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Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 26th, 2024
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By Dr. F. Clarisse

In what drug form, and how does injectable Sermorelin Acetate therapy come?

Depending upon what you individually order, you will receive either a 2mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, or 15mg vial of Sermorelin in the mail via FedEx, simply sign for it.

The jar will contain a white tablet inside of lyophilized powder that looks like a circular breath mint.

It is a freeze-dried Sermorelin acetate peptide in this powder disc containing N-micrograms of the molecule drug.

The vial is in a vacuum-sealed state by the pharmacy to keep the product fresh and to preserve the quality of the peptide matter.

With this vial will come, bacteriostatic water, which you will use to mix the powder with a syringe. Administration instructions are with the jar, but call us so we can go over how to do the injections.

How do I take Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

Using a small needle - the same a diabetic would use to inject their insulin medication - a dose of the clear liquid in the Sermorelin vial is injected subcutaneously in the fat. We provide very detailed videos and instructions about how to do these shots on our website.

You will inject at night time, and you will do so on an empty stomach, so you go to sleep just a bit hungry. We offer injectable vitamins and amino acids that you can take in the morning to supplement your diet.

Sermorelin Acetate: What is it?

This is a general Sermorelin acetate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Wiki (Wikipedia) to answer some of the more common questions about this fantastic drug.

Injectable Sermorelin Acetate is a Hormone Replacement Therapy medication for patients with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, meaning that recombinant HGH injections are not the only way to treat this medical condition.

Sermorelin Acetate is a functional 29-amino-acid analog (the least amount of molecules needed to work) to a hormone naturally produced by the brain's hypothalamus known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or simply GH-RH, it's a secretagogue - it causes other things to be secreted. Tesamorelin is the full 44 amino acids of growth hormone-releasing hormone (not the 29 of Sermorelin).

Geref: Original Brand-name of Sermorelin

Sermorelin Acetate was initially produced under the brand name Geref in the 70s, but the brand name production of Sermorelin has been discontinued. The medication is still widely available as a generic medication and thus compounded, however.

HGH used to be compounded, but there were problems with controlling its distribution, so now only name brands are available. Sermorelin is very affordable because it is compounded.

How do I avoid getting scammed and get a real Sermorelin Prescription?

To get a legitimate prescription from an American doctor, fill out the contact form above at the right or click the link for the contact form. Sermorelin Acetate is available via prescription in the United States for patients that suffer from the condition of Adult-Onset (AO) Ideopathic Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, also known as GH Deficiency.

Compounding pharmacies across the United States can manufacture this medication and mail it to you; it's quite stable in its lyophilized form. GH-RH is a longer molecule than Sermorelin Acetate, but only the first 29 amino acids are required for the hormone to produce its physiological effects.

Because all proteins/amino acids beyond number 29 are extraneous, Sermorelin Acetate only features the active component of its parent molecule GH-RH.

Question: Who Can Benefit from Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

Sermorelin can benefit most patients that suffer from GH (Growth Hormone) Deficiency, and all patients that suffer from Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, also known as Somatopause, Andropause, and Hypopituitarism.

Question: How Does the Body Produce Human Growth Hormone?

To understand how Sermorelin Acetate works, it's essential to explain the total process by which the body makes Human Growth Hormone in the pituitary gland.

The release of Human Growth Hormone is the result of a hormone cascade that begins at the hypothalamus. When the body receives the signal that the body needs HGH, the Hypothalamus produces a hormone known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GH-RH).

This hormone follows a pathway known as the Hypophyseal portal system, a series of blood vessels that connect the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary Gland. GH-RH flows to the Pituitary Gland, where it activates cells known as Somatotrophs, which are explicitly designed to produce Human Growth Hormone.

HGH is secreted from the pituitary, where it then flows through the circulatory system. Some HGH acts directly upon cells in target organs, but the majority passes to the liver where it is metabolized quickly into a series of other hormones, known as Growth Factors, the most common of which is Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1.

Via direct action as Human Growth Hormone and indirect action from the various Growth Factors, HGH produces its benefits.

Question: How Does Sermorelin Acetate Work in the bigger picture?

As discussed earlier, Sermorelin Acetate works by simulating the same function of GH-RH produced by the Hypothalamus.

For patients with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Sermorelin works by stimulating the anterior wings of the pituitary gland to produce HGH naturally versus taking HGH injections themselves, which is harder to mimic the natural pulses during the day.

In other words, Sermorelin is much higher upstream and, therefore, safer in many respects.

Sermorelin Acetate provides a wide variety of benefits, and those physiological benefits are more or less identical to those offered by HGH Therapy.

In the right concentrations, injectable HGH promotes the normal physiological function of the body, primarily through supporting and promoting optimal cellular metabolism.

