Sermorelin vs. Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on November 20th, 2023
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Bio-Identical Injectable HGH Therapy is widely used in the United States for the treatment of Age-Related Growth Hormone Deficiency (diagnosed as adult-onset growth hormone deficiency and hypopituitarism), as a means to mitigate the symptoms of HGH Decline.

This condition is also known as Somatic Senescence.

Our bodies naturally produce less and less Human Growth Hormone, the older that we get, and this is embedded in the way that our bodies age.

Signs strongly suggest that the physiological changes that take place resulting from Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency break down our body's ability to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate itself, exacerbating many issues related to aging.

This is why as we age we experience muscle decline and diminished cognitive ability.

Doctors are Prescribing Sermorelin Acetate Instead of HGH

Injectable Sermorelin Acetate is increasing in popularity among Hormone Doctors and medical practitioners as opposed to injectable HGH Therapy.

One reason is that there hasn't been sufficient study to evaluate the long-term effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and many doctors believe Sermorelin to be a better alternative based upon how it acts similar to growth hormone-releasing hormone.

Another reason is that there are strong regulations in place which prevent licensed and board-certified Hormone Physicians from prescribing HGH Injections to their full extent.

Sermorelin is less regulated than HGH, and on balance, physicians are finding that on average there seem to be fewer side effects with Sermorelin when prescribed in proper dosages.

Issues Related to the Prescription of Bio-Identical HGH Therapy:

  • Because Human Growth Hormone Injections are a scheduled drug, they cannot be prescribed off-label, and thus are only available to adults suffering from HGH Deficiency, Hypopituitarism, adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, or HIV/AIDS-Wasting Disease.
  • HGH Therapy does not accurately reflect how the body naturally produces HGH, which reduces the body's ability to create its own Growth Hormone.
  • If patients chronically receive too much Human Growth Hormone, it can lead to detrimental side effects.

Growth Hormone Deficiency and Decline

There is a lot of data available concerning patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency of a pathological cause, but there are much fewer data available about the use of HGH for Age-Related Growth Hormone Decline.

In other words, HGH is not an Anti-Aging magic bullet, but it can help to mitigate symptoms associated with low IGF-1.

It is clear that for patients with significant HGH Deficiency of a pathological source, that HGH Injections can significantly improve long-term health, but the data is insufficient to conclusively make the same claim for patients with age-related HGH Deficiency that it is the best source of treatment.

Sermorelin, on the other hand, has been showing a lot of promise according to many doctors in many case studies as a better alternative to HGH for treating low IGF-1 and mitigating symptoms associated with aging.

Many doctors are switching their patients to Sermorelin to treat low IGF-1 levels and finding that there tend to be fewer problems with long-term use than HGH. However, these are case studies, and more clinical research is required to determine what is ultimately fact or fiction.

Potential Risks of HGH Therapy for Growth Hormone Deficiency

There are also some unanswered questions concerning the use of HGH Injection Therapy for such purposes.

For example, there is some debate about how Human Growth Hormone Treatments may increase cancer risk, or if patients receive too much HGH, it could increase the risk of health issues like diabetes.

HGH injections increase IGF-1, and Insulin-like growth factor one has been associated with cancer and diabetes when levels are too high for too long.

There is also the issue with how suppressing Growth Hormone Production by the Pituitary may impact the balance of other hormones produced by the body.

These issues have all been debated, though no overwhelming evidence has been presented in their favor or against HGH as the best course of action versus Sermorelin.

One thing is known for sure: that people who live very long lives tend to have lower IGF-1 levels, so elevating IGF-1 levels too high for too long can potentially shorten one's lifespan.

They have found in centenarians and super-centenarians that they often have low IGF-1 levels.

The bottom line is that the research indicates that people with high levels of IGF-1 over the long term put themselves at higher risk for cancer, diabetes, and other health-related issues.

So this is the irony of HGH and Sermorelin treatments -- they can mitigate symptoms associated with aging but at the risk of shortening one's lifespan.

Though these risks are backed up by research, Sermorelin and HGH are wildly popular and are continuing to grow in popularity with every decade.

It is interesting to note that many people would prefer to look young and healthy, and have a higher quality of life, at the risk of a potentially shorter life span.

HGH Injections and Pituitary Secretion Decline

There are other issues related to HGH Injection Therapy that have been noted and are inherent in the use of the treatment. For example, since Injectable Growth Hormone is delivered once daily in a subcutaneous fashion, there is no way to encourage the body to use the HGH naturally, as the hormone is immediately metabolized and absorbed.

There are no natural forces in place to control the absorption of HGH introduced into the bloodstream. Over time, the use of Injectable Growth Hormone in this fashion can lead to a reduction in the total effectiveness of the treatment.

HGH and Sermorelin Dosage

There is also no effective means to precisely diagnose the level of HGH Deficiency other than an IGF-1 blood test, and provide the perfect level of treatment.

HGH Deficiency diagnosis is the result of analyzing IGF-1 levels, in combination with the patient's self-evaluated experience of symptoms in the quality of life questionnaire.

This provides the physician with a basis for prescribing a Sermorelin or HGH dosage. Physicians typically prescribe 0.5 IUs to 2 IUs a day of HGH, in a five days on, two days off pattern.

Many doctors believe low doses of HGH are the way to go and aim to get their patients IGF-1 levels in the middle two-hundred range. More than 2 IUs per day can be dangerous if it causes one's IGF-1 levels to go above 300 to 350 nanograms per deciliter. 1 IU is thought to raise a person's IGF-1 levels by 100 nanograms per deciliter, but this is not exact, because one's height, weight, and age are significant factors.

