Sermorelin Benefits

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on July 5th, 2024
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This article is here to tell you all the main sermorelin benefits you can expect from using Sermorelin Acetate injections. The benefits of Sermorelin Acetate are quite broad in scope, so we will look at each of them individually and discuss them extensively.

These reviews will be based on patient experiences, not just what are purported by hormone replacement therapy advocates or pharmaceutical companies.

doctor highlighting sermorelin benefitsEvidence-based medicine describes what happens versus what is thought might happen or what is theorized will happen.

One of the most commonly asked questions that new HRT patients ask about Sermorelin Acetate injections is "how long to see results?"

You should give yourself about 90 to 180 days on a physician-monitored Sermorelin Acetate protocol to get the maximum benefits and results.

After about six months, you should be able to give a definitive review of the treatment experience and even provide a sincere testimonial for those who want to know the real deal about its effects (whether they be positive or negative to varying degrees).

If you undergo Sermorelin therapy for less than 90 days, it's hard to give an accurate assessment of the positive results or effectiveness of it, especially being able to detail the benefits or side effects accurately.

After three months of doing self-administered shots, you should see a noticeable difference in your appearance and a dramatic difference in how you feel -- that is (with the caveat) if you have been exercising consistently as part of your daily regimen, watching your diet discipline cautiously and avoiding vice or junk food.

You can not expect any significant benefits from an HRT program without making very conscious lifestyle modifications and sticking to them.

No matter how many times these points are stated, some new patients believe they can get excellent results without having to do any lifestyle modification work for it.

Will I see Benefits From Sermorelin after Six Months?

In half a year, you should see the full results of your sermorelin program, mainly if you employed discipline concerning exercising intensely during that period.

more benefits of sermorelin acetateBy employing control, we refer to a weight training program where you apply heavy weights and low reps to your muscles, followed by low weights with high reps and cardiovascular exercises daily -- no less than 40 to 50 minutes.

During those 180 days of Sermorelin usage and physical training, you should have kept a diary of your muscle training alternations, listing the weights and reps, and followed up all lifting with a lot of cardiovascular exercises during each week (about 4x per 7 days at a minimum, but ideally cardiovascular exercise routines should be conducted daily).

Sermorelin Diet and Eating, Maximizing Benefits

If you intended to lose weight and build muscle with Sermorelin during that time, you would likely get excellent results if you had been controlling your caloric intake and knowing how to count calories accurately.

The ideal diet with HRT is eating lots of healthy and natural, clean foods with a low glycemic index. A diet high in vegetables, nuts, and legumes, reasonable amounts of fruit in the morning, and high-quality lean meats in sensible low moderation is the best way to go when it comes to diet science with a Sermorelin protocol.

Following these general rules for weight loss and muscle gain, you should lose between 20 and 40lbs in six months and gain 20 to 40lbs of muscle, though results vary depending on many variables like genetics and environment.

Sermorelin: When to Eat

The best way to get the best benefits from Sermorelin is to make sure you do not eat for a considerable amount of time before and after your shots are scheduled. Since you are doing the shots in the privacy of your own home or office, you have a great deal of flexibility.

Sermorelin in the Morning to Maximize Benefits

In the morning, when it comes to eating, you should wait at least an hour before, and then again wait an hour after you do an injection.

For some people, two hours is a considerable amount of time, given that they may be doing their injection in the morning and want to eat breakfast. Don't compromise on this rule if you want the best results.

Eating food can interfere with your doses. Don't make excuses or justifications. Stick with the program, as there is a lot of patient data to back this one up: one hour before and one hour after rule.

Sermorelin in the Evening to Maximize Benefits

If you do your injections in the evening, make sure you do so on an empty stomach with a little bit of hunger before bedtime.

Go to bed, hungry for the best results. That doesn't mean embracing malnutrition; try to get all the calories you will eat for a day within eight hours. Try to have 16 hours of intermittent fasting.

By fasting, we mean you can drink as much water as you want or take supplements if necessary. Ideally, you should choose our supplements during the 8-hour eating segment of your day.

