Sermorelin Acetate Injections: A Quality Alternative to Human Growth Hormone Injections?

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on December 21st, 2023
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Sermorelin Better than HGH?HGH Therapy is a popular treatment option that has helped thousands of men and women with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency recover and restores their youthful vitality.

As protocols continue to evolve, the effectiveness and the safety of the treatment continue to improve. Today, HGH Restoration is very safe when used by patients with clearly diagnosed HGH Deficiency. Of course, Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone is not the only option available to patients. There is also Sermorelin Acetate.

What is Injectable HGH Therapy Used For?

Bio-Identical Injectable HGH Therapy has been used for many decades as a treatment for a condition known as Somatic Senescence, hypopituitarism, adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD), or Age-Related HGH Deficiency.

Somatic Senescence sounds like a complicated concept, but it really isn't. Senescence is a scientific term that refers to any form of physiological degradation that occurs as a result of age and aging.

Somatrophs are the cells in the pituitary that are responsible for the production and release of Human Growth Hormone.

Therefore, Somatic Senescence refers to the deterioration of the Somatotrophs to perform their critical function as a result of age.

The somatrophs are stimulated to release Growth Hormone by the hypothalamus, which releasing growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). It is GHRH that tells the pituitary how much HGH to release into the body.

Once the HGH is released into the body, the amount put out by the pituitary determines how much IGF-1 is released by the liver. It is IGF-1 that stimulates cell regeneration and proliferation.

What Issues Limit the Use of HGH Injection Therapy?

Sermorelin or HGH: Which is Better?Although Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone has been used by many men and women to help them look and feel better, there have not been a lot of studies performed to evaluate the long-term safety of the treatment.

However, the short-term use of the product clearly provides many benefits.

HGH has been linked with the reduction of wrinkles, enabling healthy skin, bones, and muscle development. HGH has also been known for decades to help people lose weight when done with an intense exercise regime and diet science.

Legal Real HGH Injections

Also, there are legal issues associated with the sale and distribution of Human Growth Hormone.

Real HGH injections can only be legally prescribed to patients suffering from Clinically Diagnosed HGH Deficiency (hypopituitarism and Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency) and a couple of other distinct conditions.

This means that injectable HGH cannot be prescribed legally merely as an Anti-Aging Treatment, nor should HGH Therapy be considered an Anti-Aging Treatment.

Issues Associated with HGH Therapy

  • The safety of HGH Therapy depends upon safe dosage. Overdose or mis-dosage can lead to significant side-effects.
  • HGH Injections do not mirror the body's natural Hormonal Rhythms, and this can lead to issues associated with HGH Sensitivity and other Hormone Issues.
  • Human Growth Hormone can only be prescribed under particular circumstances in adults: Clinically Diagnosed with HGH Deficiency or AIDS-Related Cachexia.

Injectable HGH Research

There is a whole lot of research out there that demonstrates that, for patients with HGH Deficiency, Human Growth Hormone Therapy can be a life-changing medical treatment that helps patients live longer and healthier lives.

Even though Age-Related HGH Decline does appear to harm health and wellness, there is not yet sufficient clinical evidence for the FDA to approve the use of HGH Therapy explicitly for aging patients.

There are real questions about HGH Therapy. The evidence is clear that HGH can stimulate certain cancers, and is not intended for use in patients with cancer, but is there any risk that HGH can directly cause cancer?

The evidence thus far says no, but it can't be ruled out. It's also true that when HGH is not administered correctly and with care, it can increase the risk of conditions like Diabetes, and HGH Therapy may have other subtle influences on Hormone Balance and Production.

Is HGH Safe?

Shortly, it is almost certain that the safety concerns associated with HGH Therapy will be resolved. Still, in the meantime, opinions regarding Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Therapy will rely heavily upon the preconceived notion of the individual rather than the reality of the treatment.

The best HGH injection protocols follow a slow and low philosophy, low optimal doses aimed to get your IGF-1 levels to the 250 nanograms per deciliter range. Above 300 ng/dl is thought to be dangerous for adults, who risk side effects from extended levels this high and above.

Alongside these issues that must be resolved in the coming years, there are certain issues with Human Growth Hormone which have already been established, and this has increased the interest in and relative viability of Sermorelin Acetate in comparison to HGH Therapy.