Sermorelin dosage is usually 200 micrograms up to about 1,000 micrograms per day, but generally toward the lower end of this range near the 200 microgram dosage.

Sermorelin is a Shortened Version of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone

There is a treatment available that can mitigate many of the factors which make HGH Injection Therapy less-than-ideal, while also encouraging the body to maintain regular and healthy Growth Hormone Levels.

Sermorelin Therapy is a Growth Hormone Alternative that is just as effective as HGH Therapy in the short term while reducing the risk of side effects and other issues that are related to long-term treatment.

Sermorelin is derived from a hormone produced naturally by the human body, known as GH-RH, or Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone.

The medication is also known as 1-29 NH2-Acetate, as it is comprised of the first 29 amino acids of naturally occurring GH-RH. In other words, it's a shortened version of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone.

Thus, instead of 44 polypeptide chains like GH-RH, Sermorelin is the first 29 amino acids. This number of amino acids in the chain has been determined to be the minimum length to get a similar result to GH-RH.

Buy Real Sermorelin Injections Treatment for Sale Prescribed by a Physician

Sermorelin is increasing in popularity among both patients and their doctors because it provides many of the great benefits of HGH Therapy for patients with Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency while avoiding some of the potential pitfalls and cost issues. Anti-Aging Clinics and Longevity Specialists have begun to turn to Sermorelin as opposed to Bio-Identical HGH for this reason.

Neither Sermorelin nor HGH are Anti-Aging Drugs, but both can be useful tools in restoring Hormone Balance for patients.

People who are looking to buy real Sermorelin injections for sale can do so by getting a prescription from a legitimate Sermorelin Clinic.

Take the first step and use the communication form to reach us so we can discuss the costs of Sermorelin with you and what is necessary to get started with a dosage protocol.

GHRP2 and GHRP6 Review

In the future there may be other treatments available — for example, there are GH-RH Peptides under development, but they are still in preliminary phases.

Some clinical evidence even shows that they may enhance physical capacity in older patients.

Whereas these other treatments will potentially be available in the future, Sermorelin Acetate is being prescribed and is effective today, and for patients with Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency or Hypopituitarism, Sermorelin is mostly the better option available.

GHRP2 and GHRP6 are not FDA-approved, so reviews of these growth factor peptides are often hype. The best thing to do is stay away from them because they have not been tested with years of double-blind studies.

Sermorelin First Invented as a Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment

Sermorelin was created as a treatment for children with HGH Deficiency, but Injectable HGH was found to be more useful for this purpose. Sermorelin is less often used as a pediatric HGH Deficiency treatment, but that might change.

Sermorelin can't induce the elevated HGH Levels necessary to encourage growth in children.

However, evidence strongly shows that it can promote the production of Human Growth Hormone that is physiologically normal for a young adult, meaning that it can help patients that are experiencing Somatopause gain a more ideal hormone state, facilitated by the release of their own natural hormones.

Furthermore, there are many distinct benefits of Sermorelin over Human Growth Hormone, owing directly to the way that it is processed by the body:

  • Sermorelin encourages more normalized patterns of Human Growth Hormone Release than Bio-Identical HGH, which is metabolized fully and at once.
  • Because Sermorelin encourages a more physiologically natural release of HGH, the body does not display any risk of reduced sensitivity to the hormone, or tachyphylaxis.
  • Negative-feedback mechanisms prevent the body from producing an overdose of HGH, primarily through the release of Somatostatin, a hormone that blocks the activation of GH-RH receptor sites on the pituitary.
  • Sermorelin maintains the normal function of the Hypophyseal Portal System which transports hormones from the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary.
  • Sermorelin effectively preserves natural Hormone Balance, keeping the neuroendocrine system running in a more optimized pattern.

Legal Restrictions on HGH Make Sermorelin Acetate More Popular

One major roadblock concerning Human Growth Hormone Therapy is that it is highly restricted in how it can be used, more than the vast majority of other prescription drugs.

Sermorelin Therapy, on the other hand, can be prescribed by a licensed and board-certified Hormone Doctor at his or her discretion.

Because of the risks inherent with the prescription of such tightly controlled drugs, Sermorelin is growing in popularity because it provides the same benefits with distinct advantages for most patients, without the risk.

Aside from that, Sermorelin is cheaper than Bio-Identical HGH Therapy, meaning that patients prefer it for budget reasons as well. Patients who went on Testosterone replacement and Sermorelin reported the best results over testosterone and HGH, but this is on average, as everyone is different.

A proper testosterone replacement therapy includes HCG (to keep the testicles nice and full), Arimidex (to block aromatization of testosterone to estrogen) and Sermorelin injections seems to be, for many people, the magic combination. Before starting any program, always do extensive research and get a second and third opinion from experienced doctors.

Know the dangers, risks, and side effects of any hormone replacement therapy program before getting started with one.

Sermorelin Injections for Men and Weight Loss

One of the benefits that men have been reporting about Sermorelin injections, that have made it wildly popular, is that it has weight loss properties.

Men usually gain weight around the midsection -- the spare tire as it has been called -- and it is often hard to lose weight in this area of the body.

Men using Sermorelin shots have reported improvements in body composition, slimmer waistline, muscle development, tighter healthier skin, and improved libido.


Growth hormone in the aging male

Growth hormone therapy in GH-deficient adults: continuous vs alternate-days treatment.

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