Sermorelin in the Mid-Afternoon to Maximize Benefits

Ideally, for mid-day injections, you should not have eaten two hours before you do your injection, and you should wait two hours after your dose for the best results. However, this is not reasonable for many people, so at the very least, try not to eat one hour before you do an injection and wait one hour after you do a dose before you eat.

Benefits of Sermorelin and Height in Children and Teens

One of the benefits of Sermorelin Acetate is that it can help children and teens who are short of stature to grow taller, but after one's epiphyseal plates close; you can no longerSermorelin Doctor become taller using this injectable hormone.

Adults can not become taller using Sermorelin because their epiphyseal plates have likely already closed, but there are rare examples of people continuing to grow taller in their 20s and 30s. Read our other articles that discuss topics about acromegaly and gigantism.

Benefits of Sermorelin for Hair Growth

Patients who have used Sermorelin Acetate have given it rave reviews concerning their hair growth benefits.

The testimonials about these hormones' ability to improve the thickness and health of hair have been prominent amongst patient experience diaries -- recording their benefits and side effects in daily log files and reporting their results to our physicians.

Some balding patients have said that their hair has grown back to some extent or another. Other patients who had thinning hair have reported that Sermorelin therapy has improved the plumpness, color, and bounce of their hair strands, and a small minority of patients have stated that this hormone secretagogue (Sermorelin) has reduced the amount of gray hair that they have overall.

These are just a tiny sampling of the benefits Sermorelin provides for head hair health.

Benefits of Sermorelin Therapy for Bodybuilders, Athletes, and Olympians

Bodybuilders using high dosage Sermorelin protocols have reported that when they use more than 600 micrograms, it causes them to become very hungry, which they claim as being a good thing because it helps them to eat more, which is, of course, a requirement for bodybuilders to gain mass and weight.

For patients who are trying to lose weight, doses should be under 2IU. Sermorelin injections can make some people hungry if the dosage is too high, so you must often exercise when using this vital hormone.

The exercise regimen will ironically curb the hunger pangs in some patients if they get their proper nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Fountain of Youth-like Benefits of Sermorelin Shots

Sermorelin has been described as the Fountain of Youth by patients who have experienced the beautiful, youth-promoting benefits from this purported miracle-like fountain-of-youth-like hormone when they use low doses for an extended period to be able to make such claims. For those who ask, does Sermorelin Acetate work?

The answer is a resounding, yes! It does work! That is the answer most patients report who use a proper doctor-monitored protocol, and they see its beginning effectiveness in weeks, not months.

Patients enjoy it for giving them more energy, vitality, endurance stamina, and overall improved quality of life, including improvements in the bedroom and also for finding the motivation to seize the day at work.

Sermorelin Effectiveness: Diet, Exercise, and Dosage

The effectiveness of Sermorelin Acetate will depend upon whether or not you follow your prescribed protocol carefully and precisely, whether you use low optimal doses or not, and whether you follow the instructions of your physician concerning diet, dosage, and exercise.

If using Sermorelin in the morning, make sure always to use the morning injection on an empty stomach and be sure not to eat for at least 60 to 120 minutes after you have done an injection.

Two hours is hard for most people to wait for a shot, because naturally, when you wake up, hunger is often present, but at least try for a minimum of one hour wait time. The effectiveness of Sermorelin will be amplified if you exercise right after the shot and eat a low-calorie, high nutrient-dense meal after the workout.

A Sermorelin diet that involves six to seven small meals per day, never more than two hours apart, is optimal. Try to get all your calories in eight hours per day, as we have described above.

How Often Should I Inject Sermorelin to get the Best Benefits?

Also, regarding how often to do injections, some physicians suggest once a day, some medical symbol for sermorelin benefitsevery other day, some five days on and two days off, and others seven days a week. These are the most common strategies.

Price and Cost Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate Injections: It's Affordable!

One of the benefits of Sermorelin is that it's very affordable. The cost of a typical treatment protocol runs about $8 to $12 per day, and that's a high estimate. Most programs cost about $8 to $9 a day, depending. Some plans are even lower in price.

Compare these prices with HGH, which can cost twice or three times as much.

The benefits of Sermorelin Acetate injections are numerous. The advantages of using it vs. expensive HGH injections make it an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a hormone replacement therapy protocol that is safe, cost-effective, and has a lower risk profile of side effects.

