Buy Sermorelin — What to do When Sermorelin Arrives in the Postal Mail

Written by Dr. White, Published on May 28th, 2018


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How do I mix the dosage of Sermorelin in order to inject it once it arrives by postal mail?

This will be a very short introduction to the very detailed articles we provide on our website.

To start at the very beginning, you have to blend your Sermorelin with water when it comes via the post office. We have some very detailed articles about how to mix Sermorelin with bacteriostatic water. First things first, call us when your package of Sermorelin arrives by FedEx or UPS, and we will clarify via telephone conference how to mix the water with the lyopholized powder of Sermorelin.

Seriously, you will be amazed at how utterly simple it is to reconstitute the white lyophilized Sermorelin powder using the vial of sterile water. Don’t be nervous or worried. You can rest assured we will make this whole process so easy, you will be delighted that you can do these injections by yourself without a doctor present. You will receive in the mail a vial of Sermorelin, contingent upon the size we pre-arrange. They come in 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, and 15mg. To decide what number of IU (what the worldwide units are in a vial of Sermorelin), simply multiply the milligrams by 3. So 3mg = 9 IU.

How Often do I Inject Sermorelin Acetate?

Simple infusions of Sermorelin are done via subcutaneous injection once per day, more often than not at sleep time. You want to make sure you go to bed on an empty stomach and take the Sermorelin injection 20 minutes before you are sure you will fall asleep. Pick up the phone and call. Or you can spend 20 minutes exploring our web site to read the absolutely meticulous and methodical instructions we provide that are accompanied with Sermorelin mixing and injection videos.

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