Sleep Deprivation and Disruption Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Professor Kean, Updated on February 19th, 2024
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Sexual dissatisfaction is rooted in many causes. If you've been having issues with your sexual function, understand that you are not alone. While erectile dysfunction often occurs in the absence of other health issues, around 44% of males treated for erectile dysfunction can link their sexual frustrations to another underlying health problem.

If you're experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, remember that there is no shame in reaching out to a professional. You should also examine your personal health and lifestyle profile and consider potential secondary issues which may be contributing to the decline in your sexual well-being. Low-quality sleep is a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction that causes problems for tens of thousands of men nationwide, if not more.

When treating sexual issues such as Erectile Dysfunction and Low-T, the best course of action is to treat your affliction as close to the root as possible. There's no reason to turn to Viagra or Cialis if you can restore your ability more directly. Likewise, it's best to regain Testosterone through natural mechanisms like weight loss and strength training before turning to Testosterone Therapy. Suppose you could improve your Testosterone Levels and your Erectile Function by enhancing your sleep quality. In that case, that's the best possible route not only for your sexual health but your overall well-being!

Sleep Deprivation Lowers Testosterone and Impairs Sexual Function

Sleep is an indelible aspect of health and human function. Sleep deprivation contributes to various issues that can negatively affect sexual satisfaction and relationship quality. Poor sleep leads to irritability, sluggishness, and fatigue. Sleeping issues trigger anxiety and stress while also negatively impacting circulation and Testosterone Levels. This combination of emotional, psychological, and physiological factors can build a sexual barrier between a man and his partner. A psychology professor from Cal State University described this combination of tension and fatigue caused by poor sleep quality as “tense tiredness.”

Erectile Dysfunction and the health issues which contribute to it can often be easily treated. Unfortunately, millions of men are wary about going to the doctor, especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as sexual health. It's essential to recognize that health professionals have lots of experience with men in similar situations, and there is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about. You may even come out of the situation relieved because you realize how many men out there are dealing with issues just like yours.

Sleep Disorders are very strongly correlated to erectile health issues. When you go to talk to a Men's Health Specialist, you'll likely answer questions about your sleeping habits and circumstances during your first appointment. Many men find that their erectile dysfunction doesn't lead to ED pills but to a sleep clinic for further study.

Erectile Dysfunction is Often Caused by Sleep Apnea

For many men, poor sexual health is a direct result of chronic sleep disturbance. This is especially the case when the diagnosis is Sleep Apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a condition in which normal breathing is disrupted during sleep, preventing the body from establishing a normal sleep pattern. This can lead to various issues associated with cardiovascular health and vascular function. Studies show that men with Sleep Apnea tend to have lower Testosterone and also more issues with poor circulation, which both contribute to symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. As you consider seeing a specialist for your sexual performance issues, remember that erectile issues are largely a barometer for overall cardiovascular health. Visiting a Men's Health Clinic may be your first step in reducing heart disease risk, relieving hypertension, or getting critical treatment for prediabetes/diabetes.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is diagnosed via sleep study and is often treated using a CPAP machine. CPAPs work by delivering a pressurized stream of oxygenated air through an obstructed airway to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream and prevent disruptions in breathing.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive Fogginess
  • Still Tired Even After a Long Night of Sleep
  • Sore Throat/Dry Mouth Upon Waking
  • Preference to Sleep on Side
  • Headaches in the Morning
  • Loud Snoring
  • Waking Up Gasping for Breath
  • Pain in Knees, Hips, Neck, or Shoulders Upon Waking Up
  • Morning Agitation/Anxiety
  • Low Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction

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