The main point here is that Sermorelin is not just more affordable than HGH: it's safer. This is something often overlooked by people who are only concerned about saving money.

Sermorelin Fertility Benefits

Sermorelin Acetate therapy is not indicated for reducing infertility or improving fertility. However, one of the many advantages that patients have reported is that it seemed to improve one's ability to get pregnant and have children.

Women who are pregnant should never use Sermorelin, but before pregnancy, some women have reported it increased their chances of getting pregnant.

This is a difficult thing to measure, of course, without clinical studies. Still, the reports have been coming in and coming in, suggesting that this infertility defying benefit of treating an inability to make babies is unwritten scientifically, but potentially or possibly true.

More studies will have to be conducted to determine this matter (because right now, it is unsubstantiated). Still, many patients are claiming Sermorelin helps with human fertility, including men.

Sermorelin Benefits for Weight Loss and Dieting: Try Incorporating HCG Injections

There are many advantages to using Sermorelin for weight loss. The before and after pictures of patients who have used specific weight management treatment protocols of this artificial hormone with the HCG diet speak for themselves.

As it is well known, some clinical studies have been conducted with Sermorelin Acetate to evaluate its ability to help children short of stature. It is a unique peptide for treating growth hormone deficiency, andropause, and some of the symptoms associated with menopause in adults.

Inadvertently, the irony is that clinical studies had also revealed that Sermorelin Acetate could help people develop muscle mass and reduce adipose (fat) tissue around the midsection when they were testing the drug on children and adults.

It is ironic because some clinical studies' initial intention was not to see if Sermorelin helped improve fat-burning and muscle growth! However, now we know that it does help with these issues, with certainty.

Sermorelin Brain Benefits: Cognitive Health

Patients commonly reported using this therapy is that it improves their brain and mental capacity for solving puzzles and problems. That is to say, it enhances their ability to focus and get things intellectually demanding.

As broad as they are, cognitive ability improvements seem to be mentioned a lot in patient hormone reports, diary logs, reviews, and testimonials about these therapeutic injections.

Cognitive enhancements seem to be some of the first benefits that people start to notice, making this something new patients should be aware of during the first four weeks of therapy.

Sermorelin Pen Versus Vials

Sermorelin Acetate generally comes in vials. Most people inject Sermorelin Acetate using an insulin needle subcutaneously because there are not many pen products out there, but this may change in the future.

Sermorelin Joint Pain

One of the commonly reported effects is that it has reduced joint pain and joint inflammation in patients using Sermorelin after several weeks of therapy and incorporating daily stretching exercises.

As we get older, we generally tend to lose our flexibility and range of motion. Also, we find that our joints become stiff, gummed-up, and achy. It seems to be a regular occurrence that as people get older, they experience joint pain.

Our older patients have been describing in their patient experience's diary entries and reports to our physicians that Sermorelin is a source of joint relief, not because it covers up the pain, but because it helps people regenerate their bodies in these specific areas, especially their arthritic joints.

If you have joint pain and use Sermorelin, try incorporating yoga into your daily routine for three to six months.

Whether you have joint pain or not, you must include stretching exercises with a Sermorelin therapy protocol as a general rule of thumb.

One benefit of Sermorelin is that the vials are simple to understand and manage.

Sermorelin acetate will come in either a 2 milligram (2mg x 3 = 6IU), 3 milligram (3mg x 3 = 9IU), 6 milligram (6mg x 3 = 18IU), or 9 milligram (9mg x 3 = 27IU) vials, typically.

As you can see, multiply the number 3 x the milligrams to get the IUs -- International Units. Sermorelin kits from our clinic will come with insulin syringes, bacteriostatic water, a sharps container (for disposing of needles), and alcohol swabs (for disinfecting your skin rubber stopper at the top of the vials).

Once you reconstitute your Sermorelin Acetate (see our Sermorelin mixing videos), you should put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. When the product is not refrigerated, it tends to lose its potency, so it is always recommended that you not only keep your Sermorelin Acetate refrigerated, but you keep it somewhere inside your refrigerator where it is less likely to either be jostled or risk freezing (yes, some places in your "fridge" are colder than others).