In supporting these processes, Growth Hormone produces benefits throughout the body. We will publish research articles for your enjoyment of each specific benefit and reports that cover a whole range of benefits.

Sermorelin FDA Approved for GH Deficiency

Sermorelin Acetate is approved for use as a means to treat Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and is also frequently prescribed off-label for patients suffering from Age-Related Hormone Deficiency.

Because the criteria for Bio-Identical HGH Treatment are quite limited, many patients can benefit from Sermorelin Acetate that cannot be approved for HGH Therapy based on current diagnostic criteria.

Because of HGH's historical use as a Performance Enhancing Drug and Bodybuilding Supplement, it is now tightly regulated, and cannot be prescribed for off-label purposes.

This means that many people that could potentially benefit from HGH injections can't do so because of the restrictive legal structure that surrounds it, which is very different from the vast majority of Prescription Medications like Sermorelin and Testosterone.

Choose Sermorelin instead of HGH

For Patients suffering from Age-Related Decline resulting from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Sermorelin Therapy can potentially provide a host of benefits, including a stronger immune system, stronger bones, improved body composition, reduced fat, and increased lean muscle mass.

It even provides benefits to Cardiovascular health and improves both the immune function and the body's core rehabilitative capacity.

Growth-Hormone Releasing Hormone is a precursor hormone, meaning that it does not directly produce physiological benefits; it promotes the secretion of a hormone or hormones downstream, which produce these benefits.

The body has inherent mechanisms designed to limit the activity of GH-RH, preventing it from producing too much Endogenous Human Growth Hormone.

If the hypothalamus recognizes that HGH Levels are too high, it promotes the production of enzymes known as Somatostatins, which prevent GH-RH from activating the receptor sites on the Pituitary necessary to improve the secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin Acetate is bound by the same physiological parameters as GH-RH, which prevents Sermorelin from leading to the over-production of HGH by the pituitary.

The body will produce as much Human Growth Hormone as it needs, and as the Hypothalamus recognizes that the body has reached its physiological quota for HGH, those same Somatostatins will prevent Sermorelin Acetate from having undue influence on the normal physiological processes of the body.

This is one reason why many patients and their physicians find Sermorelin Acetate superior to Bio-Identical Growth Hormone Therapy.

Once HGH is introduced to the body, either through Pituitary Secretion or through the injection of HGH Therapy, the body will immediately process the entirety of that hormone.

This means that if you inject more than your body needs, all of that will metabolize and activate, which increases the risk of experiencing side effects associated with the overdose of HGH Therapy.

This is also why pituitary tumors lead directly to Gigantism and Acromegaly. These two conditions are both the result of physiological malfunctions that lead to the over-production of HGH in either childhood (Gigantism) or adulthood (Acromegaly).

Patients that abuse Human Growth Hormone for long periods put themselves at risk for symptoms of Acromegaly. Of course, patients that use HGH Therapy as prescribed and are monitored by a licensed medical professional are at next to no chance of experiencing Acromegaly.

With Sermorelin Acetate, there is also no risk of experiencing Acromegaly.

Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a means to elevate HGH Levels in response to Human Growth Hormone Deficiency in pediatric patients.

It is not FDA-Approved for this purpose in adults but is frequently prescribed off-label, and both patients and their physicians are generally satisfied with the results.

Comparison: Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Vs. Sermorelin Acetate Therapy

Both HGH Injectable Therapy and Sermorelin Acetate Therapy are viable methods to restore Hormone Balance in both children and adults.

They both also offer the same overall benefits to the patient. In spite of their similarities, there are some essential differences to note.

Sermorelin Acetate and HGH Therapy work via different mechanisms—Human Growth Hormone directly supplements HGH Production, whereas Sermorelin Acetate promotes HGH Production by emulating the physiological action of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone.

Sermorelin Acetate has a lower incidence of side-effects than HGH Injections—Once Bio-Identical HGH is Injected, it immediately acts on the human body. Sermorelin Acetate is regulated by Somatostatins and other mechanisms that prevent the pituitary from producing too much HGH.

As a result, the side-effect associated with having too much HGH in the bloodstream and the side-effects associated with both short-term and long-term overdose is significantly mitigated.

Sermorelin Acetate supports the normal function of the pituitary, whereas Bio-Identical HGH suppresses Somatotroph function and activity—Although the body cannot directly control Bio-Identical Growth Hormone once it is injected, it will respond to HGH Therapy by suppressing the endogenous release of HGH by the pituitary gland. Sermorelin Acetate, on the other hand, sustains normal pituitary function.

