Hormone Replacement Therapy – a Bad Rap?

Written by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on May 29th, 2023
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In some circles, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has gotten a “bad rap” or bad reputation among consumers, who may therefore be reluctant to consider or even investigate it.

And that’s a shame because there are many potential benefits of HRT that millions of people might miss out on.

First, let’s admit right out in front that the bad reputation of HRT that exists in some people’s minds has more than a grain of truth in it.

It’s true that some people – primarily extreme athletes who essentially want to cheat instead of winning on their own merits or folks desperate to increase sexual vitality and youthfulness – have abused HRT.

They’ve gotten HRT without taking tests to see if it’s genuinely needed by them. Unable to get a legal prescription, they’ve resorted to shady Internet sites offering hormones of dubious quality and authenticity (is this stuff what it says on the label at all?), unknown additives, and questionable legality.

Or they’ve taken the tests, found out they definitely don’t need HRT and loaded themselves with hormones anyway. Or they’ve taken the tests, found out they could benefit from HRT, and then overdosed themselves with twice or many times the safe dosage recommended by their doctors.

These courses of action are unwise, bad for your health, and could land you in jail or the hospital – in extreme cases, even in the morgue.

(Even if your goal is to increase your athletic performance, or your sexual performance, desire, and vitality, there’s a right way to do it (and there’s nothing wrong with those goals if you put your long-term health in the number one place in your list of priorities – and the doctors at our clinic will guide you every step of the way.)

Athletes Who Abuse Hormones Can Permanently Distort Their Bodies

And we’ve all seen some of these athletic cheaters with distorted-looking bodies, limbs, and faces. They just don’t look healthy – and they aren’t.

They’re trading their health and longevity for the rest of their lives for a few medals or impressive stats at the moment – a bad deal. A very bad deal.

But such folks, though they might get a lot of attention, do not represent most people using HRT.

Hormone therapy has benefited countless thousands of people over the years whose lives were devastated by weakness, premature aging, and failure to develop normally. Their lives have been greatly enhanced.

They take all the required tests to determine their body’s hormone profile before getting HRT.

And, if they find out that they can legitimately benefit from HRT, they follow the recommendations of physicians as to just how much of each kind of HRT they utilize so that their bodies get back to an optimal balance that will lead to an optimal life and optimal health and resultant happiness, vigor, and joy of living. That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Consistent Blood Work and Physician-Mediated Monitoring are Key

And, just as important, they keep monitoring their hormone levels to see, as they recover, how much each patient’s body has healed and becomes newly able to provide the requisite hormones itself.

In some cases, hormone therapy should be tapered off, reduced, or even stopped entirely. In others, it should be increased. You can’t know unless you test! Guesswork is a very bad idea.

And we live in a world where guesswork is no longer needed (and definitely not recommended).

In certain areas, medical science has advanced rapidly in just the past decade or two. We can quickly and precisely know your body’s hormone levels in detail.

The physicians in our clinics will get your samples to a qualified lab and analyze them with you to see just where you (both men and women) stand – when you are considering hormone therapy, when you’re engaged in hormone or other therapy, and after you’ve completed your program.

There’s literally no reason not to get tested and know where you stand regarding your all-important endocrine (hormone) system.

Always Be Honest With Your Doctor!

Asking questions and being totally frank with your doctor are keys to getting the best possible treatment. Always answer medical history questions thoroughly, and disclose anything in your history that you think might be relevant, even if it’s not covered in any questions asked by the doctor or his clinicians.

You might inquire: Based on my personal history, what benefits can the therapy provide me? Will this be a cure or just something that alleviates specific symptoms? What are alternative treatments? What side effects, if any, can I expect?

Once you know, you can take action.

Many thousands of men and women from all over this great country have recovered from hormone deficiencies and enjoyed increased vitality, more energy, a better love life, and an increased ability to live and work at their very best, all through the modern science of HRT – and, if you add up all their stories, you’ll see what an excellent reputation legitimate hormone therapy really has. Call our operators or send a message via our contact form to learn more!

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