Seven Ways to Help You Burn Calories Faster and More Effectively

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on December 1st, 2023
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We all know that there are ultimately two ways to lose weight—Reduce the number of calories that you take in or burn more calories through your activity.

It's easy to reduce losing weight to its core concepts, but there are a lot of tactics that you can engage in to improve your metabolic rate and amplify your calorie-burning power.

Maximizing the fat-burning power of your workouts depends on taking advantage of tactics which boost EPOC, which stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Your body burns calories during exercise, but physical activity also promotes the metabolic rate for a period after training is complete.

The harder and more effectively that you work your body, the longer that you will experience this metabolic boost.

EPOC is a combination of four factors—your body has to return to normal body temperature, reconstitute stores of glycogen, eliminate lactic acid build-up, and repair and rebuild muscle.

By engaging in techniques that boost your EPOC, you can enhance your fat-burning power by as much as 15%. The goal of this article is to inform you of some ways that you can lose weight by improving your workout routine to boost its fat-burning effects and enhance EPOC.

Engage in Exercises that Target Muscle Groups

Compound Exercises are among the most effective means to improve fat burning power and also boost HGH and Testosterone Levels.

Your body uses more energy to work out full muscle groups rather than exercises that target one muscle in particular. This applies to both cardiovascular training and weightlifting.

For example, your body will burn calories for longer after an hour-long swim or a run than after an hour on a bicycle. This is because running and swimming are full-body workouts, whereas cycling focuses primarily on the glutes and quads.

Concerning lifting, you should focus on exercises like squats, crunches, and chest press rather than focusing solely on triceps, biceps, etc.

Heavy Lifting Boosts Metabolism After Workouts

Along with targeting muscle groups, you should also focus on lifting fewer reps of more weight if you are interested in losing weight and gaining strength.

When you push your body to the edge of its capacity, you boost HGH and Cortisol Levels, both of which have a beneficial effect on your EPOC metabolism.

Your body can reap the rewards from a heavy lifting session for as long as 38 hours after the workout has subsided.

High-Intensity Interval Training Surges Human Growth Hormone Levels and Skyrockets Metabolism

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most popular forms of exercise among personal trainers across America today. HIIT focuses on cardiovascular conditioning with an anaerobic twist.

In HIIT, you alternate between a comfortably brisk pace and going as hard and as fast as you can. Any cardiovascular exercise can incorporate HIIT—running, cycling, rowing, swimming, and more.

By alternating between baseline and your physiological peak energy expenditure, you facilitate HGH production and encourage the body to tap adipose body fat reserves.

There are a variety of HIIT routines, do your research and find one that works best for you.

Metabolic Resistance Training for Weight Loss

Metabolic Resistance Training shares some characteristics with HIIT but encourages the same physiological response with a different technique.

Whereas HIIT is based on cardiovascular exercise, Metabolic Resistance Training is rooted in an anaerobic method.

Metabolic Resistance Training utilizes heavy weights (but not max load).

You perform reps quickly, 8-12 reps at a time. A key to this form of training is that you take short breaks between sets, only 15-30 seconds. This pushes your muscles hard and encourages enhanced metabolism and provides you with strong anabolic results at the same time.

Listen to What Your Body Tells You

With modern technology, you can maximize your interval training through the use of a heart monitor.

Many exercise machines incorporate heart monitors into the equipment, but there are also other products, such as the famous Fitbit, which can help you be more aware of your heart rate as you exercise. Ideally, you want to alternate between an intense pace and a brisk, moderately challenging pace.

During your bursts, your heart rate should be 84-91% max, and during your baseline, you should be between 71-83% of your max. Utilize the concepts behind HIIT to alternate between the two phases.

Supersets Boost Metabolism and Enhance Muscle-Building Power

Another way to improve the effectiveness and intensity of your anaerobic workout is by utilizing the superset approach.

Supersets involve pairing two related workout sets to amplify the effects on your muscles. Often, these exercises work for the same muscle groups, but with a different emphasis (such as curls/extensions or squats/lunges).

By putting pressure on your muscles in such a way, you make them work harder, thereby increasing the speed that your body burns calories both during and after the workout.

Always Use Weights that Challenge You

As you can see, pushing your body to its limit is a prominent aspect of maximizing your EPOC and your calorie-burning potential.

Concerning lifting, your final set of reps should always be heavy enough where you have to challenge yourself to complete the set.

Push yourself to the point of strain, but don't hurt yourself. Target a weight in which you can just barely finish the set at your current strength level. This will really push your body into recovery mode. It will not only make you stronger, but it will melt away the pounds!


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