Never put Sermorelin in the freezer after reconstituting: the liquid will freeze, and the product will be destroyed.

Never put your reconstituted Sermorelin in the sun for long periods. After you do your injections, return it to the refrigerator in a safe spot. Keep your product cold and dry. Ask us to explain how you should preserve and store your treatment correctly.

Sermorelin Libido Benefits

This therapy can do wonders for one's libido. Men who have soft erections or difficulty maintaining an erection can benefit from this injectable molecule.

Men have reported it gives them a lot of erection stamina! Women who are suffering from vaginal dryness or find that their desire for sex is diminished can benefit as well.

Also, for both men and women, testosterone replacement treatments and injectable Sermorelin Acetate work together regarding improving one's sex drive, and that combination HRT program is better than just using Sermorelin Acetate alone.

We are getting the highest rave reviews and testimonials about Sermorelin and Testosterone together for libido issues. The positive testimonials from our patients about combining these two HRT treatments are astounding. Don't be afraid to ask us why!

Lyophilized Sermorelin Benefits Transportation

The product comes in a lyophilized powder tablet — lyophilized means that it is freeze-dried, and this makes it possible for it to be shipped in the US mail by a US pharmacy to your US-based home or office.

Our American clinic offers concierge hormone replacement therapy medicine, so we send all of our hormones directly to your home or office from a US-based and licensed pharmacy. A signature is always required.

It is helpful to know that Sermorelin is lyophilized because if you need to go on a trip, you can bring it with you anywhere you wish to go, and we can provide prescription documentation should you be concerned.

The good news is that these programs are 100% legal, and the legal status is approved when a doctor's prescription is present.

Sermorelin Muscle Development and Bodybuilding

One of the benefits that people have reported concerning muscle development is that Sermorelin Acetate injections helped them increase lean muscle mass.

This is why it is so popular amongst bodybuilders trying to pack on a lot of overall size, striated muscle, and lean mass. Average folks who are not using Sermorelin Acetate for bodybuilding have merely pointed out that it improves muscle mass and slim-cut development.

Our clinic does not prescribe Sermorelin for people looking to improve the gym; the product is not indicated for bodybuilding. Please don't ask us to prescribe to you if you are a bodybuilder. We will not make any exceptions.

Sermorelin Legal Status

One of the benefits of Sermorelin Acetate is that its affirmative legal status is very well known among doctors and clinics. You can get this molecule product legitimately through a board-certified physician who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

Contact us if you would like to get a Sermorelin prescription!

It is only legal to get this hormone with a prescription, as you already know, so do not buy this product online from websites that allow you to obtain it without a legitimate prescription from a real US board-certified doctor trained in endocrinology.

If you buy Sermorelin illegally, you might get a knock on the door and a free ride to jail.

Sermorelin Peptide Website Risks and Benefits

There are many peptide websites out there in Internetland that sell Sermorelin kits and accessory products illegally.

It is illegal to buy peptides and hormones from these places given that you are not adequately evaluated: having your blood work analysis done from a qualified specialist and follow up an evaluation with a real US-based physician.

You don't want to use Sermorelin unless you are first required to get a blood test. You know an endocrinologist is prescribing a proper dosage based directly on your blood test results and evaluation.

With these peptide websites, it's basically like you're blindfolded and throwing darts in the wind concerning the correct medication dosage to use for optimizing your IGF-1 levels.

Only legitimate HRT doctors trained in the endocrine system can give you the right answer about what precise dose you will need based on your physical demographics, serum hormone levels, and age-related symptoms.

The goal of using Sermorelin injections properly is for treating growth hormone deficiency and other forms of hypopituitarism, not secretly trying to feel good without any idea of how the dosage strategy works.

Sermorelin User Reviews

Our clinic patients have provided user reviews about the benefits and side effects they have experienced with Sermorelin, totaling some 98% positive.

All patients have given good user reviews so far because we give them proper low dose protocol strategies to use and modifications in their eating behaviors and physical activity (as you have read above in detail). This is how and why our patients avoid long-term side effects. When you do Sermorelin injections, you have to be committed to the protocol -- to use poker parlance, you have to be "All in."

