Sermorelin Therapy, What it is, How it Works and Sleep Health

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 15th, 2024
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Real Sermorelin, originally called Geref, encourages an increase in natural HGH production.

It is an advantageous method of boosting Human Growth Hormone levels without having to inject HGH subcutaneously.

The Sermorelin molecule is a pituitary gland secretagogue for Growth Hormone (GH) of the GH releasing hormone class of molecules (GHRH).

A secretagogue is a molecule messenger that acts like a stimulant telling another organ to make more of something. It's a kind of request signal that says, "Hey, I need more of something specific!" and "I need this amount of specific."

The amount of what it requests is dependent upon how much of the molecule messenger is released, and it gets more complicated because somatostatins can also tell the pituitary gland to stop the production of GH. So there are on and off switches in the body that are made up of molecules.

The problem with HGH is that if you inject it in doses higher than low optimal amounts, somatostatins can't have an effect on bringing the HGH levels down, and some people have an immune reaction, getting flu-like symptoms.

Hypothalamus and GHRH versus man-made Geref (Sermorelin).

Growth hormone-releasing hormone is released by the arcuate nucleus (or infundibular nucleus), which is an aggregation of neurons in the mediobasal part of the hypothalamus, in its endogenous forms and as somatorelin in its pharmaceutical form.

It is the specific secretagogue message guy that informs the pituitary gland that it needs to start putting together more HGH molecules and releasing them into the body.

Sermorelin is essentially the same thing as growth hormone-releasing hormone (but molecularly shorter 44 polypeptides versus 29) because it has the same job, it tells the anterior lateral wings of the pituitary gland that it needs to make HGH (as already stated) and then pump that HGH into the bloodstream.

So basically you have two choices to increase your HGH levels, you can either inject HGH or inject the hormone that tells your body to make more HGH.

Telling your body to make more HGH is the safer approach versus just injecting it. It's safer because it's a more natural pathway.

GHRP2 and GHRP6 Common but Not Recommended

Growth Hormone Releasing Factors (GHRF) like GHRP2 and GHRP6 are peptide fragments. Sometimes sermorelin acetate is mixed with ghrp-6, which is a GH releasing peptide or factor, it is not FDA approved, but still many places still sell it (we don't recommend this).

Another peptide GH factor is ghrp-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide Two); this is also sometimes mixed with Sermorelin.

Not a lot is known about these two trendy factors. However, for the best results, it is recommended to use sermorelin without these other peptides in your injection protocol (think long and hard on this).

The peptides mentioned above, ghrp-6 and ghrp-2 turn off a lot of patients because they make people feel hungry and have a higher risk of side effects.

Some patients who inject these fragments risk getting unusual bone growth.

Sermorelin prescription an affordable way to purchase HGH Therapy

Sermorelin therapy prescriptions provide a more cost accessible approach and alternative to direct HGH injections.

You can expect sermorelin therapy to cost much less than HGH treatments because it is a more natural molecule to manufacture industrially in genetic engineering laboratories.

Think of it this way; Sermorelin is 29 polypeptide chainlinks, whereas HGH is 191 amino acids.

Truthfully though both are easy to make, it's just that the greedy pharmaceutical companies keep the costs high for Human Growth Hormone.

You can expect to spend more than a grand on ordering HGH injections per month, and about one-third to one-quarter of that on Sermorelin therapy in the same given month.

Sermorelin is the way to go; it's cheaper; it's a better approach to HGH, and it has fewer risks, dangers, and side effects when done in low amounts that keep your IGF-1 levels in the lower to mid two hundred nanograms per deciliter.

Personalized Approach to HRT: Sermorelin, HGH, and Testosterone

All of our new patients are given the care and service they need because each new client has exceptional HRT needs, symptoms of deficiency that they are experiencing, and medical conditions that require evaluation.

Our physicians will carefully review each of our patient's medical history, blood work panels, and physical exam documentation to determine, with the patient's consent, what is the best program protocol and options available for them.

We explain everything; nothing is left unknown.

