HGH testimonial – They Thought I Was Dead. I Actually Had Low HGH!

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 17th, 2024
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My name is Dan. And I’m not kidding. I suffered from adult-onset HGH (human growth hormone) deficiency, although I didn’t know it then. And they all quite literally thought I was dead.

Who were “they”? -- you might ask. My friends. The crowd I used to hang out with. They thought I was actually dead.

Here’s how it happened. I was just 35 years old. Felt as young as can be. Had plenty of energy. I often hung out with my friends and partied like you wouldn’t believe. Dancing. Beach parties. Swimming. Went on hikes. A bit of mountain biking. Dates galore. Worked out, too.

Then it happened. I started to feel tired all the time. I started refusing invitations. I gained weight.

My muscles started to get flabby and weak. I got wrinkles in places I never had wrinkles before. I started looking older. A lot older. Older than my age, for sure.

I looked almost as old as my dad; I was much more tired than he was! Soon I even lost my taste for beautiful ladies. Too exhausting!

Eventually, I refused all invitations. I rarely went out anywhere. Before that happened, I started going to some doctors to see if they could figure out what was wrong with me. (Nothing they prescribed for me seemed to make much difference.)

So, the word got out in my crowd that I was sick. (And that was the absolute truth, for sure.) They knew I was trying various doctors to try to get cured. And then I just dropped off their radar. I stopped accepting invitations – I refused all of them.

Then I stopped taking calls; I felt so bad. All I wanted to do was sleep. Soon it got so terrible that I wouldn’t even answer a knock on the door or my doorbell ringing. My unread mail piled up so high it fell over.

So, I guess it’s natural that someone or other in my crowd, after a few months of that, would speculate or think out loud, “Gosh, I wonder if good old Dan finally died from whatever it was that was making him so sick and tired all time.” And you know how it goes when people start to talk.

One person says that, then it gets repeated a few times, the speculation turns into a rumor, and as it spreads, it seems like a certainty: Poor old Dan is dead.

Well, I wasn’t dead. I still had enough fight to keep trying to find out what was making me sick. After months of trying and half a dozen dead ends, I finally found this clinic that sponsors this Web page, and they gave me a quick and simple test.

The test told me I had an HGH deficiency, and the board-certified doctor designed a program to get my HGH levels back to par.

What a difference it made! None of the other docs had done a lick of good, but getting my HGH levels back to normal brought back the Dan I used to be!

Now I’m back on the beaches, the mountains, the mountain biking trails, and back in the dating game, more robust and better than ever before. People say I look 26 instead of 36. All the flab is gone, and my workouts at the gym are getting me great results.

I'm also back in the gym. When my growth hormone levels were meager, I had no energy whatsoever. I could not get a good night's sleep, and I was shoveling down too much junk food.

The good news is that, besides the top-notch hormone replacement treatment, the HGH clinic addressed all aspects of good health, such as nutrition, reducing stress, the importance of hydration, how to beat insomnia, nutritional supplements, and a comprehensive fitness routine that considered my current physical condition.

Adult-onset HGH deficiency is a terrible illness, so bad that they thought I was dead! Now I am cured and have my life back. My friends are so glad to see me looking younger, healthier, and more vital than ever. If you have symptoms like mine, get tested today.

Thank you, Dan, for sharing these personal feelings!

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