Sermorelin: an Affordable HGH Pituitary Stimulating Alternative

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 30th, 2024
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Injectable Sermorelin is generating a great deal of buzz in the American age management medical community and definitely amongst people who have low IGF-1 levels caused by HGH deficiency.

There is great excitement in the sports medicine, anti-aging, hormone replacement specialist, and endocrinology community about Sermorelin Acetate injections, primarily as an affordable alternative to expensive HGH injections.

Human Growth Hormone is highly regulated, whereas fewer restrictions, "watching" and monitoring is going on for Sermorelin shots for good reasons. Many physicians are convinced Sermorelin shots are better than injectable HGH.

The FDA Approved HGH Injections for Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency

Since the late 1990s, Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone), has been regularly prescribed by specialist HGH doctors to address the symptoms of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency or hypopituitarism.

However, Sermorelin shots have proven themselves to be very useful in reversing age-related degenerative changes of the body, and it works in conjunction with testosterone replacement and other bioidentical hormones to optimize health.

Some patients who used injectable HGH and Testosterone together reported they got better results from Sermorelin and Testosterone replacement therapy. Many people who used injectable HGH in the past are turning to Sermorelin shots as a better alternative.

Sermorelin with Peptides GHRP2 and GHRP6 or Sermorelin by itself without the Peptides?

Injectable Sermorelin is sometimes compounded in a lyophilized powder (freeze-dried) with GHRP-6 or GHRP-2, which are questionable growth factor releasing peptides. These GHRP peptides are not FDA approved and often cause people to feel starving all the time.

Sermorelin without the peptides is much better, because just not a lot is known about these peptides other than the fact that they make some people ravenously hungry and have been linked to some side effects like swollen ankles, water retention, or irregular bone growth. If you decide to do Sermorelin injections, do so without GHRP2 or GHRP6.

Sublingual Sermorelin

Injectable Sermorelin therapy is often prescribed by endocrinologists for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) and is an excellent choice for treating low levels of natural Growth Hormone production from the pituitary gland.

However, many places are offering Sublingual Sermorelin for sale, know that it is not adequate compared to injectable sermorelin therapy. Sublingual sermorelin is like HGH pills; it's more of a gimmick than anything else, and any hormone physician worth his salt will tell you only the injectable kind is the real thing.

Websites offering sublingual Sermorelin without a prescription are doing so because this method is not the real thing.

What is the Cost of Sermorelin versus HGH injections?

How much does Sermorelin acetate injections cost (is a common question)? Injectable HGH can be very expensive; a 3-month program can run as much as $3000 or more.

The costs seem to go up each year as the pharmaceutical companies seek to milk HGH injections possibly knowing that Sermorelin is a better and more affordable approach.

One can go on a Sermorelin program starting at around $1000 for a 3-month program, which is 1/3 the cost of HGH.  In a sense "Sermorelin is the new HGH"!

Sermorelin the Secretagogue

As one source best put it "Sermorelin is the active biological analog or truncated version (shortened version) of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) or growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRF 1-44) that is naturally produced by the hypothalamus to stimulate pituitary production and secretion of human growth hormone".

In other words, Sermorelin does what growth hormone-releasing hormone does; it tells the pituitary to release HGH.

Sermorelin is like Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone.


The hypothalamic (released by the hypothalamus) natural brain pituitary hormone, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, contains a 44 polypeptide amino acid chain (44 amino acids in a string), whereas Sermorelin consists of the first 29 amino acids of GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone), which are the primary molecules responsible for pituitary stimulation of Human Growth Hormone. Those extra 15 polypeptides aren't needed to stimulate HGH.

How they figured this out! 

What they did was they made a copy of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, and then took off one amino acid at a time, and kept doing that to see how much could be taken away but would still release HGH from the pituitary gland, and found they could go down to 29 molecules. 29 Molecules taken together are the bioactive key, to stimulate the somatroph cells in the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone.

Since injectable Sermorelin treatments stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete its own natural production of Growth Hormone, side effects associated with a dosage of this artificial hormone tend to be significantly lower than HGH.

Some sources claim there are no legal limitations to Sermorelin's off-label use as with HGH. HGH tends to be more strictly regulated, whereas Sermorelin is not monitored as much because it tends to be much safer.

More Advantages of Sermorelin versus HGH injections

Besides the significant cost saving, Sermorelin does not have all the same legal limitations on its off-label uses the way HGH injections do, but that doesn't mean you should cross the gray area.

Sermorelin is exciting to many doctors because it does precisely what HGH does, but works better with the body's hormone feedback loop.

Please fill out the contact form, submit your information by pressing the send button, and then call us to confirm you provided your personal contact info, so we can discuss why injectable Sermorelin therapy is a better alternative to injectable HGH shots.

Buy Real Sermorelin Acetate Injections

Sermorelin injections are easy, simple, intuitive, and affordable. Please explore our website for more information about injectable Sermorelin treatments. Speak with our physicians at our clinic to find out if Sermorelin is right for you.

Our Sermorelin clinic can provide you with the real injectable kind, instead of the sublingual version. The cost of Sermorelin is very affordable, as outlined above for regular dosage protocols.

Let us tell you how you can buy real sermorelin acetate injections.

What is the Sermorelin Dosage?

The amount of Sermorelin dosage will depend on your protocol. Your protocol will depend on your IGF-1 levels. The goal is to inject you just the right amount of Sermorelin each day to keep your IGF-1 levels optimized, not too high and not too low.

Usually, the dosage is anywhere from 200 micrograms to 1000 micrograms a day. You will do these injections before you go to sleep at night and on an empty stomach.

You will find that you wake up very refreshed the next day, because of its incredible regenerative stimulating powers.

When you take Sermorelin injections before bed, it helps to release HGH while you sleep. Many people report having very colorful, vivid dreams on Sermorelin injections.


Sermorelin (injection route)



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