Sermorelin Side Effects Explained

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on June 11th, 2024
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What is Sermorelin?

In the research that I have personally conducted in recent years regarding HGH or Human Growth Hormone, I've come to learn more about an effective supplement that is called Sermorelin.

This supplement is also referred to as the factor for the release of growth hormone, also known as GRF. Sermorelin has the unique ability to boost the amount of Human Growth Hormone that is manufactured by the pituitary gland within the body.

Your GRF, which is produced in the human brain, is made up of a particular protein that is built from 44 amino-type acids, which also induce the manufacture of Human Growth Hormone in the body's pituitary gland. You might ponder, “Couldn't I just take HGH and skip taking Sermorelin to provoke this response artificially?”

How Does Sermorelin Work?

When the human body has a deficiency of a particularly complicated chemical like dopamine or serotonin, the hormone can commonly be ingested as a pill rather than injected.

This can assist in making up differences of what one is missing from certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Also, a patient can more than likely receive the particular component pieces that combine to create a hormone naturally. In the case of Sermorelin, it is put into the body to coax the release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland.

With HGH supplementation, a medical prescription can be provided that allows one to receive injections of Human Growth Hormone that deliver it intravenously.

However, supplements that are sold/distributed in an environment that is non-prescription from the pharmacy are known as secretagogues. This means that these supplements coerce the pituitary gland of the body to secrete hormones, but they are chemicals of a much simpler variety.

Sermorelin is different because it is more complicated and has a particular organization of 29 amino-type acids that are needed to promote the pituitary gland of the body properly.

Known Side Effects of Sermorelin

A lot of folks that are taking Sermorelin might start producing a small number of specific GRF-inhibiting antibodies during some portion of their therapy or another.

It should be known that the antibodies don't always produce adverse reactions, and when the responses do appear, they most often recede and are eliminated without any external help.

Because Sermorelin is received via localized injection, the pain of a moderate level can occur, along with redness and swelling at the site in which it is injected.

This is normal and is a common occurrence with any needle injection. There is no reason to feel alarmed if you experience this sort of localized pain, and the irritation goes away reasonably quickly.

Fewer than one percent of participants that received treatment of Sermorelin in clinical trials reported mild symptoms such as:

Dysphagia – Dysphagia is the medical term for a disruption in the process of swallowing. Coughing fits and brief periods where one is not able to swallow have been reported.

It's essential to go to a physician as soon as this effect begins to make an appearance because, though most likely not life-threatening, it can cause severe issues in your day-to-day life.

Urticari – Utrticari is the development of hives on the skin. This is an allergic reaction that causes severe discomfort and red welts on the skin. This can occur in the area of the injection site or could be wide-spread. Talk with your physician about whether a drug like Prednisone can be taken in tandem with your Sermorelin to eliminate the hives.

Flushing of the skin – Flushing is when the body responds to a stimulus by reddening the skin. Certain areas, most likely on the chest and face will become mildly inflamed and itchy.

This is different than hives because there are no sores. Usually, taking a small amount of aspirin daily can counteract this effect that Sermorelin has on particular patients. Always let your physician know that you plan on altering your regimen and get his or her okay.

Somnolence – Somnolence is the medical term for experiencing drowsiness. Depending on the severity of your fatigue, this is likely not something you will need to rush to your doctor about, but if the effect this drowsiness has on your life is severe, it may be time to ask your doctor if there is something that you can do to combat this side-effect.

Sleepiness usually begins to subside after a few weeks of treatment, so hang in there!

Hyperactivity – Drowsiness occurs in some people who take Sermorelin, and in others, one may experience a higher level of hyperactivity and have trouble focusing due to this. In children, taking drugs like Adderall to suppress ADHD has been shown sometimes to have an effect of reducing natural levels of HGH in the body.

For this reason, there is a correlation between heightened activity levels and heightened levels of Sermorelin in the body. This is often the result of taking a dose that is too high for your needs.

Headaches – Headaches occur in some patients who take Sermorelin, and depending on the severity of a headache, one may need to contact their doctor immediately. Sometimes, the headaches are mild, but they can be of a migraine level as well.

If this happens, talk with your doctor about adjusting your regimen or adding an anti-migraine/headache medicine to assuage this side-effect.

Spells of dizziness – One may experience bouts of vertigo and dizziness, especially after first taking an injection of Sermorelin. This is because synthetic HGH has a temporary effect on blood sugar levels.

It causes the body to become more resistant to insulin for a brief period. This is why it's good to take the shots at night.

They need to be taken an hour or so after you have eaten a meal so that the body has already ingested the nutrients of the meal. If these issues last more than a brief period, give your doctor a call immediately.

We Can Help Ensure Proper Injections of Sermorelin

Most of these side effects are caused by either an over-administration of Sermorelin or an incorrect administration. Talk to your doctor about your regimen and what you can do to correct these issues.

Remember not to eat too late in the day, so the influx of sugars entering your system do not affect your injection. Your doctor may prescribe you a lower dose so that these symptoms disappear. This is why it is a bad idea to self-medicate with Sermorelin without a doctor's approval.

You don't have the expertise to guarantee that you are getting a healthy dose that isn't adversely affecting you. Taking too much Sermorelin for an extended period of time makes these symptoms that are typically incredibly rare, much more likely to occur.

One result of Sermorelin that is not really considered a side effect but is less or more a realized drawback is that the supplement doesn't indeed directly provide HGH Human Growth Hormone to the body.

It instead promotes/stimulates its manufacture from the pituitary gland of the body.

The result of this is that if a patient's issues are caused by factors that are natural which lead to low levels of Human Growth Hormone, those issues will need to be dealt with directly so that it is possible to get the benefits of Sermorelin injections.

There exist particular factors that lead to a deficiency of Human Growth Hormone.

Among these are poor habits of living, poor patterns of diet, tumors of the brain, and many infections.

HGH deficiencies that are caused by poor habits of eating and poor habits of living can often be corrected by the patients themselves, by beginning work to improve these habits and thus stimulate the body’s manufacture of Human Growth Hormone.

Contact us today so we can help you discover the Sermorelin regimen that is right for you.


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