What Do You Mean, “Board Certified Physicians”?

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on November 15th, 2023
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Every physician at our clinic is board certified – you probably know that already from reading our introductory material.

But what does “board-certified” mean? And does it matter?

We believe it matters a great deal.

Physicians must undergo extensive training, and you’d think that always means a lot. In most cases, it does – but some countries and regions have different medical degree requirements.

In some cases, those requirements are laxer than those in the United States. Most people can’t tell just by looking at a degree on the wall of a doctor’s office just how rigorous that doctor’s training really was.

And sadly, a few individuals put themselves forward as medical doctors who really are nothing of the kind.

Sometimes their fake degrees purport to be from overseas medical schools that are hard to check – and other times, they blatantly put the names of the most prestigious medical schools in the US and Europe on them, knowing that very few people will ever bother to check up (and doing that checking isn’t easy, either).

That’s one area where board certification comes in. There are around 25 medical certification boards in the US. It’s simple and easy to check on your doctor’s certification status with them – that’s one of the main reasons they exist.

Just ask the clinic or your physician what board has certified him or her, and contact the board for verification. They’ll be glad to help you and answer all your questions.

The board has done all the checking, testing, and other demanding work for you.

They check and certify each and every physician’s medical degree – and since the board is composed of the top physicians in the field, they’re very unlikely to be fooled by any fakers and pretenders.

Fraudsters will never get certified – they won’t even get to first base in the attempt.

To be board-certified, a physician must have been practicing in his field for a significant amount of time (they check up on that, too), must have been verified to have met all his medical degree requirements, and must undergo additional examinations – and very rigorous ones, considerably more rigorous than those given at medical school – that focus on his field of practice.

When you come to our clinic, you can be assured that you are receiving the best professional medical care provided by physicians who have demonstrated their competence, ethics, and in-depth education in their specialties.

Hawkers of the myriad “HGH booster supplements” and the like you’ll find online cannot make that statement.

Shady dealers in questionable and illegal “imported HGH” from Canadian or Mexican or Indian, or other foreign “pharmacies” (which often aren’t pharmacies at all) cannot make that statement.

So many people are suffering from HGH deficiency today. It steals their years – their very lives – away with misery, illness, weakness, and old age coming too soon. We want you to change your life for the better. Come and get tested by our board-certified physicians today.

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