Can Low Testosterone Be Cured?

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on April 27th, 2024
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If you’re suffering from the debilitating effects of low testosterone (also called “Low-T”), your most urgent and probably the first question is going to be: Can Low-T be cured?

The answer is complex, so pay attention. In one sense, the answer is no, because many conditions (such as genetics) that cause low testosterone persist for a lifetime or (like environmental factors that can’t be changed easily) persist for a very long time.

But also, in a sense, you could say yes, there is, because modern medicine offers testosterone replacement therapy (also called TRT) which can bring Low-T sufferers back to their full male potential quickly and easily.

For many, the treatment is totally successful – the only downside is that you have to engage in the therapy indefinitely to get the results. For many men, the benefits are so great that this is an easy trade-off – a no-brainer, as the expression goes.

It’s essential to Get Hormone Testing Done First Before Starting Therapy.

It’s important to do it right, of course: Get tested by one of our board-certified physicians and know for sure that low testosterone is the cause of your symptoms before jumping in and altering your endocrine system.

Some fly-by-night pitchmen try to sell you injections of questionable content, safety, and legality without testing and without proper diagnosis of your whole health profile by a qualified doctor. That’s a formula for ruining your health while emptying your pocketbook – so beware!

So, if you have the symptoms usually associated with Low-T – get tested as soon as possible. These symptoms could include – and they’re particularly suggestive of low testosterone when you are suffering from more than one of them: 1) increased body fat; 2) a drop in muscle mass and/or firmness; 3) a weak sex drive; 4) poor sexual performance; and 5) persistent fatigue.

There could be other causes for these symptoms, too, but the only way to know if you’re among the many thousands of men who can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy is to start the testing process.

Testosterone is Crucial for Masculinity

The hormone testosterone is a vital part of your body and an essential ingredient in your masculinity – your manliness.

Almost all distinctively male characteristics depend to a large extent on your testosterone level: the pitch of your voice; your characteristically male musculature; your body and facial hair – and your red blood cell count; your confidence, mood, and positive attitude; your bone and muscle strength; and even your reasoning ability are all positively affected by a healthy testosterone level.

Typically, your testosterone levels peak in your late 20s and decline very slowly afterward. But in some men, the decline is rapid and disastrous to quality of life. For some men, genetics or disease play a factor in such a decline – and in others, obesity, heavy alcohol use, injuries, cancer therapies, steroid use, and stress can cause your T levels to drop below normal.

Our doctors are qualified to determine if your testosterone levels are ample or adequate for your age, and, if you are one of those men whose levels have fallen below the normal curve, we can help restore them safely and easily.

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