Sermorelin Acetate Therapy Increases HGH

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on December 17th, 2021, Published on November 25th, 2020

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Sermorelin acetate (growth hormone-releasing hormone) is approved for medical use in stimulating the body's pituitary gland to increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH) within the capacity and safety of the human body's endocrine system.

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What is Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

The purpose of Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is to cause the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production in humans. The goal of adult Sermorelin growth hormone therapy is to reverse the effects of aging and secure the extensive treatment benefits described below.

Sermorelin Acetate is a "growth hormone-releasing hormone" (GH-RH). This prescription drug is compounded by U.S. pharmacies under a physician's prescription and is patient self-injected subcutaneously.

It stimulates the pituitary gland to produce increased amounts of human growth hormone naturally. Sermorelin Acetate is a truncated analog of a growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF 1-44) that is naturally produced by the brain to stimulate pituitary production of human growth hormone.

The Role of IGF-1

The increased volume of human growth hormone (HGH) produced by the pituitary gland causes an increase in the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) by the liver and results in the benefits of treatment provided to the adult patient.

As a result of Sermorelin Growth Hormone (GHRH) Therapy, the increased volume of human growth hormone (HGH) secreted by the stimulated pituitary gland is converted by the liver into IGF-1.

The increased amount of IGF-1 in the bloodstream increases the metabolism and growth of new cells within the body's organs and bones.

This treatment is prescribed for unlabeled use in adults to increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase bone density, enhance the immune system, and strengthen the heart, as well as other organs of the body.

The Safety Profile of Sermorelin Acetate

Since the increased volume of human growth hormone is produced by the body's pituitary gland, the body's endocrine system will not allow more growth hormone to be provided by the Sermorelin GH-RH stimulation of the pituitary than the body can safely process within the endocrine self-monitoring system.

Sermorelin Acetate Growth Hormone - Releasing Hormone has explicitly been approved for medical use in increasing growth hormone levels in children deficient in growth hormone production. Its application to enhance the growth hormone and IGF-1 levels in adults is an off-label use of this prescription drug.

Sermorelin Acetate Growth Hormone - Releasing Hormone Therapy causes the pituitary gland to increase the growth hormone and IGF-1 levels in humans.

It is a prescription drug approved for one medical use that may be prescribed for adults for other unlabeled medical applications that are determined by the treating physician to be indicated and appropriate.

The Benefits of HGH and/or Sermorelin Acetate

Human growth hormone therapy and Sermorelin growth hormone-releasing hormone therapy have similar treatment benefits because injected recombinant human growth hormone (somatropin) medication is genetically engineered to have the same DNA structure as human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland when stimulated by Sermorelin acetate growth hormone-releasing hormone injections.

The benefits of Sermorelin therapy or recombinant human growth hormone therapy include the following:

- Balanced hormones
- Weight loss
- Increased sex drive
- Increased bone density
- Healthier skin

The cost of Sermorelin therapy is typically less than one half the cost of recombinant human growth hormone (somatropin) treatment due to the higher cost of the genetically engineered human growth hormone medication.

Sermorelin acetate may be prescribed for an unlabeled use at the discretion of a treating physician, but HGH or recombinant human growth hormone may not be specified for any unapproved or unlabeled use.



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