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If you are an American adult over the age of 30, experiencing the ravages of accelerated aging or premature symptoms of aging, contact us today to find out more about hormone decline and how sermorelin injections can help you improve your quality of life, please fill out our contact form and then call us at 1-800-929-2750.

Injectable Sermorelin with GHRP 6 for Men.

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 4th, 2019

wide variety of colored medical cross 300x300Sermorelin and GHRP 6 Injections for Sale Are you a man looking for injectable Sermorelin shots with ghrp6? You can reclaim your youthful vitality by turning around the signs associated with biological aging, and it's now possible to do that with Sermorelin Acetate shots containing GHRP6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6) or with merely Sermorelin acetate shots (without GHRP6 which is the recommended version). Sermorelin shots with GHRP6 are the bio-active analog version of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) mixed with growth hormone-releasing peptide six that directly stimulates the anterior of the pituitary gland for maximizing the release of your brain's Growth Hormone and therefore stimulating … Continue reading

HGH Secretagogues, Sermorelin Injections and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (Hypothalamus) – Video

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 4th, 2019

hormone replacement hgh 300x300HGH Secretagogues are hormones, peptides, or other molecules which stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone by the Anterior Pituitary Gland. The two hormones which stimulate HGH Production most directly are Ghrelin and Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone. Functionally-Identical and Biologically-Identical hormones such as Sermorelin Acetate also count as Secretagogues, although they are not produced by the human body. Most patients suffer from Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency as a result of Hypopituitarism, meaning that their deficiency is the result of a reduced capacity of the pituitary to produce optimal levels of HGH. Sometimes, Hypopituitarism is the result of medical issues relating … Continue reading

What Is Sermorelin Therapy? Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 3rd, 2019

Sermorelin team in strategy session 300x200By Dr. Donald Baxter   Frequently Asked Question: What is Sermorelin? Sermorelin: The facts you need to know A: Sermorelin is a genetically engineered bio-identical hormone that is in an analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) designed to stimulate the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland, which is located next to the hypothalamus. The goal is to release the body's own growth hormone naturally and safely, thus delivering all of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy without an excessive release of HGH, and therefore too much IGF-1. Sermorelin was created as a treatment for … Continue reading

Buy Sermorelin — What to do When Sermorelin Arrives in the Postal Mail

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 3rd, 2019

Medical symbol with circle surrounding symbol 300x180How do I mix the dosage of Sermorelin to inject it once it arrives by postal mail? This will be a concise introduction to the very detailed articles we provide on our website. To start at the very beginning, you have to blend your Sermorelin with water when it comes from the post office. We have some very detailed articles about how to mix Sermorelin with bacteriostatic water. First things first, call us when your package of Sermorelin arrives by FedEx or UPS, and we will clarify via telephone conference how to mix the water with the lyophilized powder of Sermorelin. … Continue reading

HGH Side Effects: Risks and Dangers of Growth Hormone Therapy

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 2nd, 2019

risks of hormone use 300x200Don't play Roulette with your health... Here's a list of what dangers there are with HGH abuse, and how we make sure you don't suffer from side effects associated with taking too much Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe treatment option for those suffering from low levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH Deficiency). There are few, if any, side-effects when Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is prescribed by the medical professionals at our HGH clinic and used safely and responsibly under physician guidelines. We will provide both the correct, precise, individualized Growth Hormone treatment that is specifically … Continue reading

Sermorelin Acetate

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on November 1st, 2019

pituitaryThe new Cutting-Edge Of Preventative Medicine When we're young, ample amounts of growth hormone-releasing factor are produced so that the pituitary can provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health and vitality. However, as we age, growth hormone-releasing factor declines, causing  reduced production and secretion of pituitary HGH, often leading to a growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health and diminishes vigor and vitality. Restoring therapeutic levels of growth hormone may improve or sustain functional youthful anatomy, physiology, and thereby, the health and vitality often lost with age-related growth hormone deficiency. Traditionally, adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) has been … Continue reading

Sermorelin and Testosterone – Supplementing Sermorelin with Testosterone and HCG

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on November 19th, 2019

consultant testosterone gel 193x300Video Download: Sermorelin And Testosterone Supplementing Sermorelin With Testosterone And Hcg Video Stream: Sermorelin And Testosterone Supplementing Sermorelin With Testosterone And Hcg Supplementing Sermorelin and Testosterone with HCG Does Sermorelin work well with Testosterone? And if so, should it be supplemented with HCG injections? If you are using Sermorelin injections, then ordering Testosterone Restoration is a fantastic way to treat Low-T and hypopituitarism together. A Testosterone prescription, in conjunction with an existing program treating Growth Hormone Deficiency, will have an incredibly synergistic effect. Actually, as of today, it's the only real and effective way to return Testosterone Levels to normal after … Continue reading

Sermorelin Side Effects Explained

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Updated on December 5th, 2019

medical sermorelin research 300x200What is Sermorelin? In the research that I have personally conducted in recent years regarding HGH or Human Growth Hormone, I've come to learn more about an effective supplement that is called Sermorelin. This supplement is also referred to as the factor for the release of growth hormone, also known as GRF. Sermorelin has the unique ability to boost the amount of human growth hormone that is manufactured by the pituitary gland within the body. Your GRF which is produced in the human brain is made up of a particular protein that is built from forty-four amino-type acids, which also … Continue reading

Ipamorelin Therapy for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on October 30th, 2019

smiling doctor 200x300This is your life: I want you to learn a little bit about Ipamorelin The path of a healthy life is strewn with roadblocks, stumbling blocks, tragedies, unexpected mishaps, and pitfalls. While healthy eating and smart lifestyle choices can preserve wellness and sustain well-being, as numerous research studies have shown, there are limits to the extent of these benefits, especially as we get older. In the end, though, our bodies seem to be implicitly designed to decline, especially our hormones. Hormone deficiency is a natural part of our life, but modern, 21st-century science has said we could fight against the … Continue reading

Sermorelin, How Do I Use it Safely?

Written by Dr. Chris Smith, Published on October 30th, 2019

sermorelinVideo Download: Sermorelin How Do I Use It Safely Video Stream: Sermorelin How Do I Use It Safely GHRH Pre-Cursor Secretagogue Analog (Sermorelin) Sermorelin is an active biological analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) that is produced by the human brain to stimulate production and release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. During youth, ample amounts of GHRH are created so that the pituitary can provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality, and otherwise typical aspects of form and function. However, during aging, GHRH declines, causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary hGH and thereby … Continue reading

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