How Long Before You See Real Quantifiable Benefits with Sermorelin?

One of the first questions that patients ask us is, "how long to see results?" We generally tell them they should give their protocol about 100 days for excellent results and 200 days for maximum or best results.

The essential benefits of Sermorelin are that getting started on a protocol is quite easy and straightforward to do.

The protocol for using Sermorelin Acetate is quite intuitive to formulate. Fill out the contact form so we can explain everything.

The first thing that one needs to do before they can start a Sermorelin protocol is to get their blood drawn and evaluated for growth hormone deficiency -- the test to indicate if HGH levels are low is an IGF-1 deficiency.

Before you get your blood drawn, please fast the night before. That means no eating after 8:00 p.m.

Go to get your blood drawn on an empty stomach and eat something afterward because you will be low on blood.

It takes about one week for your blood results to come back to our clinic. Depending on your IGF-1 levels, the kind of symptoms you're reporting, and your weight and age, these will generally determine what your protocol dosage should be to get optimal benefits and results.

Sermorelin Pills, Sprays, and Releasers are Fake!

Several products are out there on the Internet, like Sermorelin pills or some oral sprays that are generally scam products (the Internet is swimming in these fake products).

You can't eat Sermorelin because the digestive juices in your stomach break up the peptide molecule and you also can't effectively spray Sermorelin into your mouth because the peptide would not pass through the mucous membrane in your throat. Thus, anything associated with Sermorelin pills or sprays should be avoided altogether.

There is one and only one way to put Sermorelin into your body, and that is by a subcutaneous injection via insulin needle and utilizing a specific dosage protocol designed for you.

Sermorelin Steroid

Some have called Sermorelin Acetate a kind of steroid, or it has been used as an illegal steroid for sports improvement, serious bodybuilding contenders (see Rich Piana videos), and other types of athletic endeavors, where strength is a primary advantage. Using Sermorelin Acetate to get an edge in some real attempt, whether it be the Olympics or professional sports, is off-label and not approved. Just look at the immense amount of money the US government spent on trying to convict Roger Clemens and failed to do so.

Sermorelin is designed to help people overcome some of the symptoms that are generally linked with getting old like hypopituitarism and GHD, which is a natural part of aging, not for steroid usage. This is an insult to the purpose of the drug.

The doses that athletes and Olympians use are generally too high and will lead to harmful side effects if abused for an extended period -- this is almost certain. They will pay dearly for their mistakes later on. One should only use approved doses of Sermorelin, administering amounts that will put your IGF-1 levels to appropriate designated ranges. The Goldilocks zone is not too high and not too low.

One of the Advantages of Mixing Sermorelin

One of the benefits of Sermorelin Acetate is that it's straightforward to reconstitute. You draw the correct amount of bacteriostatic water from the sterile vial, and you inject it slowly (dribble style) into the bottle of Sermorelin at a 45-degree angle which contains a white powder tablet in lyophilized form.

Once the pure water is added to the lyophilized Sermorelin Acetate, all you have to do is slowly turn the vile sideways to ensure that the water or liquid inside is no longer cloudy.

If you are reconstituting the product and you find that the liquid is still cloudy, then wait a moment and slowly rotate the vial between your hands gently until the dark liquid becomes clear.

Once the liquid is clear, you are ready to do your shots!

Sermorelin Research and Studies

Sermorelin Acetate research has been conducted in many clinical testing environments, as well as by research scientist doctors, who get feedback from their patients and participants about their results, benefits, and side effects in the short-, mid-, and long-term of the evaluation process. Because Sermorelin was first synthesized in the 1970s as Geref, it has a good 40 years of testing, evaluation, research, and clinical studies behind it and now more doctors than ever before, are having their patients switch from HGH injections to Sermorelin, just because the hard facts research indicates that it's a better choice for treating hypopituitarism and growth hormone deficiency.

Sermorelin Patient Experiences

Patient experiences utilizing injectable Sermorelin acetate have been mostly positive.

