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Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on August 5th, 2023

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As men and women get older, it becomes increasingly important to make efforts to protect one's vitality.

When we are young, we are full of energy, strength, and spirit. As we age, it takes more and more effort to maintain the temple that is the human body.

Why is it so easy to stay happy and healthy when we are young? Why does it get so much more difficult to keep fit and trim as the years pass by? One primary reason why aging has such a powerful impact on well-being is because of health issues associated with Hormone Imbalance. Our Chicago Hormone Clinic works to improve the lives of patients by restoring Hormone Balance.

Human Growth Hormone is one of a collection of crucial hormones that tend to fall into a state of decay in correlation with age. Restoring HGH Levels with Sermorelin Acetate is an effective means to improve the health and wellness of patients over thirty struggling with the effects of Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Why Does Hormone Imbalance Interfere With Health?

The human body is a highly sophisticated machine. Eons of evolution have contributed to the modern physiological composition of the human body. Hormones are critical mediators of physiological function, and these Hormones work together in a delicate interplay to keep the body working as it should.

For reasons that we are just beginning to understand in the modern era of science, Hormone Balance starts to slowly fall into a state of disorder around the age of thirty.

Hormone Imbalance stemming from this echelon of the human lifespan is responsible for a considerable portion of what we recognize as aging, and declining Human Growth Hormone Levels are a central culprit of this decline in wellness and vitality.

Endocrinologists even have a term for Age-Associated HGH Deficiency—Somatopause.

Is HGH Deficiency Ruining Your Life? Understand the Symptoms of Somatopause

Because Human Growth Hormone is a keystone of healthy physiological function, Somatopause can have a dramatic effect on your capability to live your best life.

HGH is the cornerstone of cellular metabolism, meaning that it both unlocks the energy trapped in body fat and triggers healthy cellular turnover, encouraging optimal health.

As Growth Hormone Production passes a certain threshold, it diminishes your body's ability to keep up with the harsh demands of daily life. As HGH Levels continue to fall, the effects of Hypopituitarism become more severe.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency contributes to a host of symptoms that collectively impair quality of life, including increased body fat, diminished strength, reduced muscle tone, mood instability, decreased joint flexibility, suppressed immune system, impaired healing capacity, mild cognitive decline, and more.

The symptoms of HGH Deficiency uniquely impact every patient, and the only way to know for sure if Growth Hormone Deficiency is the cause of your health issues is by meeting with a physician, preferably one that specializes in Hormone Imbalance and Endocrine Disorders.

Chicago Sermorelin Therapy for Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment

For patients dealing with the litany of health issues related to Somatopause, Sermorelin Acetate is an excellent treatment option for patients looking for an affordable means to boost HGH Levels without missing out on effectiveness. Sermorelin Acetate is known as an HGH Secretagogue.

It's similar in molecular composition to naturally produced Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone and has the same physiological effect on the human body.

Both GH-RH and Sermorelin work by activating receptors on the anterior pituitary, which directly facilitate the secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin is delivered using an insulin needle and is given subcutaneously. Common administration sites include the stomach, the thighs, and the upper arm.

The injection is practically painless, and we also offer many products that are designed to make the injection process easier and quicker! Effective treatment requires a daily dose.

Sermorelin Prescriptions in Chicago Illinois

If you're a resident of the Chicago Metro Area interested in the beneficial effects of Sermorelin Acetate for HGH Restoration, our Illinois Hormone Therapy Clinic can help.

For most patients dealing with Somatopause, Sermorelin Acetate is just as active as HGH Injection Therapy but is much more affordable. With just a quick and easy blood test, we can reveal whether Growth Hormone Deficiency is impacting your quality of life, and we can determine whether therapeutic Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is right for you!

Chicago Hormone Testing for HGH Deficiency with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics

While many sites may offer HGH Boosters or even Growth Hormone Injections without a prescription, it's essential to understand that the only safe and reliable way to overcome HGH Deficiency is via diagnosis by a real and reputable physician.

Sermorelin Injections are very safe when used as directed for the treatment of diagnosed HGH Deficiency, but can lead to severe issues and side-effects when abused.

We work with highly venerated and trusted lab testing firms Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, to facilitate the process of Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis and Treatment without sacrificing the quality of care and service to the patient.

These companies have offices throughout the Chicago area, including in Naperville, Glenview, Hinsdale, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Orland Park, Joliet, and Tinley Park.

If you live in or near Chicago, we have a processing facility within just a short drive or ride from your home or work! If you would prefer, however, we can arrange for an affiliate to meet with you personally for collection!

Accurate and Comprehensive Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis in Chicago Illinois

Your appointment for HGH Deficiency diagnosis will be brief, and you can go through the entire process in a single morning. Show up to our affiliate, answer a few questions, provide a blood sample, and you can be on your way.

Along with that blood sample, we will also need documentation from a physical performed in the last six months. If you've not had a routine physical during that time, we can set up an appointment with a local doctor for a quick once over!

Your blood work will be rigorously tested, not only for signs of Somatopause (as characterized by a measurement of IGF-1 Level) but for various other Hormone Levels and indicators of general health.

The full battery of medical tests that we will perform is known as a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Once the results reach our Chicago Hormone Clinic, our HRT Specialists will provide comprehensive analysis and develop an action plan to improve your Hormone Balance and vitality!

Our Illinois Hormone Doctors have made it their goal to simplify the process of Hormone Optimization so that you can get started ASAP! Contact us today for a no-cost consultation with one of our highly qualified healthcare professionals!

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