Maximizing Your Sermorelin Acetate Program with Sunshine and Walking

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on September 12th, 2023
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If you are currently on a sermorelin acetate program to balance your growth hormone levels or are thinking about starting the program, it’s important to know that just taking sermorelin is not going to get the results you want – at least not for most patients.

In order to get the best results, you need to fix certain areas of your lifestyle that may be lacking: nutrition, amount of exercise, sleep, etc. Improving any or all of these aspects of your lifestyle will help to further balance your hormones: the ultimate goal of our clinic.

Lack of Sunshine Affects Vitamin D Production and Other Hormones

We all know that getting adequate sunshine is essential for our bodies to produce vitamin D. It’s an incredible thing, what our bodies can do: creating an essential vitamin from sunshine. Amazing, really!

What many people do not know is that vitamin D is actually a hormone, a prohormone, to be exact. And if this hormone is not produced adequately, it can throw other hormones out of balance.

When sunlight hits the skin, a chemical reaction occurs that produces cholecalciferol, which the liver converts to calcidiol.

The kidneys then convert calcidiol to the active form of the hormone, calcitriol which controls blood calcium concentration and is involved in the immune system. An important hormone indeed!

Another hormone that is impacted by sunshine exposure is serotonin. Serotonin is an incredibly important hormone that stabilizes mood, feelings of contentedness, and happiness.

It has receptors all over the human body, with effects that are far-reaching. Enough serotonin will literally boost one’s mood and make them feel calmer, more focused, and less anxious.

Sunshine Exposure Has Effects On Your Mood

Ever hear of the wintertime blues? Or wonder why you always feel slightly, or even very, depressed all throughout the winter months? Well, there is a reason behind this unfortunate occurrence. Seeing a cloudy sky day after day with no end in sight and a lack of sunshine can really take a toll on one’s mood, happiness, and general health if one's not careful.

There is real science behind this because exposure to the sun increases the release of serotonin by the brain. This is why there is such a thing as light therapy as well, in order to mitigate the symptoms of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. As light causes serotonin to be released, darkness and decreased lighting cause melatonin to be released.

In fact, sunshine exposure has more of an impact on a person’s mood than the temperature, presence of rain, or any other environmental factor.

Sunshine, and the subsequent release of serotonin, is considered to be a major mood and behavior enhancer. Because vitamin D is also released, sunshine exposure helps to give you strong bones, low blood pressure, and better sleep.

No wonder, when we can see it’s a sunny day outside, it feels incredible to throw back the curtains and let the sunshine stream in!

Regular Walks Can Boost Your Growth Hormone Levels

The importance of sunshine exposure is another reason why regular walks outside are very beneficial to your health and hormone levels, in addition to the exercise and burning of calories, exploring nature, and the fresh air. There are so many benefits to engaging in daily or even weekly walks outside.

By engaging in regular exercise and sunshine exposure, you boost your mood and become less anxious overall. With less stress, it’s much easier for your body to control your hormone levels and keep them where they need to be. The stress hormone, cortisol, wreaks havoc on growth hormone levels.

If you are on a sermorelin acetate program to treat growth hormone deficiency or hormone balance issues, going on regular walks and basking in the sunlight is one easy way to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your program.

We help to provide you with a nutrition and exercise guide, but consistent walks in the sun are something you can do every day and that almost anyone can do.

If you are interested in getting started with a sermorelin acetate therapy program to treat any deficiencies or imbalances, consider giving us a call today to get started or just to get some questions answered. We are here to help!


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