More specifically, most of the reports about it indicate that it improves energy levels, increases one's mental focus, clarity and memory, improves the sex drive, tends to firm up the skin, improves hair growth texture and health, helps with recovery time after intense physical labor, or working out at the gym, or just merely doing regular physical activity that most people do require recovery.

These are the many experiences that patients are describing.

The reviews give the impression Sermorelin is a kind of fountain of youth, which helps people look better, feel better, and perform better at all of life's essential tasks.

Most patient's experience seem to describe this peptide as a kind of miracle, youthful, or age-defying drug.

The irony is that Sermorelin does not reverse people's chronological age. The real fountain of youth will come in a few decades with molecular medicine and nanotechnology.

We are fortunate to be standing at the event horizon of the cell treatment revolution that will come with gene therapy and stem cell therapy. The genetic medicine revolution is not as far off as pessimists believe, but in the meantime, Sermorelin is a great way to help with the ravages of age-related diagnoses.

Medical Reviews and Benefits that are Evidence-Based

The reviews about the benefits of the Sermorelin Acetate have been astonishing. Many people are turning to hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms associated with aging, hypopituitarism, hypogonadism, male menopause (andropause), perimenopause, somatopause, low testosterone symptoms and growth hormone deficiency with testosterone, and sermorelin.

Most people seek out HGH and testosterone injections as a first-line defense for these diagnoses associated with an adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, but later on, discover Sermorelin Acetate can give them the same benefits as GH at a much lower price and with fewer risks of side effects. So why not just skip the intermittent step?

Sermorelin Testimonials Summarized

To summarize: Most of the testimonials about Sermorelin Acetate are that it helps people to lose weight, build muscle, regain their libido, boost metabolism, and optimize growth hormone levels.

More commonly amongst the testimonials are rave reviews about energy levels being improved to that of active status and people sleeping much better and more restfully during the night (with less tossing and turning), and then waking up more rejuvenated.

More energy during the day and better sleeping patterns at night waking up fully rejuvenated, what more could someone ask for besides its other benefits?

Moreover, finally, the safety profile of Sermorelin Acetate has been determined to be much better than HGH injections after years of evidence-based medical research documentation.

Because Sermorelin Acetate works with your pituitary gland, somatostatin can turn off the pituitary gland when needed temporarily to reduce HGH release, whereas, with direct injectable HGH therapy, no amount of somatostatin can turn off the vast amount of HGH already flowing through your bloodstream -- that is, if you have already injected the hormone.

In other words, when you inject HGH, it becomes "water under the bridge," whereas, with Sermorelin, somatostatins can plug the dam of HGH production when it needs to modulate how much HGH is in your system. I hope that helps! Call us for a more detailed explanation.

What Does Sermorelin Consist Of?

Sermorelin Acetate treatment has many significant benefits, but to truly understand how these benefits occur, you first need to understand how it works inside the brain.

Sermorelin is a man-made version of a hormone that is part of our endocrine system: growth hormone-releasing hormone (GH-RH; similar to other hormones like estrogen and progesterone) which is administered by injection to people who have specific growth, hormone, medical and aging problems.

Sermorelin is a shortened version of GH-RH, an analog, the shortest bio-active release of GH-RH.

Made from a total of 29 different amino acids (GH-RH consists of 44), Sermorelin is used by your body to indicate how growth should occur and also the particular way that the increase should happen.

The hormone GHRP-6 is sometimes mixed with Sermorelin when it is developed for use through injection therapy.

Though we do not recommend GHRP-6 or GHRP-2, Ghrp-6 primarily boosts the rate at which peptides are released in your body. Compared to other medicines, Sermorelin therapy is especially useful due to how a treatment mimics GH-RH released from the hypothalamus into the body in a natural way. We tend only to prescribe Sermorelin without GHRP-2, and without GHRP-6, because these two peptides are not FDA-approved.

Is Sermorelin the Same as Growth Hormone?

Not entirely. One is a secretagogue that stimulates the production of the other. Sermorelin is a biologically engineered version of a highly important hormone found in the human body responsible for ultimately encouraging muscle and skeletal growth stimulation via IGF-1. The secretagogue, Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH), is at the stream source or fountainhead for the whole cascade that first causes HGH to be released and then IGF-1.

