The Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet Can Carry You to a New World of Weight Loss and Pleasure

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on September 9th, 2023
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Oh, no, not another diet that will help you lose weight... there are so many of those already that don't work!

Low-carb, keto, vegan, gain all the weight back...and more!

But wait...hear us out on this one. The Dopamine Diet doesn't just focus on calories/carbs – it is a part of it – but it also takes into account something else that is essential to the well-being and functioning of our bodies.

Hormones! Specifically dopamine, the happy hormone.

What is Dopamine?

The fairly recently developed diet known as the Dopamine Diet, developed by Tom Kerridge, was originally formulated to increase the level of dopamine in your brain.

Dopamine is a very important hormone that we need in order to maintain good psychological health and a “happy” mood. Technically, dopamine is a neurotransmitter, meaning it sends messages between nerve cells.

Not only does it determine how we feel pleasure or happiness, but it also plays a role in our ability to think, plan for future events, focus, and what we find interesting or not.

In the scientific literature, it has been noted that people who are overweight have lower dopamine levels due to the large consumption of sugar and fatty foods.

This can then turn into a cycle of continuous bad eating habits as the lower dopamine levels then cause people to overeat as well, leading to increased weight gain and an even worse psychological mood.

How to Diet and Be Happy While Dieting!

The Tom Kerridge Diet focuses on consuming all the different foods that have been proven to increase dopamine levels. Most of these are healthy, nutritious, and filling foods as well. So what could be better? A diet that makes you happy and lose weight?! Count me in!

While eating foods that increase dopamine levels, you'll also want to restrict the foods or drinks that lower dopamine levels. These include alcohol, processed sugar, refined carbohydrates, and caffeine.

Some really good foods to eat are eggs, bananas, dark chocolate, and nuts. It's also a good idea to increase protein as you decrease processed sugar and refined carbohydrates as protein is composed of amino acids that are essential for dopamine production.

Proteins also give you a better feeling of satiety, meaning you feel more full after eating protein, which will help curb overeating or junk food cravings late at night.

A great start to the diet would be beginning with a protein-rich breakfast – dopamine levels will be boosted, you'll feel full, and consequently will reduce your consumption of fatty and sugary foods throughout the day.

Top Foods to Eat on the Dopamine Diet

Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese



Nuts: almonds and walnuts

Unprocessed meat

Dark chocolate


This diet even includes chocolate! Yes!

In addition to focusing on the foods listed above and restricting the others mentioned, you should also ensure that you do not skip any of your meals.

Maintain your typical eating habits such as three big meals a day. Otherwise, you may suffer from sudden swings in hormones and your appetite may drastically change leading to cravings or sudden drops in dopamine.

As stated previously, you should start your day with a protein-rich breakfast, focusing on lean protein. Examples include eggs, yogurt, nuts, and fruits.

Since you'll be reducing bad carbohydrates, you'll want to slightly increase mono- and polyunsaturated fats in your diet. Examples include olives, sesame and safflower oils, walnuts, avocado, and flaxseeds. A good amount of lean protein should always be included in your lunches and dinners as well.

As a final note, do not forget that exercise is another important factor in losing weight! Following the Tom Kerridge Diet while maintaining your current exercise program is perfectly fine.

If you are not currently following an exercise program, consider starting with yoga. Yoga can be either relaxing or sweat-inducing but either type can also increase dopamine production!

What do you think? Can you handle a diet that includes chocolate and also focuses on keeping you happy while simultaneously losing weight?

If you think you can, consider giving this science-based diet a try. Whether you lose weight or not, either way, you'll be happy!

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