HGH Is Absorbed Quickly and Completely

One established issue with Human Growth Hormone Therapy is that, as soon as HGH is released into the bloodstream, it immediately begins to be metabolized as quickly as possible.

This is an issue, of course, because our bodies usually produce natural Human Growth Hormone in bursts throughout the day and mostly during deep sleep. Since HGH Injections are delivered once daily or, at most, twice daily, there is no means to control how the body uses Injected HGH.

HGH Subcutaneous Injections

Human Growth Hormone is delivered via a method known as Subcutaneous Injection, where it is given just below the skin and is absorbed into the bloodstream over 24 hours.

As a result of the way that HGH acts once it enters the bloodstream, there is a risk of a condition known as tachyphylaxis, which is when the body recognizes the unique pattern of hormone influx and adjusts its sensitivity in direct response.

Simple insulin syringes work best for injecting HGH into the fat of the belly. Remember to stay 3 inches left or right of the belly button. Never inject in the belly button. You can also inject HGH in the love handles or buttocks, but if doing HGH shots in the buttocks, avoid the sciatic nerve.

Once Human Growth Hormone enters the bloodstream, there is no mechanism by which to control how the dose is absorbed.

The elevated HGH Levels suppress GH-RH Production, limiting the Pituitary from producing new Human Growth Hormone, but nothing can be done about that which is already introduced to the system; this is why many physicians feel that Sermorelin injections are a better choice for stimulating one's natural HGH production.

Exact HGH Deficiency Diagnosis is Difficult - Sermorelin Just Works

Sermorelin Just WorkdsAlso, it can be somewhat tricky to determine precisely how much Human Growth Hormone that a patient needs.

This is because hormone levels can fluctuate due to some variables, which makes it challenging to provide an exact, defined diagnosis.

Usually, HGH Testing is done in the morning hours, because this is when IGF-1 Levels are at their highest, but fluctuations still might mean that the patient's measurements aren't entirely correct.

IGF-1 and HGH

IGF-1 Testing is the primary means by which Age-Associated HGH Deficiency is diagnosed.

This is because Human Growth Hormone Levels fluctuate wildly throughout the day, because of how quickly the liver and organs absorb HGH. IGF-1, on the other hand, remains active in the bloodstream much longer and is a much more reliable indicator of Deficiency.

Although it is possible to provide the patient with the Hormone Treatment that he or she needs, more or less, the ideal form of treatment would give the patient exactly what he or she needs, to maximize the benefits of therapy and minimize or even negate risks associated with treatment.

HGH Drawbacks Make Sermorelin Increasingly Appealing

Because of these current and potential issues with Human Growth Hormone Therapy, alternative options are gaining interest and steam, including GH-RH Analogs such as Sermorelin and Tesamorelin Acetate.

The scientific name for Sermorelin is 1-29 NH2-acetate. The reason why it is referred to as 1-29 is that it is a truncated form of the GH-RH naturally produced by the human brain. GH-RH is a 44 amino acid chain, but it turns out that the last 15 amino acids are inert. Only the first 29 amino acids are necessary for Sermorelin to do its job, so it's cheaper and just as useful to synthesize the truncated form of the hormone for medical use.

Peptide GH-RH Releasers May Be Available in the Future

GH-RH Analogs are not the only option currently being researched. There are also oral or sublingual treatments that are being designed to stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone, but the efficacy is far below injections.

For instance, Sermorelin with GHRP2 or GHRP6 are medications that are known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides.

Unfortunately, although this form of oral treatment may one day be active, they are still in the preliminary stages, and it will be a while before they are a real choice for the public.

There is some research thus far that does show that these oral peptides can benefit patients.

For example, GHR-Peptides were found in one study to increase the physical capacity of elderly patients utilizing the treatment in an experimental atmosphere. However, GHRP2 and GHRP6 are not FDA approved and, therefore should be avoided because they haven't been clinically tested rigorously.

Until these new products become available, Sermorelin Acetate injections without GHRP2 or GHRP6 may be the single best option for patients looking to improve and balance their HGH and IGF-1 Levels as they grow older. It appears that it is more effective than Bio-Identical HGH at doing so.

History of Sermorelin Therapy

Sermorelin Acetate was initially formulated, and FDA-Approved as a means to help pediatric patients with HGH Deficiency and Idiopathic Short Stature grow to standard adult height. It was never explicitly approved for adult patients, but can be prescribed to adults off-label.