Sermorelin Acetate mitigates the effects of tachyphylaxis on treatment, as opposed to Injectable HGH Therapy— Tachyphylaxis is a condition in which the human body responds to medical therapy by reducing its sensitivity to treatment.

This condition sometimes occurs with Human Growth Hormone Therapy because the body recognizes the abnormal patterns of HGH Concentration in the body and alters its response to therapy as a result.

Because Sermorelin Acetate still allows the body to control HGH Release, the body doesn't experience these same abnormal changes in hormone concentrations, which improves the body's receptiveness to treatment.

Sermorelin Acetate is more cost-effective than HGH Therapy—: Many patients also prefer Sermorelin Acetate because it is more affordable than Human Growth Hormone Therapy. Human Growth Hormone is a large and complex hormone, actually the most abundant hormone produced by the human body. Sermorelin Acetate is a truncated form of a smaller molecule, making it cheaper to produce.

Per vial of treatment, Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is 10-15% less expensive than Human Growth Hormone. Also, for most patients, a bottle of Sermorelin Acetate lasts fifteen days, whereas a vial of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone lasts between twelve and fourteen days.

HGH Therapy More Restricted than Sermorelin Acetate—

Human Growth Hormone Therapy is under FDA-Restriction, and cannot be prescribed for uses not explicitly indicated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This means that there are specific treatment options for which HGH Therapy may be useful, but it may not be prescribed for such purposes, even if a physician feels that the treatment would be helpful.

For example, many patients have low HGH Levels and would benefit from treatment, but their HGH Levels are not low enough to qualify for Growth Hormone Therapy.

Sermorelin Acetate, on the other hand, is not restricted in the same manner and thus can be prescribed at the discretion of the physician.

Sermorelin Therapy Provides Results Even When Therapy is Suspended—

Because Sermorelin Acetate supports the normal and healthy function of the pituitary gland, it can help promote the production of Human Growth Hormone for the duration of therapy and beyond.

After the initial six months or so of treatment, patients are no longer required to take injections five days per week and begin a different protocol to sustain the benefits of therapy with the least amount of injections necessary to maintain the results of treatment.

Question: How Is Sermorelin Therapy Administered?

Sermorelin Injections are administered via a method known as Subcutaneous Injection, also known as SubQ Injection. Subcutaneous Injection is delivered using a short, thin needle known as an insulin needle, and the needle is injected just underneath the skin in the subdermal layer.

Generally, these injections are delivered into the stomach or hip. Sermorelin Injections are administered once daily, usually five days per week.

Most patients choose to inject Monday through Friday and take Saturday and Sunday off.

Injections are generally administered in the evening, to mimic the natural pattern of GH-RH and Human Growth Hormone release.

The body produces the majority of Growth Hormone during sleep, and this is the period in which the body needs HGH the most to perform its rehabilitative functions.

Shortly, Sermorelin Acetate may be available as a spray formulation intended to be absorbed via nasal route, but as of today, the only proven way to deliver Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is via injection.

Do not use Sermorelin Products, which claim to provide treatment otherwise, especially Sermorelin Acetate Pills, because the body absolutely cannot correctly absorb Sermorelin Acetate through the digestive system.

What Are the Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

  • Enhanced Endurance and Physical Capacity for Exercise
  • Improved Strength and Muscle Tone
  • Reduced Downtime from Physical Activity
  • Relief from Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Improved Healing Capacity
  • Deeper, Sounder Sleep
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Enhanced IGF-1 Levels
  • Improved Bone Mineral Density and Joint Health
  • Improved Body Composition and Increased Fat Burning
  • Improved Cardiovascular Function
  • Enhanced Regenerative Capacity of the Organs

How Long Does It Take for Sermorelin Therapy for HGH Deficiency to Produce Results?

Like other forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy such as HGH and Testosterone Therapy, Sermorelin takes time for the full array of benefits to manifest themselves.

In the first weeks of therapy, patients generally report changes in energy level and improved sleeping habits and mood, but physical changes take typically three to six months to become apparent.

After six months, most patients will start to show significant benefits in the areas of body composition, skin health, immune health, and healing response.

Combine Sermorelin Acetate with Lifestyle Changes to Maximize the Benefits of Therapy

Although Sermorelin Therapy can produce significant benefits without changing your lifestyle habits, to get the most out of Sermorelin or Recombinant HGH Therapy, you should combine your treatment with quality nutrition and physical fitness regimen to get the most from your treatment.

For patients with HGH Deficiency, Sermorelin Acetate enhances the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It improves your capacity for exercise.

It helps you work out harder and longer; it reduces downtime and enables you to recover from injury more quickly.

Proper nutrition enhances the benefits of Sermorelin because it gives your organs all the tools that they need to work with to continue functioning at their best.

