Sogroya HGH Therapy For Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Written by Professor Kean, Updated on February 14th, 2024
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HGH Deficiency is a considerable concern for men and women as they get older. Human Growth Hormone is a critical aspect of the network of hormones that control core metabolic function. If Growth Hormone Levels fall out of balance, it can lead to health issues that impede vitality and lead to diminished quality of life. Bio-Identical HGH Injections help people with Hypopituitarism boost HGH Levels back into the healthy zone associated with peak wellness.

Moving Past Daily HGH Injections

While Prescription Human Growth Hormone is highly effective at repairing Hormone Imbalance due to HGH Decline, one of the downsides has always been the frequency that Injections are required for adequate treatment. HGH Prescriptions such as Norditropin and Humatrope have to be administered at least five days per week to provide consistent results. While HGH Pens and other tools make it easier to go through with the shots relatively painlessly, the regimen still leaves something to be desired for the patient.

HGH Therapy with Sogroya is a new option for the treatment of Somatopause and Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency that will make it easier for patients to stick with treatment and achieve long-term results with HGH. Sogroya is a once-weekly Subcutaneous Growth Hormone Injection that increases ease of use for patients without sacrificing the safety or effectiveness of treatment.

Sogroya FDA-Approved Effective for HGH Deficiency

Sogroya is a product of Novo Nordisk, and its generic name is somapacitan-beco. FDA approval followed a successful trial of 300 HGH Deficiency Patients that had never previously received treatment. The study was double-blind in nature and lasted for 35 weeks. Patients were split into three groups—One group prescribed Sogroya, a second took traditional daily somatropin HGH, and a third was control. The control group experienced increased abdominal fat, while Sogroya patients lost 1.06% abdominal fat and somatropin participants lost 2.23%.

Who Can Benefit From Sogroya?

Sogroya is intended for adults who struggle with the effects of Adult Hypopituitarism, a condition in which the body produces insufficient Human Growth Hormone to meet the human body's physiological needs. Sogroya can be used by patients that have been prescribed Somatropin Growth Hormone or patients that have never received HGH Therapy before.

The Ideal Dosage of Sogroya

When beginning with Sogroya Injections, the starting dosage is 1.5 milligrams per week. This starting prescription is designed to help your doctor pinpoint the exact amount of Sogroya necessary to provide relief without raising HGH Levels too high. While Human Growth Hormone is essential and beneficial for good health, too much HGH can lead to unhealthy and potentially dangerous side effects.

Novo Nordisk recommends increasing the dosage every two to four weeks until ideal Growth Hormone Levels are achieved, based on underlying measurements of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1. The dose should be augmented by .5-1.5 milligrams with each adjustment. Doctors measure HGH Levels indirectly via IGF-1 to get a more accurate snapshot of your Growth Hormone Production, as HGH is naturally produced in fits and surges, while IGF-1 Levels remain relatively predictable.

Could Sogroya Be Right For You?

Thousands of adults are diagnosed with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency every year. It's inevitable that thousands more never get the treatment that they need. If you've been on the fence about getting HGH Therapy or are concerned about your Hormone Balance, it's time for you to reach out to a certified Hormone Specialist. We offer Comprehensive Hormone Panels that can pinpoint the source of your Hormonal Issues and get you set up with quality HRT Treatments that can give you more energy, help you lose weight, improve your metabolic sufficiency, and more.

Sogroya can help people with Hypopituitarism and Andropause enhance body composition, improve lean muscle mass, feel better about themselves, and unlock fat stores to help them healthily lose weight. Our HRT Doctors will diligently reveal your underlying hormone needs and offer suggestions and professional help to get your vitality back on track!

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