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Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on January 1st, 2024
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Sermorelin is the shortened bio-identical equivalent of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, also known as GH-RH. GH-RH is produced by the hypothalamus and spurs the manufacture and secretion of HGH by the pituitary.

When we’re young, high levels of growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland, which allows the body to grow at the rapid rate that occurs during puberty.

This can be supplemented with Sermorelin Injections, which act as a secretagogue to stimulate higher HGH production in the body.

After our growth spurt has stopped, Human Growth Hormone (GH or HGH) still helps us stay healthy. It helps the body retain the high level of vitality and strength that we had in our teens and twenties.

Sadly, as we age further, the body starts to produce less and less GH-RH. Thus GH decline is inevitable. As levels of HGH in the body decline, the body is unable to maintain the same level of vitality, as the aging process continues to wreak havoc on our health and vigor.

Sermorelin Description

Sermorelin is a man-made derivative of GH-RH. It is an acetate salt that contains the same first 29 polypeptide amino acids as GH-RH. Though Sermorelin does not provide the entire amino acid sequence that occurs in GH-RH, it has an identical effect on the human body as GH-RH. Clinical studies have proven this time and time again.

Sermorelin is the latest of the secretagogue class, releasing hormones of the hypothalamus to be identified. Bio-identical HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy restores normal HGH levels by directly injecting active bio-identical HGH into the body or stimulating the natural production of HGH (the safer way to do it).

Sermorelin increases HGH levels in the blood by encouraging the pituitary gland to produce healthier levels (higher amounts) of HGH.

Sermorelin reacts with the body nearly identically to GH-RH regarding the hormone’s ability to activate the secretion of HGH in human patients.

Sermorelin and Childhood and Adult HGH Deficiency

Sermorelin has also been found to be highly effective in treating child HGH Deficiency for teens and pre-teens short of stature though there is evidence that some later developed risks may occur.

It has also been shown to benefit the lives of adults as well as children. There is a mountain of evidence that Sermorelin is more effective in alleviating Adult HGH Deficiency versus HGH injections, counter-intuitive, but that is the direction many physicians are going.

Injectable GH-RH was approved for child use under supervision by the Food and Drug Administration in 1997. It was made available to our clinic in 1998. Sermorelin treatment is an experimental treatment for adults, but after almost two decades, it has established itself as rock-solid when conducted in low, cautious doses and IGF-1 monitoring.

They have prescribed a dose that is no more than half that administered to a child. The clinic must perform blood work and deem that you are approved to participate in the Adult Sermorelin program that our clinic is currently conducting. Call us; we want to talk to you about our Sermorelin cycles.

All evidence thus far suggests that adults who suffer from HGH Deficiency can find great benefit in Sermorelin therapy, leading to the alleviation of the effects of aging that are associated with adult growth hormone deficiency.

It also appears thoroughly useful in the treatment of many age-related medical issues as well. Patients who find that GH-RH Treatment is not meeting their needs are encouraged to undergo HGH Replacement Therapy.

The opposite is also true. Though Both HGH Replacement Therapy and Sermorelin treatments both treat the same issue, they combat it through different processes that can often have different levels of effectiveness depending upon the biology of the patient.

The benefits of Sermorelin:

Increase lean muscle mass

Blowtorch ugly, disease-producing fat

Easily fall into a deep, restorative sleep

Pump up IGF-1 levels

Multiply the immune system’s ability to fight off disease and illness

Increase stamina, and gives the ability to work out longer and harder

Increase HGH production

How to Administer Sermorelin Injections

Sermorelin acetate powder is delivered to your home via FedEx from a U.S. licensed pharmacy located in the United States, and the package comes as a lyophilized powder (freeze-dried).

Along with the powder, we also deliver sterilized bacteria static water for mixing with the powder. When the two are combined, the water reconstitutes the Sermorelin, making it ready for injection.

3Ccs of the sterilized and treated water are slowly dripped into the sermorelin vial at a forty-five-degree angle to minimize the level of physical disturbance of the white powder in tablet form sitting at the bottom of a clear glass vial.

There is a particular protocol for the proper mixture that you will receive with your Sermorelin prescription and package that will help ensure that you safely inject the solution subcutaneously.

We offer many videos on our website, and we can consult with you over the phone how to mix your Sermorelin and inject it.

Sermorelin is injected into the body fat, subcutaneously (directly below the dermis and the epidermis), using a tiny needle similar to what diabetics use for insulin injection.

Injections are initially prescribed daily, and decrease or increase over time depending on some factors like your IGF-1 levels and how you feel.

The best time to inject Sermorelin is bedtime since HGH is mostly released during sleep, allowing the body to repair and recuperate.

Sermorelin injections mimic the effects of HGH in the body. In addition to this, other advantages make Sermorelin worth considering:

The release of HGH caused by Sermorelin injections is controlled by the body. The body releases somatostatins when it reaches sufficient levels of HGH.

The takeaway is this: Sermorelin has a built-in fail-safe that prevents accidental overdose compared to HGH, which has more risks.

Cells and tissue exposed to HGH released from the pituitary gland as a result of Sermorelin injections follow the exact same “burst pattern” that is the standard way HGH is secreted.

This means that Sermorelin will not cause the body to cease its own natural production of HGH when injections are adequately conducted! Sermorelin allows the body to keep up its own production of HGH in a far more natural manner than other methods.

How to tell if Sermorelin is working

Drawing blood is not sufficient for accurate measurement of Sermorelin’s effectiveness. Most physicians measure its effectiveness by the study of symptoms, physical appearance, and sizes, along with more frequent blood analysis.

The first symptom of Sermorelin’s effectiveness is improved sleep. This is followed by skyrocketing energy levels and a more enhanced mindset.

After 3 to 6 months, noticeable changes increases in muscle tone, a leaner physique, and glowing skin begin to appear.

At this point, the dosage can be safely reduced to a maintenance level, with no further need for daily injections.

Typical dosages are 300 micrograms per night to 100 micrograms per night. One bottle of Sermorelin injections would last ten days at a dosage of 300 micrograms per day.

At the lower dosage of 200 micrograms, one bottle would last fifteen days. Depending on your needs and your budget, either of these regimens will lead to success. One hundred micrograms would result in the vial lasting about one month.

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