Hormone Imbalance a Major Factor in “Brain Fog” Symptoms

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on April 10th, 2024
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That feeling of ...forgetfulness ... fogginess ... how will I get through the next several hours at work?... I can’t concentrate on this project...why did I come into this room?

Many of those thoughts are experienced by people suffering from “brain fog” and the decreased ability to focus on what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, these symptoms can worsen with aging but are especially prevalent in people with a hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances themselves are a more common occurrence as one ages, but not always – younger people suffer from “brain fog” and hormonal issues as well.

Why do our brains suddenly not function as efficiently and leave us “in a fog?” Let’s find out!

Too High or Too Low Levels of Hormones Can Cause Brain Fog

Brain fog is defined as the state of being unable to concentrate, irritable, tired, and just not feeling right. It seems that there is a connection between brain fog and hormones.

You may have suspected this already, but you need to get to the root cause of the issue and see what’s going on with your endocrine system. One or several of your hormones are either too high or too low and outside of their normal range.

It is no fun for you or anyone else around you when you are experiencing brain fog, especially when accompanied by agitation or irritability.

You may feel too tired to go about your everyday activities, have unexplained anger episodes or other irrational emotions, have difficulty thinking about an answer, forget certain events like what you did the previous weekend, and experience headaches and insomnia. No fun!

Treat Hormone Imbalance Before Depression or Anxiety Begins

If “brain fog” is not treated, it can lead to depression or anxiety. Once the hormones become imbalanced, your body has difficulty correcting itself without your intervention, either through natural or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) means.

You need your hormones to be within their standard ranges because they control almost everything, from your physical to emotional health.

The hormones to focus on are cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine. You will experience sluggishness, sadness, and emotional turmoil when any of these are out of whack. Cortisol is the “stress hormone” causing anxiety and cognitive ability issues. Serotonin and dopamine both play significant roles in your mood and happiness.

Unfortunately, when one hormone becomes imbalanced, it creates a domino effect, and the other hormones that the original one impacts will also become imbalanced.

For example, if you suffer from chronic stress, your cortisol levels are probably impacted.

Chronic stress will also wreak havoc on your dopamine and serotonin levels as well. Consider checking your cortisol levels if you are constantly stressed out and experiencing brain fog, even occasionally. If left untreated, it will only get worse.

A Comprehensive Blood Test Will Tell You All You Need to Know

Thankfully, it’s super easy to get your cortisol and other hormone levels checked by getting a comprehensive blood test done. You just need to speak to an endocrinologist or hormone doctor, such as the ones at our clinic, to get started. A comprehensive test will look at multiple hormones at once.

Your hormone doctor will examine it to look for any levels outside the normal range and patterns in the data suggesting specific hormonal issues. It is possible for hormone imbalance to be corrected via natural means. Still, hormone replacement therapy is also a great option when done under the supervision of a doctor, of course!


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