “natural” process. We always want to make sure the dosage is just right to avoid adverse side effects!

The bottom line: Sermorelin effectively re-starts your natural HGH production to levels produced when you were younger.

This not only provides the youth-restoring benefits of HGH on body composition, but it also helps sustain pituitary health and opposes the loss of activity of the endocrine system that generally occurs with age.

Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate

Some of the great benefits of sermorelin acetate, or providing your body with the proper amount of growth hormone, include:

  • weight/fat loss
  • lean muscle mass gain
  • increased libido
  • increased energy
  • youthful skin
  • increased vigor
  • improved mental health

And more! Doesn't this sound more like what you experienced when you were a teenager? It would certainly be great to feel this good again and look good too!

If you feel that you may benefit from having your endocrine (hormone) system evaluated for growth hormone, testosterone, or estrogen levels, feel free to contact us using the contact form or calling our telephone number.

We would love to discuss hormone imbalance with you further so that you fully understand what may be going on with your body. If you are overweight, sluggish, and depressed, you may be suffering from hormonal imbalance.

It doesn't hurt to get a simple blood test done to evaluate your hormones. We can quickly and easily set this up for you. Let us help you regain your youthful vigor once again!

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