Our quality of life patient advisors and hormone consultants are always happy to review the possible purchase costs of our hormone replacement therapy programs before patients even get started.

This means you are fully informed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, there is no obligation to purchase anything, so go ahead and pick our brains. We encourage you to shop around for the best treatment and service too, we won't be undersold, and our patient advisors are the best in the industry.

Sleep Health and Sermorelin

Sleep is the source of youthfulness and good health.

They call it beauty sleep for a good reason. And since Sermorelin is usually prescribed to be injected before bedtime, sleep is a vital thing to discuss, because of its central role in any HRT program.

Quality of sleep is something that deteriorates as a person ages. In childhood, we require a lot of sleep each day, but as we get older that need declines, especially our later adult years and senior decades, we might not always wake up fully rejuvenated or require as much rest.

Do you have sleep pattern difficulties? Do you have trouble sleeping at night or find yourself needing to take a nap during the day for no reason at all?

The vast portion of natural HGH release is well known to occur at night while we are resting, with the highest release known to occur during the deepest hours of sleep (between the 8th and 7th hours).

It makes sense that fewer hours of deep, restful sleep can result in the lower natural production of human growth hormone creation in the body.

Sermorelin Acetate therapy can promote improved sleep patterns, longer sleep cycles, and deeper sleep that result in patients waking up feeling more fully refreshed.

And because we believe restful and rejuvenating sleep is the root of any HRT program, you will find that Sermorelin will help you to wake up feeling great in the morning.

HGH Sermorelin Therapy Together

HGH therapy and Sermorelin therapy more or less offer the same potential medical treatment but in slightly different ways.

It is believed that recombinant HGH injection therapy will ultimately have more or less the same results and provide the same benefits as the pituitary gland secretagogue stimulation approach.

Still, indeed the cost is much lower with Sermorelin, and it also is considered to be much safer than injectable HGH alone concerning the safety profile, benefits, and risks. However, some opt to combine the two therapies in low doses.

Testosterone and HCG synergy similar to HGH and Sermorelin synergy

Just as the safety and benefits profile of testosterone replacement can be improved by stimulating the natural testosterone release with HCG human chorionic gonadotropin, the safety and general benefits of injectable HGH treatments are also enhanced when one boosts the natural production of growth hormone at the pituitary gland level with Sermorelin acetate injections.

HGH and sermorelin acetate, together provide human growth hormone replacement deficiency treatment for adults that are synergistic. HGH injections give the body an immediate boost of this vital hormone, whereas Sermorelin acetate helps to stimulate the body to increase its natural manufacturing of HGH. These drugs work together beautifully to keep IGF-1 levels optimized in concert.

The Best Sermorelin Therapy is Doctor Prescribed

Being educated in hormone replacement therapy and thus choosing a well versed HRT clinic is the safest and easiest method to get the best treatment that will provide you with effectiveness and value for your time, energy, and money.

Some patients seek hormone replacement treatment through their primary physician, but rarely get a truly comprehensive treatment from their family specialist, because most family doctors are reticent about prescribing injectable hormones.

Most primary physicians are not knowledgeable about hormone replacement therapy and thus are less likely to prescribe these types of treatment protocols, typically because they lack the know-how and knowledge that a hormone specialist has from years of experience.

This is why it is better to choose a hormone specialist, endocrinologist, and anti-aging certified physician rather than your family doctor for sermorelin injections.

Customized Sermorelin Treatment and where to buy the best Sermorelin injections. 

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to HRT hormone replacement therapy is the wrong way to get started and proceed with an injection treatment protocol.

With our clinic, you will get an affordable and well designed HRT program that is personalized for your needs.

Together with our physicians and with your input, a co-created protocol will help you to get the benefits you are seeking.

Our customized programs will far exceed your expectations because they are safe and effective in helping you replenish and optimize your deficient hormone levels and alleviate the symptoms that are holding you back from living life to its fullest.

Take the first step and fill out our communication box; a patient advisor will reach out to you. Be sure to leave a valid phone number.

Your information is kept confidential and secure.


Sermorelin: A better approach to management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency?


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