Gain Muscle and Improve Bodybuilding Results with Sermorelin Acetate Injections

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on March 9th, 2024
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As you grow older, do you feel exhausted and feel you are losing your strength?

Do you have issues with maintaining your energy levels, or do you think that your capacity for exercise has declined faster than it should for a man or woman of your age?

If so, you may be suffering from a condition known as Age-Related HGH Deficiency, also known as Hypopituitarism.

Human Growth Hormone is one of the body's most critical metabolic hormones. The issue is that HGH Levels are among those hormone levels that are most likely to become problematic with age.

This is because the human body's ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone drops over time. As those levels drop, the body becomes more prone to health issues associated with Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency.

How Does HGH Promote Muscle Health?

Because Human Growth Hormone helps to regulate cellular metabolism, two of the areas which are most affected by the decline in Human Growth Hormone are muscle mass and strength.

There are a few different issues caused by HGH Deficiency that combine and contribute heavily to loss of power and fitness with age:

  • Human Growth Hormone promotes the building of muscle mass. It helps feed the muscles the energy needed to revitalize them after physical activity. HGH and its metabolites (including Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1) stimulate the healing process necessary to encourage the growth of the muscles. As Human Growth Hormone Levels fall, the ability of the muscles to rebuild efficiently is diminished, which leads to smaller, weaker muscles over time.
  • Human Growth Hormone is also highly relevant concerning general energy consumption and distribution. HGH helps all parts of your body to get the energy that the body needs to facilitate a productive workout. Even more than that, Human Growth Hormone promotes healthy energy levels and minimizes fatigue. HGH Decline reduces the energy capacity of the body, making it harder to keep active.
  • Human Growth Hormone Deficiency leads to increased body fat, diverting energy into storage and preventing men and women from maintaining a healthy shape. This increase in body fat is especially prevalent around the midsection, and this form of fat has been associated with a host of medical problems, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes.

Hormone Balance is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimizing health throughout the lifespan.

If you are suffering from Hormone Imbalance, this can create a feedback loop that continually drains you of your vitality.

Lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, can go a long way to help maintain control over your hormones, but Age-Associated HGH Deficiency is inevitable if you live long enough, because, starting at around the age of thirty, the body begins to lose its capacity to produce the hormone efficiently and slowly.

Some people never experience issues related to this decline, but others find that HGH Deficiency eventually taxes their health to the extent that leaves them feeling an absolute shell of their former selves.

If you feel that you may be suffering from HGH Deficiency and that it is draining your ability to maintain muscle mass, build new muscle, or support the active lifestyle that you have always enjoyed, there are two primary options for Human Growth Hormone Restoration: Bio-Identical HGH Therapy and Recombinant Sermorelin Acetate Therapy.

Both are effective means to help promote healthier energy and muscle metabolism, and both can help you keep control of your bodyfat metabolism and shape, but they work in different ways to achieve similar results:

  • HGH Injection Therapy replaces your body's own waning supply of endogenously produced Human Growth Hormone with a Biologically Identical form, which is injected subcutaneously. Growth Hormone Injections are prescribed at a dose intended to mimic the physiological production of Human Growth Hormone and are injected once daily.
  • Sermorelin, on the other hand, is derived from a precursor hormone known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or GH-RH. Both GH-RH and Sermorelin stimulate the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of Human Growth Hormone, to produce more natural HGH.

What is the Difference between Sermorelin and Human Growth Hormone?

Both HGH and Sermorelin Injections treat Growth Hormone Deficiency effectively, but there are some significant differences between the two Hormone Therapy Medications:

  • Human Growth Hormone is absorbed and utilized directly by the body quickly after it is injected, whereas the absorption of Sermorelin is mediated by feedback mechanisms that prevent overdose and encourage the optimal release of Human Growth Hormone by the Pituitary Gland.
  • Both Human Growth Hormone and Sermorelin can only be legally used or obtained with a prescription, but Sermorelin can be prescribed off-label, whereas Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone is very strictly controlled and can only be prescribed in a manner explicitly approved of by the FDA.
  • Sermorelin has a more straightforward biological structure than Human Growth Hormone, making it a more cost-effective treatment option for patients.
  • Because Sermorelin acts directly upon the Pituitary Gland, patients with medical conditions that inhibit the natural function of the pituitary will not benefit from Sermorelin Therapy. Most patients with Age-Related Growth Hormone Deficiency have healthy Pituitaries, however.

Sermorelin for Strength and Muscle Health

It's important to note that neither Sermorelin nor Human Growth Hormone Therapy is Anti-Aging Treatment, nor should they be used solely for muscle-building purposes.

These therapies are for patients suffering from increasing fatigue and weakness as a result of the Hormone Decline; these treatments can both be highly beneficial for patients that are looking to fend off frailty and reduce the increase in morbidity associated with the subsequent decline in fitness and strength.

If you would like to find out if you can benefit from Sermorelin Therapy treatment, fill out the form on this page or contact us via the phone number at the top of the page to learn more.

We are a Licensed and Board-Certified Hormone Clinic that can arrange for an appointment with a local medical affiliate in your area that can help you discover your underlying Hormone Balance.

Their preliminary testing gives us the information that we need to accurately assess your medical situation and recommend a course of action suited to meet your health and hormone needs!


Sermorelin: A better approach to the management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency?

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