The naturally occurring Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone is manufactured in the brain's hypothalamus, a sort of command center, that then sends signals to the pituitary gland as a secretagogue (secretagogue being something that stimulates something else).

This regulates how much of the GH growth hormone the pituitary gland should release.

Somatostatins can tell the pituitary gland to shut off HGH production, temporarily inhibiting it.

GH-RH does not always work as it should (because it is not being released enough, or the destination, the pituitary gland, has problems) and in many cases the signal to the pituitary gland doesn’t get sent, gets sent but is not read, or the pituitary gland doesn't function correctly when it receives the signal to release HGH for one reason or another.

Once this mechanism starts to malfunction, it causes people to age at an accelerated rate (the diagnosis being hypopituitarism, somatopause, AGHD -- adult growth hormone deficiency).

Treating the problem with a scheduled regimen of Sermorelin injections will cause adverse aging effects to give the appearance of slowing down or reversing the process, leaving the patient with a rejuvenated and fresher appearance.

Children who have difficulties with natural GH growth hormone production are usually prescribed Sermorelin Acetate.

Sermorelin is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be administered to patients who suffer from illnesses associated with some low hormone levels/diagnosis.

Sermorelin is also prescribed for people infected with HIV as it can help alleviate several symptoms like muscle wasting (muscle atrophy) and has been a favorite amongst people who suffer from this harsh incurable viral infection.

When Do You Take Sermorelin?

Typically, Sermorelin should be injected on a day-to-day basis just before you go to sleep, but some protocols call for injections during the day.

Growth-related hormone secretion is usually at its highest while the average person sleeps at night, and since the doses are meant to simulate HGH, it is best to take them before the time when they naturally should release, which is during sleep. This is why night time is the best time to inject Sermorelin.

Taking injections at irregular intervals and at the wrong time, such as in the morning or afternoon, could cause the body's natural cycle to be thrown off, which can lead to further issues. But a lot of this has to do with the organization of your daily activities (like eating and exercising).

Taking the injection at the same time each day will also make it much easier for the patient to form the behavior or habit so that they do not miss a shot (oh, it's time to go to bed, better do my shot!).

Regimens can stretch between 12 and 24 weeks at a time, making it essential to stick to the protocol for the best results.

As an essential reminder that must be repeated and is most often forgotten: Shots should also not be taken during or within an hour of eating as this could lead to blood-glucose imbalances.

The Sermorelin shots can also aid higher quality sleep as described above because it increases HGH release during the night, and therefore a more significant amount of regeneration occurs when it is most needed.

The rest is all about recovery.

Dosages will vary depending on the patient's gender and how severe the deficiency symptoms in each patient chart. As we have discussed elsewhere, the goal is to get your IGF-1 levels into the mid 200 nanograms deciliter (ng/dL) or around 255 ng/dL.

Additional Benefits of Sermorelin

In several cases, Sermorelin Acetate supplementation has proven to revitalize the patient’s kidney function and show several benefits regarding the patient’s cognitive performance, such as their memory and attention spans. Similarly, a boost of the immune system should occur, and patients could reverse the effects of balding. Though this is less common, some have reported it as discussed earlier.

Sermorelin Side Effects Immediately After Injection

Some adverse side-effects may occur due to the therapy but are usually easy to treat. Moderate swelling and pain might occasionally happen in the area where injections are administered but should not be something worth worrying about unless the problem persists.

Usually, these issues occur in patients who inject for the first time. Other side effects that might arise are itching, struggling to swallow, and rarely one would experience nausea, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, and headaches, all of which warrant a visit to your doctor.

We Can Help You Choose A Trustworthy Sermorelin Specialist

A qualified doctor should always be a protocol designer and manager when a patient undergoes Sermorelin treatment therapy.

Many hospitals and clinics are available that have qualified doctors who have been trained to administer the injections correctly, but most of the time, you can do these injections in the privacy of your own home.

When undergoing your therapy regimen, the qualified doctors from our clinic will monitor you and record any side effects of the dosage. Regular blood test results can indicate what dosage best suits your needs by either increasing or lowering the dose.

Please get in contact with us so we can advise you on how to get started.




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