Sermorelin enhances cellular metabolism, but if your body and its organs don't have everything they need to get the job done, you won't experience the full benefits of therapy.

Of course, before making any significant changes to your diet or exercise habits, discuss those changes with your physician.

You need to be sure that your body can adapt to these changes. Also, if you don't currently engage in an active exercise regimen, start slowly and don't push your body too hard until it has adapted to your increased activity level.

Question: Is Sermorelin an Anti-Aging Therapy?

No, Sermorelin is no fountain of youth or magic bullet that gives you immortality. It is essential to recognize that Sermorelin Injections are medical therapy and not a cure for aging.

For patients with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Sermorelin Acetate can improve health and wellness by enhancing the metabolic capacity of the human body.

It cannot reverse aging, but it can mitigate many of the symptoms associated with aging that degrade both health and life quality.

Some Patients with HGH Deficiency Do Not Respond to Sermorelin Acetate

Although Sermorelin is perfectly capable of providing the same benefits as Human Growth Hormone Therapy for most patients, some patients will not respond adequately to Injectable Sermorelin and will require HGH Therapy.

Because of the mechanism by which Sermorelin Therapy works, patients with pituitary malfunction will not produce HGH as a response to Sermorelin Injection.

Tesamorelin and Sermorelin

Tesamorelin is another medication that imitates the function of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone on the pituitary.

Tesamorelin is FDA-Approved for the treatment of HIV-Related Lipodystrophy, a condition in which the body accumulates body fat because of changes in metabolism due to the HIV Virus.

One brand of Human Growth Hormone is also used for this purpose, as well as to increase muscle mass in HIV/AIDS Patients. This drug is known as Serostim and is produced by Serono Laboratories.

There is also evidence that Tesamorelin may have the ability to enhance diminishing cognitive function in aging patients.

Because Tesamorelin leads to the same physiological changes associated with both Human Growth Hormone Therapy and Sermorelin Therapy, it is likely that both of these medical treatments can also provide cognitive benefits, and there is some evidence in the scientific literature that suggests as such.

Question: What Are the Side-Effects of Sermorelin Therapy?

Because Sermorelin does not lead to elevated HGH Levels, it does not have the same risk profile as Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone.

The most common side-effect is pain at the injection site, which occurs in around 1 in 6 patients, and is not generally enough of an issue to discourage patients from using the treatment.

The following are less common side effects, all of which occur in less than one percent of patients:

  • Hives
  • Extreme Sleepiness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble Swallowing
  • Flushing
  • Headache

We hope that this concise Sermorelin wiki and faq has answered most of your questions, but if not, fill out the communication form available on our website and we will be happy to email or call you with more information.

Here is a quick rundown of the most commonly asked questions.

Sermorelin Price

How much does it cost to buy a Sermorelin vial, Sermorelin acetate injectable pen, or buy Sermorelin injections?

About $150 to $300 a month on average, but the price is always falling because it becomes easier to produce Sermorelin with each and every year that passes.

Sermorelin sublingual reviews

Can you tell me about sublingual sermorelin, does it work? The best way to put sermorelin in your body is through injection.

So should I avoid buying sublingual sermorelin? We recommend you don't purchase sublingual Sermorelin, but instead by the lyophilized powder that you can mix and reconstitute with our instructions to do evening shots.

The best place where to buy sermorelin acetate is through our clinic, after we review your blood work and physical exam, going over your health goals with you, we can prescribe you Sermorelin and have it shipped directly to your home.

What are Hormones?

Hormones are an essential part of how your body functions. They are chemicals that send messages throughout the body, on and off switches for the release or stoppage of other chemicals in the endocrine system, and they are carried throughout the body through the bloodstream.

They play an essential role in sexual health, libido, sex drive, reproductive growth, development, and function.

Glands are responsible for secreting these hormones, and they are very much related to the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid, and sex organs, like the testes and ovaries.

These glands communicate with each other, and their functionality declines with age. The hormones released by these glands are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, HGH, estrogen, and thyroid hormones; the lowered levels cause many symptoms associated with aging.

Feeling tired (fatigue), lessened sex drive (lowered libido), Sexual difficulties, or sexual wellness issues, decreased metabolism.

The relationship between cell function and hormone secretion levels is one of homeostasis and a balancing act within the body.

There are ranges, not normal levels per se because different people have slightly different levels, so what works for one person, might be too high or low for another, however, what is almost certainly guaranteed with aging is hormones will decrease, the deficiency will become present, and almost certainly imbalances increase with time.

Welcome to aging, and welcome to hormone replacement therapy! Hopefully, this Sermorelin FAQ and wiki were helpful as a starting point. Make an appointment with us.

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