Unfortunately, by the time Sermorelin was made available to patients, Bio-Identical Recombinant HGH had such a foothold in the market and was so effective at treating pediatric HGH Deficiency that Sermorelin was eventually removed from the market by the pharmaceutical company that produced it.

Luckily for patients that are interested in Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, it is still possible to obtain Sermorelin for Therapeutic use. There are pharmaceutical manufacturers in other countries that still produce the hormone, and it can be legally obtained in the United States from a licensed pharmacy.

The main reason why HGH was superior to Sermorelin in children is that children needed higher levels of Human Growth Hormone to promote growth that could be encouraged through the use of Sermorelin Acetate.

Interestingly enough, although not ideal for pediatric patients, Sermorelin Acetate stimulates HGH Production that is perfectly balanced around normal-adult HGH Production.

What Makes Sermorelin So Great for Adult Patients?

Most adults with HGH Deficiency suffer from Secondary HGH Deficiency, which means that their pituitary is perfectly healthy and capable of producing Human Growth Hormone, it just doesn't receive enough GH-RH to sufficiently do its job.

Whereas Bio-Identical HGH affects the organs directly or is converted into Growth Factors by the Liver, Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary actually to produce Human Growth Hormone.

Since Hormone Production is stimulated close to the top of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, it provides some genuine and significant advantages of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Advantages of Sermorelin Over Growth Hormone

  • The activity of Sermorelin Acetate is subject to the standard negative feedback mechanisms, most importantly, that of Somatostatin. When the Hypothalamus senses that the body has received enough Human Growth Hormone, it releases Somatostatins to prevent more Human Growth Hormone from being made than is needed. As a result of this mechanism, it is practically impossible to overdose on Human Growth Hormone via Sermorelin Acetate.
  • Because Sermorelin allows the body to make Human Growth Hormone as needed, when needed, it does not lead to tachyphylaxis, because the body is receiving natural HGH in a more normalized manner.
  • Sermorelin promotes the health of the pituitary by stimulating the organ to produce its own Human Growth Hormone.
  • Sermorelin Acetate Therapy also helps promote a more physiologically healthy mind and body by facilitating the health of the Hypophyseal Portal System and allowing the Hormones that pass through those vessels to travel more freely.

Talk To Your Doctor About the Potential Benefits of Sermorelin

Both Sermorelin and Bio-Identical HGH have their place in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

For most patients with Age-Related HGH Deficiency, Sermorelin Acetate is equal to or even superior to Human Growth Hormone.

If you believe that you may be suffering as a result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, and are looking for a trustworthy source for HGH or Sermorelin Therapy, consider contacting the specialists at the Conscious Evolution Institute!

Sermorelin Storage: Freeze or Refrigerate?

Once you reconstitute the freeze-dried (lyophilized) Sermorelin with bacteria static water, you should store it in the refrigerator, not the freezer.

The freezer could cause the liquid to freeze solid and destroy the product. Sermorelin is always refrigerated to keep it fresh. After reconstituting Sermorelin, it is suitable for about a month, give or take a week.

When you store your Sermorelin acetate in the refrigerator, put it in a well-padded Tupperware container and put it someplace where it won't freeze in your freezer.

If you put the Sermorelin inside the refrigerator on the door, you risk causing its potency to decline, every time the frig door is opened and closed.

The sermorelin molecule is delicate, just like HGH, so treat it with care and caution.

Health Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate

Not all these Sermorelin benefits listed are clinically proven, but some of them are confirmed. Some people have reported sermorelin has lowered their blood sugar, but this is not widely established.

Many women have reported losing weight with Sermorelin, and men often say that it helped them develop lean muscle. One individual claimed that Sermorelin enabled him to reduce inflammation and psoriasis, though this is not commonly reported. Many people have said Sermorelin has helped them to reduce wrinkles.

Some men have claimed sermorelin made some of their gray hair go away, and gave them thick, shiny hair; this has also been reported by some women.

Most of the benefits reported or attributed to Sermorelin are similar to HGH, because of how they both ultimately stimulate IGF-1 levels.

Remember that very high levels of IGF-1 have been linked to cancer, so be cautious when going on a Sermorelin or HGH program. Please contact us for more information about Sermorelin and HGH injections.




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