Vitamins That Revitalize and Restore Healthy Hair

Written by Professor Kean, Updated on March 4th, 2024
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A beautiful head of hair involves more than just conditioner and shampoo. Hair doesn't exist in isolation from the body; it is a product of the body's daily function. Your hair is actually an extension of your overall health, and dietary deficiencies can impact your hair's strength, sheen, and volume. Luckily, our Wellness Clinic offers high-quality nutritional supplements direct from Douglas Labs.

Let's learn about some of the vitamins and nutrients that contribute to good hair health.

Vitamin A is critical to cellular division and growth. It's very popular in skin care products but also great for your hair. This vitamin is often used to stimulate hair growth and helps maintain natural hair oils and moisture. On the other hand, an overdose of Vitamin A can speed up the hair's life cycle and cause it to fall out early. Use supplements as directed to prevent this outcome!

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) is a top ingredient in most nails, hair, and skin products. This vital nutrient helps promote optimal cellular metabolism, giving your cells the energy required to perform routine maintenance and remain in peak condition. Research shows that Biotin supplements boost volume while helping to treat and restore thinning hair.

Vitamin E is popular in skin care products and promotes a healthy scalp. This improves hair growth and reverses male pattern baldness, as with minoxidil. Vitamin E and Biotin work together to fight off the negative influence of Free Radicals.

Collagen is essential for firm skin and strong hair. It's a central component of keratin, the critical structural ingredient of hair. Collagen doesn't cause hair to grow but keeps hair resilient and protects it from breakage. Keratin is great for reviving dead ends. Collagen even keeps hair looking more youthful and can postpone early graying.

Vitamin C helps synthesize the collagen that your skin and hair need. While collagen is used as a haircare ingredient, Vitamin C supplements can help you make your own collagen more efficiently while also fighting off bacteria and diminishing the influence of DHT, which promotes balding.

Iron is an oft-overlooked ingredient for good hair. It transports the oxygen that supports the follicles which grow hair. Research shows that Iron supplements can strengthen and thicken both hair and nails. Anemia can limit hair growth and increase the rate of shedding.

Our Healthcare Clinic Offers Certified High-Quality Douglas Labs Health Supplements!

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